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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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The Power of Breath

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and tender shepherd. To grow in spirit you must think as spirit. There is great power in surrendering your spirit for the power of the breath does pass through the veil. Most will not reach the level of breath so in the place of the spirit they will grow in light and power beyond the flesh.

1. The second level of life is spirit and beyond spirit there is breath. There is no power in the flesh so to walk in power you must walk in the power of light, breath and spirit. The breath is life unto the flesh but it is breath that is the third level of life, and the breath is the very power of the Great I AM. You see that light is at all levels but you have not been taught the power of the breath. I and my Father are light and breath within spirit. Our presence is our spirit within you and our essence is our breath within you. In the center you are light and someday you will be light within breath and spirit. You need our presence and our essence. Light and spirit are presence and the breath is the essence or soul of the Great I AM. You are light within breath, spirit and flesh. You are light but you do not yet understand what this means. Your flesh must lose all power over you and you must become crucified unto the flesh.

2. The Great I AM is light and he is breath. His light is within and his breath is within. The Eternal Light is the light of all things but within him he has a soul which is his essence and his essence is the breath which is as the wind. He breathes, but his breath is the air he breathes. He does not need oxygen as man for he is the self-existing one and he has always existed. You accept this as truth but your flesh can not comprehend how he can be without a beginning. To understand his breath is to understand the mysteries of heaven. The Great I AM can take a spiritual form or he can be as a ball of light. He is light and he is breath. The Great I AM can take many forms but the form he chose to be is that like unto man. He has eyes and ears and features as man, for man was made in the image and likeness of the Great God. You are of the breath of the Eternal Light and that gives you power above your understanding.

3. You are to seek more of the breath of heaven by asking in prayer and by being broken and by walking in the light of heaven. The breath is more powerful in the light for light gives power to light. Breath gives power to breath but light enhances the power of the heavenly breath. This is why angels of light gain more power from people of light than the dark ones. If you walk in muted light the evil ones feed upon your breath but they do not gain power from your light, but angels of light also do not obtain power from muted light for darkness is darkness. This is why you must walk in the light for in the light the dark ones gain no power from you and the angels of light receive both light and breath. Angels receive power from your breath whether they are of light or darkness. Angels of light do not diminish your light; they give power unto your light. They draw power from your breath but they do not give you more breath for only the Elders of heaven breathe. No other angels breathe but they need your breath. The angels of light do not add to your breath but they do not diminish the breath within. When you feed the darkness, the angels of darkness do diminish your breath, and by diminishing your breath the light is also diminished even though they do not draw power from your light. You must seek more of the heavenly breath so you can give power unto light and breath.


My daughters, you must grow in the power of the spirit and breath. You do not understand all that is given, but obedience will bring understanding. There is power in surrender and there is power in heavenly light and breath.



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