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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 4 Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 5/2/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see as spirit and not as flesh. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words from the Cherubim known unto you as the traveler. He has traveled the earth during the years of man and he has great knowledge about the ways of man. My Cherubim are the ones who record the history of man and they are in your midst often. Mostly they are not seen, but all of my remnant people have seen them and have spoken unto my angels without awareness. Many seek signs and desire heavenly power to come upon you, but if you will open your eyes to see, you will see our presence all around you. The words given unto you in these latter days are the sign given but you have been given so much more. You have been healed of sickness and your lives have been spared yet you still seek signs of our love and our presence. The traveler was chosen to guide many of my servants in the days of old and he has sat at meat with kings and walked the fields with shepherds. He was known by Adam, Noah, Moses, Samuel, David, Job, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hosea, Paul, Peter, James and John to name but a few. My servant of the latter days has seen him in spirit and in flesh and he has been in the midst of my people. Our angels of light do come unto you in human form more than you see. They can appear as a man, a woman or as a child. In the spirit they come when you worship and praise and they are around you often. The Cherubim known as the traveler speaks unto my servant this day, and I give you his words to help you to open your eyes to see and to help you to seek hearts afire.”


"It is good to see you once more thou servant of the Lord God and his beloved Son. I come unto you by the power of the cloud of glory to give you words for the people of the latter days. I am known unto his chosen people as the traveler, but you David know my name for unto you I have spoken often and shall speak unto you often in the days ahead. I am a Cherubim and I have given words unto the remnant people of the Lord in past days and shall speak unto many in the days ahead. I have traveled the earth and I have walked beside the chosen ones of the Lord. I was with Adam when he left the garden and I have broken bread with Noah and his sons. I was with Moses when he died and I visited Joseph when he was imprisoned in Egypt. I am blessed for the Lord has given me the task of helping and guiding many of his chosen servants. You read of them in their word, but I knew most of them face to face. This day I desire to speak of hearts afire, hearts that burn with desire and hearts filled with a faith that shall not waver. You read of the great men and women of the Bible and stand in awe of some of their words and deeds, but they were men just as you. What is missing in you that was present in them? Why does your faith not shine forth as the faith of Daniel and why do you lack the wisdom of Job? The answer lies in desire and in hearts afire.


I was created by the Lord Jesus and I have served him in heaven and upon the earth. I walked with him when he walked the earth as a man. I was with the shepherds in the field when he was born, and I stood in the midst of the crowd when he was beaten prior to his death. When he was a youth teaching in the temple, I asked questions of him. I have witnessed his love and his wonderful acts of kindness. When he walked the earth, he was a man and he felt pain and he knew sorrow. He cried tears of mercy over the suffering of others and his kindness flowed forth as a mighty river. What did he have that you lack dear people? He had the spirit of the Lord without measure and he had the fullness  of the presence of the Lord, but what he had that you need was a heart afire. He desired to please his Father and he desired to remain ever close unto him.


I know what you often speak for I am nigh unto his servant David. This day he spoke with his family and I respond to some of the words spoken. You read of how the Lord Jesus would pray until his knees would bleed. Will long and fervent prayer such as this bring you the power that you seek? Will sacrificing comfort and sleep take you deep into the presence of the Lord? The power of the prayers of the Lord Jesus was not seen by his knees that bled, it was seen in his heart of love that burned with a constant flame. Love drove him and love led to his prayers of power. Knees that bled were a physical sign of a heart afire. Passion was the power of his heart for he loved the Lord God above with all of his heart, mind and soul and he loved all men with a love greater than thoughts of self. He was selfless in his love.


Some desire great miracles for you feel this will bring about lasting change within you and will give you passion and zeal and a faith that shall not waver. Miracles do not bring lasting change unless the miracle changes the heart. Ten lepers were healed but only one had his heart healed and changed. His servant David spoke this day and spoke words of truth when he said that even blind men who are given sight shall turn away. Those healed of the Lord did not all remain faithful. Miracles will not change all hearts and will not increase faith. The children of Israel saw many great and mighty miracles, but nothing done changed their hearts for they lacked hearts afire and the flames of love did not burn deep within. You shall see great miracles, but miracles will not change all hearts unto hearts afire.


I hear some of you say that if an angel appeared unto you that you would believe. I have spoken unto some of you and other angels of light have as well, but have you changed and grown in love?  Will healing make you never turn from the Lord thy God? You seek miracles to help you to grow in faith and to give power unto your lack of belief. Miracles do not bring belief for it is belief that brings miracles. Hearts afire and passion for the Lord will bring miracles and power. Why do you seek signs when so much has been given unto you? Are you as the children of Israel in the wilderness and will your hearts not bring forth lasting change? David, you have seen me and you know I am near for unto you I have been assigned. I have taught you much in the past and shall teach you in the days ahead. Let your heart be a heart of passion and love. The second veil is close and you know what you must do.


People of the Lord, do not seek to find faith by miracles and do not seek to prove your passion by long and endless prayers. Show your love in the kind words and actions of each day. Let kindness flow from you as a mighty river. Seek the Lord to fill you with his love and his light. You need hearts afire and you need the presence of the Lord. Repent of your unbelief and your murmuring hearts and walk the path of obedience and love. I shall give you more words in the days ahead and I shall come unto you. Look and you may see me, I may be the woman who stands in the distance or I may speak unto you as you walk each day. Open your hearts and your eyes to see how the Lord has surrounded you with his love and see the miracle of words spoken by the very voice of the Lord.”




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