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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see the power of love that is within.  Love is light, and light is love for all that we do is rooted in love and goodness for we are the pure light of heaven.  During my servant’s forty day journey many words were given unto my people who came to be with him and his wife during the forty days.  In the months ahead I shall expand upon some of the principles that are contained within the messages given.  My daughter Shirley was given a message of love, and it is my desire that part of what was given unto her be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain for I desire to give you seven principles to help you to become a hedge of love.  There is far more power in the light of love than is understood.  Let the words of Esther’s prayer and these words help you to grow in love and light so that you can become a hedge of love.


Monday, February 14, 2011

A Hedge of Love

Cloud Message for Shirley


 ‘I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words of love for my precious daughter Shirley.  My child you are greatly beloved and I am with you.  I gave unto you words about your life of destiny and words from Esther who became queen to fulfill my destiny for her, but that was only a part of her life of destiny.  You, like Esther, have lived life as a hedge of love.  I give unto you words spoken by Esther in prayer when she was old and her life drew to an end.’


‘Great Eternal God, I bow and I worship.  I am tired this night, but my heart is filled with joy for you were with me this day.  I was able to influence a ruling of the king by the power of my love.  I had sadness after you raised me up to help save your people for I felt my great destiny was fulfilled at a young age and that my service unto you had been done.  How wrong I was my God.  By your love and mercy, you made me queen and you raised up Mordecai to serve nigh unto the king.  Mordecai has served you well and his reward shall be great.  He has passed now, but in his life he was a hedge of love about your chosen ones.  He used his power to build the nation he served but also to increase the love within the hearts of your people.   He was a fortress of protection and a hedge of love.  I saw his purpose and realized that mine was the same.  I have used the life you gave me to serve your people.  I have been a hedge of love between this nation and your people.  The love the king and I shared was the power to protect and advance your people.  I was a hedge about my king and also about my people.  You do not give unto men a single destiny for our lives touch the lives of others each day.  I was chosen to be a hedge of love about a king and about a people.  I was not only raised up to do one great work, I was chosen to be a reflection of your love and your goodness each day.  All people have a destiny that reaches beyond great and mighty deeds.  Mighty warriors grow old, but they can always be a defender of loved ones by their hedge of love.  Old queens can also be a hedge of love even when a new king sits upon a throne.  Let all men learn that their destiny is to be like you, and we fulfill that destiny every time we love another.’


1.  A hedge of love is the power of light for love grows in light.  A hedge is a wall that encloses and is a wall of protection.  A hedge is designed to protect those within from that which is without.  Look to the sheepfold to see the power of a hedge that protects the sheep within.  Your love must encircle your family for there are many dangers within your world in darkness.  Words have been given about the hedge of protection and it is a hedge of love.  Be a hedge of love unto your family and pray that heavenly light encircle those you love.  Become a hedge of love by the power of your prayers of light.


2.  A hedge of love is a shield of light that seals and protects those within the shield of light.  Our presence brings light and your presence brings light for we are within you.  It is my desire that your shield of light grow.  Your shield of light is the power of the heart for the shield is of light and breath.  The hedge of love will encircle those you love, but your hedge must be covered by your shield.  The darts of the wicked ones can be sent above your hedge of love and fall as stars from the sky.  The shield is used to prevent the darts of the wicked from hurting you and those you love.  Your shield is a shield of light, so remain in our light for the presence of our light shall shield those you love.


3.  Become a hedge of love by being a constant light unto those you love.  When you waver in your faith and when you stumble in your walk, it weakens your light and your shield.  Words spoken in harshness tear down the hedge of love that you seek to build.  Do not see with the eyes of flesh, but see as spirit and light.  The hedge of love is a hedge of light, and darkness of any kind weakens the hedge of love about those you seek to protect.  Light gives power to light and love gives power to love.  Be a constant light of love.  Give correction and guidance when needed, but let all that you say and do be rooted in light and love and be a hedge of constant light.


4.  Become a hedge of love by learning the power of nurturing others.  Babies and children need to be nurtured by hearts of love for nurturing love makes love grow in the hearts of children.  Does the power of nurturing love change with age or does nurturing love always give power?  The laws of light are unchanging so principles of love always have application in the lives of men.  You must nurture the love that is within your heart and the love within the hearts of others.  Become one who is tender and kind and let your love be a nurturing love that gives power unto hearts of love.


5.  To become a strong hedge of love, you must follow the pattern of love.  If you fail to love us with all of your heart, mind and soul, then your hedge of love will be weakened for our love gives power to love and loving us gives power to love at all levels.  We are the source of light and love, we are the bricks that build the hedge, and we are the mortar that holds all power.  Love us first, love your mate second, and love family, friends, brethren and the stranger third.  We give power to love so you must first love us, and love as designed will give power unto your love.


6.  A hedge of love is the power to influence others and to bring about change.  Those who feel safe within your love will hear your words of light and truth for love opens hearts and minds.  Do not teach truth without love.  Love is the key to open hearts unto the truth and light of heaven.  Be an example of love unto those within and without and seek to expand your circle of love unto others.  The power to influence grows in love so your prayers will grow in power and your words of truth and light will also grow in power.  When others feel loved and cherished, their hearts will open to receive your light of love for light gives power to light and love gives power to love.


7.  To become a hedge of love you must become a reflection of our love.  You must love us and you must love others.  The more you are filled by our presence, the more power love will have in your life.  Shield others with your light of love and be a fortress of protection by being a tower of light and love.  Love without dissimulation and let the love of heaven be ever seen.  Gratefulness gives power unto love so be ever grateful for our love and for the love of others.  Cherish those who love you and cherish those you love.  There is great power in love.  Live life to be a hedge of love unto your family and friends and unto your brethren and become a haven of love unto the stranger lost and alone.  To be a hedge of love is a great calling and is a work of far more power than you see.   Learn the ways of light and become a hedge of love.”




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