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Words of The Latter Rain

Volume 7, Issue 1


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David Nix

Wednesday, 2/26/2014

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and gentle shepherd. I bless you with words that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. These are words of light and power that will help my people to go deeper into the ways of heavenly light. Trust in my perfect will and seek the power of complete surrender and absolute obedience for only when all is laid upon my altar will you truly know the power of my presence. Anything that keeps you in muted light, anything that is a barrier between us must be removed so that you can see and know the power of our holy presence. This day by the power of the Cloud of Glory you shall receive words spoken from across time for by the power of the Cloud of Glory that which was spoken long ago is given unto our servant of the latter days. My servant shall see Peter as he speaks unto a group of my people gathered on our Sabbath day. Let my words and the words of Peter help you to go deeper in your yearning and desire. So much has been given unto you about light and about the importance of staying in heavenly light. In your nation you see the distance widening between good and evil and light and darkness and this will help eliminate muted light if my people will stand for truth without wavering. More than ever before it is time for men and women of the light to stand steadfast and strong for darkness grows in power, and so many who claim my name surrender their convictions and beliefs to do that which compromises light and truth. I shall gather the faithful in the days ahead so my servants and my people must stand. Hearts are prepared but many hearts still cling unto false doctrine and muted light. Love is a wonderful thing but love not rooted in light brings no power.


When people who call on my name believe in that which is a lie, in that which is not truth, they stand in muted light and there is no power in muted light. To love me and not obey me is a contradiction that serves as a barrier to light. You must love me, and you must obey me and seek to live a life that is pleasing unto me. My servant Peter lived in a time of darkness and the darkness diligently sought to extinguish the light that took hold in Jerusalem and was spreading across the earth. Light prevailed and was strong but in these latter days darkness again diligently seeks to keep men and women in muted light, to keep them in shackles unto false truth and false ways. Light shall go forth and light shall rescue and save but you must stand fast without compromise. Light shall overcome and light shall someday fill the universe but in these days there is a war that must be fought so you must put on your armor of light and lift sword and shield and stand unwavering in truth and conviction.


‘Welcome, my friends, on this beautiful Sabbath day. We are very blessed to gather here together in peace and safety for many of our brethren face persecution and harm by those who seek to stop the gospel message of our Lord Jesus. It is a message of light and love that must be preached unto all the world and we must all be willing to pay the cost that is upon us this day, for many have been cast forth from the synagogues and many have lost friends and family and some have paid with their very lives. Why are we willing to risk all that we cherish and all that we hold dear to stand as defenders of this blessed gospel of Jesus? Those who believe know the answer to the question that I put before you, for you have found something that you cherish more than worldly goods, more than friends, family, and livelihood, and yes more than life itself. Jesus, the name above all names, Jesus the Son of the Most High God is the love that fills you and in your love for him you are truly willing to stand against all powers of darkness so that this world can know the truth about the Son of the Eternal Light. Jesus is the light of the world and we must preach the good news of his love and his salvation unto all the earth. I speak unto both Jew and Gentile this day for the power of the blood of Jesus joins all who believe together as one. I am Peter, chosen apostle of the Lord Jesus, and I am an Israelite by birth and a Christian by the very grace of the Lord God Almighty. Both Israelite and Gentile are heirs of the promise of salvation made possible by the life and death of the one called Jesus, who gave up his glory in heaven to walk upon the earth and to live a perfect life in the flesh so that he could be a ransom for our sins and the hope of our salvation. By his name and by his blood we are joint heirs with him and we are joined together to the Father and unto each other by the power of the spirit of the Lord God which is our sign of salvation. Men and women who walk in the darkness are lost and they can be rescued unto joy and peace and salvation by the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus.


This is truth, and you must recognize truth, and you must accept truth and you must apply truth. Jesus is the way, and he is the truth, and the life, for he is the way unto the Father and he is the only way unto the gift of salvation freely offered unto all men. Freely offered, but the acceptance of his call and the acceptance of his name, his blood, and the spirit of his Father requires repentance, change and sacrifice. We must stand for truth once we accept truth and we must stand without compromise, and to do this we must hold all truth with strong conviction. Our convictions must be rooted in light and truth and we must hold our convictions firm against all attacks of evil and against all that seeks us to compromise truth and convictions rooted in heavenly light. This day I give unto you seven basic concepts about truth and conviction. Not all must be complicated for the truths of the Lord are easy to see and easy to apply if we have hearts of belief. Truth must be recognized, accepted, and applied and it is the application of obedience that is often required, but in addition to obedience we must stand fast and never compromise with darkness. The principles I share are not complex but in these simple principles I find an anchor in the storms that seem to be ever upon us.


1. Truth must be held and cherished and it must be passed on to others for truth not shared will not move forward.


2. Truth must be held dear and truth must be applied in our lives. Words without action have no power.


3. Truth must be defended against all attacks that seek to cause truth to perish from the earth.


4. Truth rooted in light shall always prevail. When all is said and done cling to truth in this life for truth will reign eternal.


5. Convictions are principles of light and truth that we hold dear and principles that guide our thoughts, words and actions.


6. Convictions that are easily compromised were truly not convictions after all but were simply ideas not written upon our hearts.


7. Make no compromise with darkness for convictions rooted in heavenly light and truth must stand as the anchor of our very soul.

My friends, we must stand fast and cling to the glorious truth of Jesus our Messiah and we must never compromise truth and conviction for the power of darkness will twist truth and will use compromise as a sword to defeat us.’


My words and the words of Peter are to help you to stand fast in light for truth quickly fades into muted light and darkness in your nation and you must stand fast as warriors of light, truth and unwavering conviction.”






















































































































































































































































































































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