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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 7, November 2008


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Know My Presence

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 11/25/2008


"I am the Almighty God above all things. I am the Yakahalahiym and it is my desire that these words bring my people closer to the depth of the place of knowing. You must go deeper in your prayers, your repentance, and your surrender. It is the broken man of contrite heart that shall be filled with heavenly glory. You must walk each day in faith, for faith is the substance of things hoped for; faith is the core of your spirit for there is no doubt within me. The more you surrender unto my light and my will, the more you will walk in faith, for my light shall fill and overflow. The power of the light is within you, and you know that I have all power and that all power has been given to my Son. You believe in my power, but you doubt my power within you, for you see my power in creation and in others, but fail to see the power within. This is due to your not believing in my love, my mercy, and my presence. There is great power in my presence, for I am the Great I AM. In my presence there is no doubt, no sin, no weakness, and no barriers. The power of my light is within you, for my spirit dwells within the heart of men. When you surrender and allow our light to fill, you become empowered by the pure light of heaven. The place of knowing is the place of my presence, it is the place where you feel my presence continually, and you know that I am with you.

Do you know that all of your prayers are heard by me and my Son? This is part of the power of knowing, for if you know that we hear all that you speak, think, and see all that you do, then you know we are with you. Prayer is your greatest power, but prayer’s power is built upon faith and belief and in being in the light of heaven, deep within the place of knowing. Men seek physical signs to prove spiritual things. The gifts of my spirit are signs of our presence. These words are a sign unto you. My servant has been given hundreds of messages and ninety-eight parables of power. Through him we sing unto you and give you songs of love, joy, hope, and power. What man could write a parable of such depth and wisdom without forethought? Men scoff and ridicule, but no man could match what has been given. You that believe know these words are from the Great I AM, yet you doubt the power of my promises, and the power of my love and mercy. There is power in knowing, for when you know, you are bold, for your mind and spirit will not waver. In my presence there is knowing.

I am spirit and not flesh. You seek to know my ways by the power of your flesh, you try to apply physical reason and standards of measure to my power, and man can not explain my ways. Man can not perceive the power of my light, but you can  know that I AM. The power of knowing is the power of trust and surrender. Let me be your defender and champion, allow me to be mighty in your lives.

To most I am an afterthought. Men seek their own answers and their own ways, and may consider looking to me when all else comes to naught. Why do you not surrender and seek me always? All power is within my hands. Knowing my presence will give you the power of light. I am within you my people, and I am within all living. Why do you not know my presence within? The power within you is great, but the power within is released by faith and purity. You must believe and you must walk the pure paths of righteousness. All sin matters, and all darkness is a barrier to the glorious light within.

Repent of your darkness, and surrender your life and will unto me. The power of my presence is not known if you are partially in my light for all darkness is a barrier.  So many men feel that partial righteousness is acceptable unto me and my Son. We desire complete obedience and purity. The power of our presence is found when you are completely in the light. The shadows of darkness weaken the power of the light within.

Knowing my presence is beyond your hopes and dreams, for in my presence there is perfect hope, perfect peace, perfect love, and perfect joy. Come to the place where you know my presence and the presence of my Son. We desire to fill you with the light of our power, but you must come to the place of knowing our presence.”



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