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Volume 7 Issue 4


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Lightning Shall Light The World

David Nix

Friday, 11/7/2014

"I am the Lord God Almighty and I bless you my servant with words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, and you shall declare my words unto my people on my Sabbath day. My servant has not traveled to be with my remnant people since the Day of Pentecost but his fast is over and he is once more to gather with my people. His sacrifice is acceptable and he is acceptable and pleasing unto me and unto my beloved Son. This day I give my people words of instruction to help you to see the power within you. There is faith, and there is belief, but the fullness of our power still has not come unto you. For some this causes worry but for others this creates a deeper longing to know the fullness of our presence and our power. When you do not receive what you desire do you give up in discouragement or do you press ever forward with diligent and unwavering faith? What is the condition of your heart and how deep is your faith? Do you believe with all of your being or is your belief affected by the words of others and the events of your life? Whispered words create doubt and fear and give power to worry and lack of belief. Why do events of the physical realm so greatly affect your faith and belief when faith and belief are of the spirit? Answered prayer gives power to faith but why does your faith waver if an answer does not come in the time of your desire? My people allow the physical to control the spiritual and the spiritual must have dominion over the physical and natural realms.


I am the God above all things and the Cloud of Glory is by my power and this day by the power of the Cloud of Glory my servant David shall be blessed to receive words from Elijah the prophet for Elijah was a man who knew the power of the spiritual realm and used that power to have dominion over the physical and natural realms. The words unto David shall be a blessing unto all who read them in the days ahead. David, you shall receive words spoken by our servant Elijah when he was teaching Elisha the ways of the spirit and they are words of power that will help you and my people. There is nothing unknown to me so I knew when your fast would be over so by my power you cross the ocean of time to receive words spoken in another time but in the Cloud of My Glory the past and future join together in the present. Before you write the words of Elijah it is my desire that you place Ezekiel 12:23-28 within my words.


Ezekiel 12:23-28, "Tell them therefore, Thus saith the Lord God; I will make this proverb to cease, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel; but say unto them, The days are at hand, and the effect of every vision.  (24)  For there shall be no more any vain vision or flattering divination within the house of Israel.  (25)  For I am the Lord: I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass; it shall be no more prolonged: for in your days, O rebellious house, will I say the word, and will perform it, saith the Lord God.  (26)  Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying,  (27)  Son of man, behold, they of the house of Israel say, The vision that he sees is for many days to come, and he prophesies of the times that are far off.  (28) Therefore say unto them, thus saith the Lord God; there shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord God.”


There is power and very great promise in these words and the fulfillment of these words is upon you. The visions will become reality and the words of prophesy shall be fulfilled. It is time and to move forward you must believe with a faith that will not waver and you must use the power within you to have power over the physical and natural realms. I shall speak and my words will be done and all will come to pass without the prolonging of time. This is the lightning that comes in an instant and in the twinkling of an eye. The days of fulfillment are upon you but you must walk in the spiritual realm always. It is my desire that my servant place Psalms 77:11-18 within my words.


Psalms 77:11-18, "I will remember the works of the Lord: surely I will remember your wonders of old.  (12)  I will meditate also of all your work, and talk of your doings.  (13)  Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?  (14)  You are the God that does wonders: you have declared your strength among the people.  (15)  You have with your arm redeemed your people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph.   (16)  The waters saw you, O God, the waters saw you; they were afraid: the depths also were troubled.  (17)  The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: your arrows also went abroad.  (18) The voice of your thunder was in the heaven: the lightning lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.”

Read these words David, and read them with awe and with desire for these words shall be fulfilled in you. You shall hear the voice of thunder and the seven thunders shall declare mighty things unto you and the lightning shall come and shall fill you and what you speak shall come to pass without delay for my lightning shall light the world and the thunder of heaven shall be heard and all the earth shall tremble. There will be no person on earth that does not know that the power of heaven once more comes. All shall know that I am God and all shall know the thunder and lightning that shall fill all the earth. My way is in the sanctuary David, my way is the way of holiness and in holiness you shall abide and in righteousness you shall dwell. Seven commands have been given unto you and you must obey them for they are a shield and a sword unto you. My lightning comes and my thunder comes and all the earth shall tremble and all the earth shall know that I am God. It is time to go unto the deepest place of holiness David and it is time to let all that is of the physical be under the power of the spirit. You are spirit within flesh, and you are light and you are breath, so let that which is not flesh have power over the physical and the natural. Great power comes with the lightning and the thunder for all visions will be fulfilled and all prophecy shall surely come to pass and what you bind on earth shall also be bound in heaven. When my words are written you are to bow Meionickie and I shall speak and give you words of guidance that will help you to know my desire and my perfect timing. I now take you into the Cloud of My Glory to bless you with the words of the prophet Elijah. My words are to be a part of the Words of the Latter Rain and are not to be sent until all is given.”


