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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008


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SEE WITH THE EYES OF LOVE, September 3, 2008

David Nix

Wednesday, 10/1/2008

I am the Lord Jesus your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to help my people hear and understand our ways. We are teaching our servants lessons to change their lives, and these words will change all of our people if you will listen and obey.  We have given you words about the power of spiritual love, and are teaching you to see with the eyes of the heart and spirit, and to have eyes of love. Do not look with the eyes of the flesh, but seek to look and see the light and the spirit within. If you look with the eyes of the flesh you will see based upon the flesh. My servants learned this when they looked upon the elderly and the confused in a nursing home. Do not judge based on the outward appearance, even within bodies that hold them captive the spirit is still alive within, and for those of the light our spirit remains within. We do not forsake our people when the clay temple begins to fail, we stay and we give comfort and peace to the spirit that you are. You must also learn to look where we lead you to look. Do not look based on what you think you will see, but look with the spirit, and hear the voice within.


You often feel that you think small and need to think big, but that is untrue. If you look for small you might miss something big for you are focused on the small, if you look for something big you may miss something small. If you decide to look only upon the ground you will miss the eagle in the sky, and if you decide to look only into the sky you may miss the snake in your path. Learn to see with the spirit, and respond to the voice within.  Do not go as you think you are led, but go as you are led. My people often determine their own course and then seek my approval, and see signs that support the decision they have made. The leaf upon the river is led by the river, but the river can change due to drought or flood, or due to the land being flat or full of hills. The speed and direction are affected by other things along the way. Your life is not constantly the same. Each day brings new things, and new opportunities to see our hand be mighty in your lives. It is no small thing when I or my Father moves in the lives of men, but you must learn to see our hand when our hand moves.  This will give you a life of continual praise and worship, and the comfort of knowing that we are with you.


Is it a coincidence when the rain stops so that one of my children does not get wet? Is it a coincidence when traffic stops so that a servant can turn onto a road and be followed by one in need?  Is it a coincidence, and a small thing, when I wake a child who sleeps so my servant can pray for her, and touch her with a hand of love? Is it a small thing when a deer crosses the path of a son lost and alone? My hand is in your lives, and if you will see with the eyes of love and light, you will see that we are around you each day. The light that turns green, or the rain that stops to make your journey safe, are these physical signs, or are they spiritual signs?  Look into the eyes of the daughter with hands that tremble, look into the eyes of the beloved one whose mind is confused and whose body does not respond as in the days of youth. Look with your heart and see the spirit within. See with the spirit, and see my presence, and feel my breath upon you and my hand upon your arm as I guide you each day.



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