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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and tender shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words of guidance to help my people to grow in the power of love.  Love is the root that you need in your life.  Your heart is to be rooted in goodness, and love will overflow and will be seen in your words and actions.  So many words have been given about the power of our presence, and without hearts of love rooted in goodness, you will not go deep into heavenly light.  Love is the key to the power of heavenly light.  When you love with all your heart, you will trust, surrender, and obey, and you will express gratefulness and your prayers of communion and intercession will grow in power.  Love is the key to so many things that I desire of you. 


So many men seek power by using their abilities and the attributes of flesh.  Power is found in the light of heaven.  The angels of darkness do have power for they are spirit and not flesh but their power is one that destroys and does not give power as light.  Light gives power unto the light, but darkness does not give power to darkness.  The darkness feeds, but it feeds on muted light and darkness from the breath of men.  The evil ones offer nothing lasting, and they take everything good from you.  The breath of man is the very soul of the Great I AM and is the power over darkness.  Without breath the darkness cannot grow in power and will diminish in power.  If men walked always in the light, there would be no power in darkness.  The dark ones seek man to walk in the muted light and in darkness for they need the breath of man to live.


 When a man is in the light, the dark ones do not gain power from the breath within.  The evil ones seek men to be filled with pride for pride is the root of evil that will give power unto the dark ones.  The power of love is the power of light so the evil ones do not want man to walk in the light of love.  Love is the power to overcome the evil of the world.  If you truly love us with all of your heart, mind and soul, and if you truly love your neighbor as yourself, you will be filled with heavenly light, and your light will give power unto light, and your light will make the darkness flee.  The Eternal Light is love and I am love.  All that we do is rooted in love, light and goodness for we are perfect in light and no darkness is in us.  As has been given unto you, you must grow in light and you must grow in love.  The power of love is the power over darkness.  Sin is not the presence of darkness, sin is the absence of light.  You sin for you lack light.  If you are filled with light, all darkness will flee, and if you are pure light, you will be filled with the love of heaven, and sin and darkness will have no power over you.


The power of love is the power of light and the power of breath.  Our light is love and our breath is love for we are love.  All that we do is rooted in goodness, light and love.  When darkness feeds upon the breath within man, they do not draw power from your light, they draw power from your breath and they diminish your breath, but they also diminish the power of your light.  Angels of light can only draw power from you when you are of the light.  When you walk in heavenly light, the angels of light draw power from your light and your breath.  They give power unto your light and they do not diminish the power of breath within you.  They do not give breath for only the Elders of heaven breathe, but angels of light do not diminish power, they give power for light gives power to light.  You need the breath of love for love is the power of light and breath.  When all you do is rooted in light and love, you will grow in the power of heavenly light and heavenly breath.  Light gives power to light, and breath gives power to breath, and love gives power to love.  We inhabit the praises of our people when your praise is rooted in hearts of worship and love.  How can you worship us without loving us?  Love is the key to so many things that you need.  Love is of the very breath of heaven.  Love is an emotion, and all emotion is of the spirit.  The spirit is given power by light and by breath.


Let love be seen in your every word and action and let every thought be of the light and rooted in goodness.  The evil ones need the breath within man, and the only way they can feed upon your breath is to have you walk in muted light or in darkness.  Let your circle of light grow by letting love grow.  Be the breath of love and give love unto others.  The breath can only give power with presence.  You can send light across space and time but breath requires presence.  If you will grow in love, you will grow in the power of light and breath for love is in our light and in our breath for we are love.  The breath of love is breath that will never give power to darkness.  You are warriors of prayer, so you must be warriors of light and warriors of love.  Prayer has no power without light and love.  Grow in love and grow in power.  Let every thought, word and action be rooted in heavenly love and light.  The breath of love is the power of heaven so let all you do be rooted in love.  The power of love is the power to overcome the darkness and evil that seeks to defeat you.  Send forth the breath of love and be vessels of light and vessels of love.



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