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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 4 Issue 3


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David Nix

Monday, 5/2/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most gentle shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to understand the peace and joy that come with freedom. Your world is a place of confusion, and men do not truly understand the meaning of freedom nor do most truly recognize what true freedom will bring unto you. This day I bless you with words from my heart and I speak unto you about freedom.


1. Freedom is the liberty of obedience. Your wise men fail to see and understand for they teach that freedom is the liberty to do as each chooses, but freedom of choice only brings true liberty when your choices are choices of light. Freedom is the liberty found in obedience unto our laws of light. When you remain in our presence, you shall have joy and peace, and true happiness shall fill you. Obedience is not often seen as freedom, but freedom without law only brings confusion and darkness. I desire you to know the freedom of obedience.


2. Freedom brings light and light brings freedom. I speak of the freedom found in truth. The truth truly can set you free. Truth cleanses and purifies, and obedience unto truth shall lead to freedom. You must recognize truth and you must accept truth, and then you must obey truth. Light is truth, and truth is light, and in light you shall be truly free. Our love is light and our love brings you truth and freedom. Do not look unto the laws of light as restrictions upon freedom for our laws of love give you freedom, peace and joy when obeyed. Do not see as the wise men of the earth, see as servants of the Most High and find true liberty and freedom in obedience.


3. Our law brings freedom, not bondage. My heart is heavy for some of my people see these words of light and power as restrictions upon your freedom. I do not ask more of you than is needed, and all that I ask is to bring you the joy of life if you will obey my words. I desire you to walk the path of righteousness, and to do this you must walk in true obedience. Have the  laws written by men of  darkness brought you freedom, peace and joy? Has eliminating our laws of light from your society brought you freedom, peace and joy?


4. Does liberty only come with a price? Nations declare that they want to be free and that liberty is their desire, yet men seek freedom and liberty in the ways of man. Will laws rooted in muted light bring liberty? You see how the freedom to choose has brought darkness unto your land of freedom. Your history is one where men sought freedom from tyranny, but through your blindness you have substituted one form of bondage for another. Freedom is only found in the light of heaven for light is truth and truth brings freedom.


5. Obedience does require sacrifice, but what are you truly giving up when you walk in obedience unto our laws of light? You give up worry, fear, sadness and sin and you receive joy, peace, happiness and righteousness. True freedom is only found in light and in obedience unto all laws of light. We did not place burdens upon man for the burdens in most lives are the burdens of sin. There is freedom in purity and innocence that fills the heart with peace and joy beyond your understanding.


6.  There is freedom in our light of love for when you love in the light, you shall know joy. The pattern of love is the pattern of peace and the pattern of light. When marriage is of the light and governed by the laws of light, there is fullness of joy and fullness of peace. When you love my Father and I with all of your heart, mind and soul, you shall know the freedom of love. Love for all men, as set forth in our pattern of love, shall bring peace and joy. Men walk in the shadows of love when they do not love based upon our laws of light. True love is only found in light.


7. There is freedom in my yoke of love. My yoke goes against the philosophy of most men. How would being bound unto me bring freedom for you will go as I lead and you will do as I desire. Most view a yoke as a form of bondage and a loss of freedom. Is being bound unto a wife or husband bondage? Covenants of light do not bring bondage; they only bring peace and joy. In my yoke there is freedom for yoked unto me you shall walk in obedience unto my will and my law. Seek the true liberty found in the obedience of love. Do not be deceived and do not see my words of love as more expectations of you. All I desire of you is to find the liberty and freedom found in our presence. I call unto you to set you truly free.”




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