"Come nigh unto me Elisha for I have words of instruction to give unto you, but my words are also unto another time and unto another servant. Look unto the clouds Elisha and you shall see the Cloud of the Lord above us and within that cloud there is a man chosen of the Lord God to be his rod in the latter days. He is a good man, but he is like you my friend and does not yet fully see and does not fully understand the power of the spirit within him. He shall write my words and he shall see and he shall understand. My time shall pass and your time shall begin so you need to see and understand. There are wizards and witches upon the earth who use the power of darkness to deceive, but much of what they do is real for the dark ones are spirit and they know the power of the spiritual realm. Their power is of darkness, but it is power, but the power of the darkness is nothing compared to the power of light. The power of light is the power over all things for all things were created by the Eternal Light and all things are formed of the light. I shall give you seven principles that you need to write within your spirit so that you will be equipped to walk in the ways of the spirit. There is a great difference between the power of darkness and the power of light and to know the power of light you must be of light. You could summon the powers of darkness if you desired but the ones of darkness cannot use the power of light for it is only of the light. Evil men summon power but men of the light walk in power. This is the first principle.


1. The power of light cannot be summoned as evil men summon the powers of darkness. There are words of incantation that will bring the evil demons unto you but the angels of light and the power of light cannot be summoned by incantations, angels of light abide in light, and the power of light abides within men and women who are of the light. Light abides and the power of light is unto those who abide in light.


2. The spiritual realm is the first realm created and has dominion over the natural and physical realms. The natural was also created before the physical but the natural does not have dominion over the physical. The Lord God placed light, breath, and spirit within flesh so that flesh could be subdued but he also placed within man the power to have dominion over the spiritual and natural realms. Man was created with the power to have dominion. This is the second principle that you must never forget.


3. Spiritual power must fill to flow forth. All men have power within but most allow the flesh to rule and never allow the spirit to fill them. At times mighty works are done by the mercy of heaven and some by happenstance. At times men and women will use the power within but they do so without understanding. To let the spirit fill the flesh must be subdued. Give the Lord absolute dominion for his spirit will subdue all flesh and the deeds of the flesh. The Lord must be first in all areas of your life for where he is not there is the lack of flowing power.


4. Evil men can summon demons with incantations and words spoken but the Lord is not summoned, he dwells. You can call on his power but to cry out to him he must hear and he will not hear if you are of darkness. He hears the sinners call but I speak of power and presence and not repentance. Ever present power is always greater than power that must be summoned. There is a greater truth in my words if you have eyes to see. If he dwells within he will   hear and send more power unto you when you call. He is not as the evil ones and is not subject to incantations but he will come and he will help the righteous and the ones who dwell with him always.


5. Light always prevails over darkness but at times more light will be needed. All power is of light if you walk in light and all power over darkness is found in light. Darkness can overwhelm and win a battle if you lack power but there is power in the cry of the righteous and the power that is ever present is never delayed. Call on the Lord when the enemy gathers against you and he will rescue and he will save.


6. The elements of the earth are controlled by the power of the spirit. This is why wizards and witches can do signs for the evil ones fill them and help them, but man was given the power over the natural realm but it is the power of light and it is the power of need.  This you must see and understand. When the need is great the power will also be great. When the need is small the power is not needed. Seek to find the greatest needs and seek to be filled with the power to fulfill and to meet the needs placed before you.

7. Light gives power to light so you must remain in the light of heaven always. Power is diminished by the muted light and darkness that men and women allow in their hearts and lives. Seek the Lord to remove all muted light and seek his light to be a shield ever upon you. Light has dominion and you are light so you must remain in light and take the light with you when you face the evils of this world and the realm of the spirit. There is boldness in purity and there is ever present power in light.”



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