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Words Of The Latter Rain

volume 4, issue 1 January 2011


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 1/18/2011

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to seek love to fill the hearts of all men.  Love is the power of light for love is light.  The Great I AM is the origin of love and his love is perfect and pure.  My love is as his love and our love calls unto you to repent of all sin and to walk in the fullness of heavenly light.  These words are given by the power of the cloud of glory for the cloud has come unto you.  My servant of the latter days has been given entrance into the cloud of glory and he shall see the images of the words given.  The world has known so much sorrow and there has been too much death and suffering.  It is not our will for man to suffer but men have the freedom of choice, and most of man’s choices have led to war and to great sorrow.  War has been a way of man in the past and war remains with you this day.  In the days ahead wars shall be fought all over the earth, and all shall know the sorrow that war brings. 


This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall cross the ocean of time and he shall see Jerusalem during the days of King David.  David was our beloved and he was faithful in his service unto us.  David was a shepherd boy who became king and he was a brave and mighty king.  He was a man of great love, and his songs recorded show you the depth of his love and the tenderness of his heart.  He was a man who would sit in the dirt to play with children and would laugh with joy but he also was a man who would kill by the sword and leave many to grow up as orphans.  He was not cruel but he fought to defend his people and his land.  He did not desire war but he would not run when war was put upon him.  He expanded his kingdom and he defended his kingdom.  War was not what his heart desired but war was often upon him.  In battle he was mighty and he fought with intensity, but once the battle was over his heart of mercy was always moved.  My servant sees the day of battle and the land is covered with the bodies of the dead.  Thousands of men lie dead upon the field of battle and dead horses and the chariots of men lie in ruin.  Smoke rises and the air smells of blood.  King David stands upon a hill in the midst of the dead with his mighty men around him.  His army pursues the enemy and will do so until the sun sets.  David removes his helmet and plants his sword and falls down upon his knees to speak the words of his heart.”


“Great and Mighty God in heaven, I bow before you and I worship you my King.  I praise you for your love and mercy and I thank you for sparing my life this day, and I thank you for this great victory for your chosen people.  The battle was fierce and there are many who are now dead, but your hand was with us and most of the dead are of our enemy.  My heart is heavy for young men of my kingdom also lie dead upon this field.  This night there shall be shouts of victory but also cries of mourning as wives find out that their beloved ones are dead.  Children shall cry in the night for a father that shall not hold them again.  Cries shall be great in the camp of our enemy, but within our gates there shall also be tears of great sorrow.  I did not desire this war and I desire no wars in the day ahead.  Why must men fight my Lord?  Why will the other nations around us not let us be in peace?  Our enemies rise up against us so we must fight to defend our homes.  I so desire peace but my enemies seek only my destruction.  My heart is heavy my God but I am thankful for this victory and for your hand of mercy.  I wish none of my people had perished, but in battle good men die alongside of the wicked.  Victory has a cost and it seems that without blood there can be no lasting victory.  I pray for your love and mercy to be upon all the widows and orphans in the days of sorrow that are upon them.  I also ask you to comfort the families of the dead of my enemy.  There will be small children that shall go out with their mothers to meet the army that returns, and tears of sorrow shall be shed for most of the enemy is dead upon this field.  We will leave the dead and allow our enemy to come in peace to remove the fallen.  Our enemy prays unto false gods my Lord, but I know that you are the one true God and I pray that you comfort those who suffer within our gates and within the gates of our enemy.


My mind turns back unto the last great battle that we fought and in my mind I see clearly the women who gathered at the city gate to see the faces of husbands who still lived.  I remember one lady who stood with three small sons, and I see her face as she is told that her husband was killed in the battle.  I see the children as they fall down in the dust with tears flowing down their cheeks.  I went unto her and embraced her, but my words and the sack of gold I gave unto her did little to ease her pain.  Dear God in heaven, why must I be the one to make so many widows and orphans?  I did not start the war but I know that those who grieve often curse my name both here and in the cities of my enemies.  By my hand with my sword hundreds of men have died and countless orphans curse my name.  I am tired of war and I am tired of all the sorrow.  Give us peace oh Lord, let our enemies be at rest and let them be content with what they have been given.  They worship false gods and they listen to the voice of evil.  I know that Satan is the cause of war.  He whispers unto kings and mighty men and tells them to destroy your people.  Satan loves war for he loves to see men suffer and the tears of children are pleasing unto his cold dark heart.  Defeat him my God for in his defeat all men shall have victory.


Teach men the path of love for if men truly loved you, there would be no war.  Love is the light of heaven and love is the power for peace.  If men truly loved you we would not go to battle for all pride and envy would perish.  Change our hearts oh Lord and teach us the ways of love.  I bow and I worship.  Before I leave this place of death, I desire to sing unto you and I pray that my words move your heart of love to send us peace and that you will comfort all who shall suffer in the days ahead.


With All My Heart


With all my heart I love you and with all my heart I worship you,

Great and Mighty God, you are the light of heaven, you are my King.

Give us peace and bring us heavenly comfort, soften our hearts Lord,

Give us hearts of love, and let us love you and each other with true love.


With all my heart I desire you, with all my heart I long to be near you,

Fill my heart with love, give me a heart that shall ever seek you.

With all my heart I pray for your love to fill the hearts of my enemies,

With all my heart I pray heavenly peace to be upon all men this day.


Heart of my heart is your desire, give us hearts like yours my God,

Let us to found to be like you, mold us and shape us oh God.

With all my heart I love you, with all my soul I seek you,

With all my heart I ask for mercy to come unto all the earth.


Peace I desire, peace I long for, let death and sorrow be no more,

Hearts of love shall seek you, give us your heart of love dear Father.

Great and mighty art thou oh God, you are light and you are true love,

With all my heart I ask for mercy, with all my heart I ask for peace.”



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