God's Pattern of Worship

"The Seven Desires of God"

  1. I desire a Spirit-filled church, a place of praise and prayer.
  2. I desire the fruits of the Spirit of the Almighty in all my people.
  3. I desire a foundation upon My holy Word.
  4. I desire songs of praise and voices singing of love and glory unto Me and My Son.
  5. I desire an environment of nurturing where the smallest sheep is fed and grows in Me.
  6. I desire harmony and unity where My light can shine and all can be filled.
  7. I desire a place of quiet rest where My words can be heard without competition.

"The Seven Things God Does Not Desire"

  1. I do not desire loud and ungodly music.
  2. I do not desire self-aggrandizement.
  3. I do not desire false teachings.
  4. I do not desire false reasonings.
  5. I do not desire idle words, which are not built upon My Word.
  6. I do not desire people who seek to be seen and heard.
  7. I do not desire confusion.


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1/22/2020 - Mid Week Celebration of Praise

1/25/2020 - Sabbath Services and Potluck

1/29/2020 - Mid Week Celebration of Praise

2/1/2020 - Sabbath Services





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