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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 7, November 2008


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The Place of Knowing

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 11/25/2008


Based on the four messages given by the Mighty Ones in heaven that are included in this newsletter, We felt that the message on The Place of Knowing which was given to us by the Almighty God on Thursday, June 14, 2006 would be a good item to incorporate with this newsletter.

“There is a place of knowing where you dwell in the presence of the Almighty God and his beloved Son. It is a place beyond hope, beyond faith, and beyond wondering. It is the place of knowing that the Lord God is with you, that he is in you, that you move and breathe and have your being with and of him. It is a place that most men never come to. It is in part based on your desire and faith but mostly based upon your surrender and my mercy. For I choose who I take to this special place under my mantle, under the folds of my heavenly garments. I am in the lives of many people who walk upon this earth, but most only walk about the courtyard. A few enter into the holy place of the temple on a regular basis but very few ever come to dwell in the most holy place. My priests in earlier days could only enter in once a year on the Day of Atonement. My Son through his precious blood gives you access unto that place. But do not think you can enter in at any time. You must repent of your sins and lower yourself, and prepare yourself to enter. There is a misunderstanding of the torn veil. It truly gives you access to my throne and mercy seat but only from the holy place looking in. The incense which burns are your prayers. They come before me but it is the words that I hear. It is you I see but you are not truly within the holy of holy’s.  I am God and sin separates me from you and you from me.

The place of knowing is my message for my chosen. Listen to these words. For in my presence there is supreme joy and love everlasting. It is the place where you come and bow yourself in my presence and in the presence of my precious Son. For it is the Holy throne room of the Almighty. My throne is available to all but you must repent. You must surrender your life and purify your hearts. I desire you to be near me, for my heart longs for my presence to be in your presence and for you to be in mine. Many of the great ones of faith knew this place of knowing, the place beyond faith and hope. It is where your darkness meets my light. For darkness is swallowed up by light. Repent of the darkness inside. That is what going deep means, it means to search deep within you. Ask me to show you the recesses of your heart, to shine light upon every dark spot, every wrong attitude and false spirit. For the fruits of my spirit will cleanse away the darkness and fill you with light. Let your conversation be pure. Let your thoughts be upon godly things. Focus on my Son. Remove the barriers you can see and I will remove those which are unseen. I desire my remnant people to be in my place of knowing.

There is much to be done, and it must be done by those who walk each day in my presence. By those who feel me each day, by those who know that I am with them, that I guide their thoughts, words, and actions. Come to the place of feeling my breathe upon you, to the place of victory where you feel my hand gently upon you. Deliver this message to my people. I desire you to come to the place of knowing. Why do you live all of your days in the courtyard?  Why do you look inside but never come in? I have shown you a glimpse of what is behind the veil to my throne. Come to me, ask of me and I will cleanse you. Call upon my Son for he loves you and wishes to sup with you. He desires your closeness. The end is coming. All the words of the prophets shall soon begin to unfold. I will lead many unto my Son. There truly shall be multitudes who come unto my Son. You are chosen. The harvest is great. Come unto me.

Wear my robes upon you. Let me write my law upon your heart; let me guide you continually in my ways. Come to the place of knowing how much you are loved. Come to the place of knowing my good desires for you. Come to your place of destiny. Fulfill you my promises. Surrender, cleanse, purify and come unto my Throne. I am here and I stand with open arms unto those who seek the place of knowing.




Declare these words unto my people.


1. To come to the place of knowing, you must reach a deeper level of repentance before the Almighty.

2. To come to the place of knowing, you must surrender all pride and strongholds. You must                                  seek the cloak of humility.

3. To come to the place of knowing you must seek my Son. Read his words. Imitate his life. Dwell in his presence.

4. To come to the place of knowing you must fall upon my altar and cry out to me to search you deep, to let my light of truth reveal the darkness within you.

5. To come to place of knowing you must fast and pray continually. To live the life of fasting and prayer as part of your weekly life.

6. To come to the place of knowing, you must remove the idols of your life. What stands between us? What separates us? Why must I compete for you? Ask me to reveal these idols unto you.

7. To come to the place of knowing, you must fall upon the cornerstone. You must crucify the flesh and ask my Son to lead you to walk in newness of life.

8. You must come to me in complete surrender and cry out for my mercy to help you do these things. For some strongholds only fall by the power of the Almighty. The deep things of God are revealed by God.

9. To get to the place of knowing you must know that you are dead to sin. You must know the strongholds are removed and that which is buried has no power over you.”




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