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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008

I am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words of love and wisdom for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. My people grow in understanding the ways of heaven, but many still fail to hear and obey the voice within. I am teaching my servants as they complete their journey. They are learning to obey my voice, and to hear the word within as they go through each day. My Son and I are within our people. Our spirit resides within temples of clay, but you will not feel our presence if you have not surrendered. Surrender your life, and surrender each day. We desire obedience, and we desire hearts that seek our presence. My people, obey what has been asked of you, but do not allow obedience to cause you to not hear. We ask for you to keep our commandments, but the Pharisees obeyed the law with precision, but had hearts of stone and eyes that did not see.  Do not walk the path of righteousness without seeing the events around you and the people that share your journey. Do not be the man who passes the wounded man in the ditch because you have to be on time for a gathering, and do not fail to lift up one in need because you have decided to pray at a certain time or read at a certain time. We desire your love, but want your obedience to be based upon love of both great commandments. You show love to me and my Son when you show love to others. Do not become rigid in the letter of the law where you fail to show love to others. You show love to me by having the obedience of love, and that obedience is seen in loving me and my Son and in loving your neighbor as yourself.


There are times when you will have an event scheduled that you feel is my will, but then events will change and the original schedule may not be wise. Do you go as led or do you go as you have determined?  Seek our will first, and go as we lead you. Once your action has been determined, go upon the path set before you, but do not fail to see change that may come. A log upon a path might indicate taking the time to climb over it, or it may mean seek a different path. There are times when you need to stop in the middle of a journey, or in the middle of your day, and seek further direction, or simply take the time to listen to hear the word within. My servants learned this lesson this day for they were on a course given unto them, but that course would mean traveling toward a hurricane. Is obedience going forward or is obedience listening to the word within and seeking our will? Does our will remain constant or does it change? People make choices, for all men have the freedom of will.  The choices of others do affect your decisions and plans. Seek our will in all things and listen as you walk your daily path. There will be some doors opened unto you that no man can shut, but there will also be doors opened that will not remain open due to the choices of others. Satan may close a door before you, but you can seek us and we will open another door. The lesson learned by my servants is to obey what has been given, but to also hear the voice and word within. A wise sailor will change his course at times and still arrive at the chosen port of arrival, at other times a new course and destination will be required.  Do not be stiff necked my people. The cloud of glory led my people in the wilderness.  They did not map out their journey; they went as the cloud went. Surrender your lives, and go as led, and keep your eyes upon the cloud throughout your day so that you can be wise in the path you walk.






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