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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 7, November 2008


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Declare The Glory

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 11/25/2008


The mountains declare the glory of the Eternal Light that is before all things,

The oceans roar and call upon the hearts of men to fall upon knees and praise.

Fall down you men of the earth for the Great I AM lives and I move,

I AM that I AM and I am within my children of the light, feel my presence.


The stars shine brightly in the sky and by my word planets come to be as light,

Light is the power within and light is the power that knows no end, no measure.

I am the Eternal Light and I am with the man broken and repentant,

I am the One who makes the lightning flash and my voice is as the thunder.


Declare the glory of my love, declare the glory of my name, declare my people, declare,

Declare the power of my light; declare the depth of my love, my endless mercy.

Declare the glory of the Great I AM, declare thy love and worship me,

Declare the glory of the Ancient of Days, for I have no beginning, no end.


Declare the glory of the Yakahalahiym, for I am the God above all things,

I AM and I shall always be, believe in thy heart and declare my people, declare.

Declare thy love, declare thy obedience, declare thy faith, declare my glory, declare,

Declare the glory of the Son of Light, precious Redeemer and King, declare His glory.


When the darkness comes, stand as beacons of light, towers of faith without fear,

Stand and lift thy shield, raise thy sword of light and speak and declare my glory.

Declare my glory when you are beaten and brought near unto death, declare,

Declare the glory of your Lord and thy God, on bended knees, declare the glory.




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