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David Nix

Friday, 4/26/2013

This is a special issue of the Words of the Latter Rain and this issue is devoted to what has been revealed to us as the blast of light and mercy and four types of hedges that are revealed in the Bible. It shall be longer than most issues and will include my commentary as well as many different messages given unto us from the Lord God and the Lord Jesus. The Lord God first revealed what he calls the blast of light and mercy on October 14, 2012, and over the next few weeks more words were given on this and also words were given about four types of hedges found in the Bible. They are the hedge of protection,  the hedge of thorns, the hedge of light and the hedge of deliverance. To aid continuity and clarity I am going to discuss the messages in the order that they were given and will offer my comments after some of the messages. The first few messages will be joined for it is best if they are discussed together. In this issue we will follow the sequence of revealing that was used by the Lord God and his beloved Son.


Part One

A Blast of Light

October 14, 2012


"I am the Great and Mighty God above all things and I speak unto you from the place of my most excellent glory. My words are words of hope and power. I give you a verse to guide you.

Isaiah 37:7, "Behold, I will send a blast upon him, and he shall hear a rumor, and return to his own land; and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.”

My servant, I give you words of revealing. My blast is my thoughts. When my blast is sent, it is a light of yearning and it is a desire to believe and to hear. It is a mind that I open to receive, and in my blast of yearning I can make a man believe truth or rumor, and man will do as my blast of yearning desires. I do not remove choice but a blast of light opens the mind of men to believe that which I desire them to believe. Pray over this now and you will see why this is revealed unto you. My blast is my breath that comes from my throne, so with my blast I give my thoughts unto men. See the power of this Meionickie. You see David, you see, my blast sent is my breath of power which influences both thought and conduct. More shall be given.”  The same day the Lord Jesus gave me a few more words about the blast of light in a personal message to me and I share his words. "I am   the Lord Jesus, your Messiah and most gentle shepherd and I bless you David and I bless my beloved daughter Kimberly. My servant, what was just revealed unto you shall be expanded upon and it is our will that you go to Woodruff on Wednesday to teach this unto my people. You will explain the hedge of thorns and the blast of light that can come from either me or my Father. It does not remove free will but it does influence thought and behavior. I desire you to enter into a time of fasting and prayer for our blast of light and mercy to be sent, but it is much deeper and far more powerful for I desire and my Father desires you and my people to seek our blast of light to come upon your nation to turn hearts unto me and to also have power in the days before you.”

The next day two more messages were given to further explain what was being revealed.




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