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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 7, November 2008


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The Power Within

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 11/25/2008


"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. The ways of light are the ways of heaven. You have received many words about the power of the light and you are coming to understand

the power within. There is great power in and of the light, for light gives power to light. It is my desire that these words will help you to better understand the power that is within you. My spirit resides within temples of clay, and my Fatherís spirit resides within temples of clay, yet many never feel our presence. If you walk in the darkness you block the light within. We have given you words of wisdom concerning the barriers that are in your life, but you often do not understand the power that is lost when you allow the darkness to remain. Pride is the root of evil that leads to so many barriers within your lives. Pride is the tool most often used by the dark ones, for pride is the origin of sin. It was pride that led to Luciferís fall, for rebellion is pride that is acted upon. Rebellion is more than deliberate choice to disobey our commands, rebellion is also seen when you do not believe in our promises and perfect will. The clay that is molded must be clay that is soft and yielded.

The Eternal Light has always been and shall forever be; he is perfect in all of his ways. His great light was sent on the Day of Pentecost after my return unto heaven. He began to reside in temples made without hands and does so today. You have my spirit and my Fatherís spirit within you for you are a spirit, and the spirit of life is from the Father through me. If you have given us your life, and been baptized into newness of life, and received the laying on of hands, then you also have my spirit and his spirit of power within you. When your spirit yields and surrenders to our spirit within, you are in and of the light and the power within you is great.

In yielding you give up possession of your will and your life.  It is in your will that we must have the power, for if you do not surrender your will, you will fail, for you will rely upon self and upon the flesh. The will is of the spirit, for you are a spirit within a clay temple. The flesh has no will, for it goes as the spirit leads. The body does not go where you do not will it to go. You eat for it is the spirit that desires. Sin is not done by the flesh but by the spirit within. The desires of the flesh affect the spirit for it is in the flesh that sin has its fullness, but you have dominion over the flesh, for the spirit within is the power of man. You must learn to be led by the spirit and not see with the eyes of the flesh. If you judge by the flesh you shall never understand the ways of spirit. Can the spirit be measured physically? You look for physical manifestation to prove the power of the spirit, and the flesh is not the measure of spirit. You are a spirit within a physical temple, but the clay temple does not have power over the spirit if you will surrender your spirit unto our spirit, for we are spirit and the physical has no power over us.

You seek to win victory over the flesh, and the spirit of man does have dominion, but there are barriers that you have that we do not. The power within is found when you yield and surrender and use the power of our spirits with your spirit to have complete victory. Why do you not use the power that is within you? Why do you seek a lone victory when we are within? Victory is found in surrender, not in doing battle alone. Men continue to struggle against the darkness for they do not use the power of light within. When you yield and surrender unto the power within, you will be able to bring every thought, word, and action into subjection, for the power of the spirit within is greater than the flesh. Also, the power within is greater than the power without, so by yielding and surrendering you will have victory over the powers of darkness.

There is power in the light, for we are light. I am light and my Father is light, in me there is no sin or darkness and in my Father there is no sin or darkness. If you yield and surrender, and our will becomes your will, then you will be in and of the light, and will have power over the flesh and the darkness. There is power in the light and there is victory in my name, my blood, and my light. Seek to know the great power that is within.Ē




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