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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008


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One drop of water/ THE PROMISED LAND, MAY 31, 2008

David Nix

 “The ocean is formed from one drop of water…” These nine words from the Almighty God can be a lesson to all. When the task before us seems too great or life overwhelms, start small. A few pennies add up over time to financial stability. A few less calories per day add up to a trimmer you. Fifteen minutes of reading twice a day strengthens and keeps one focused. I have felt overwhelmed by our house needing a deep, thorough cleaning, as we have prepared it to be placed upon the market to sell, but after reading these words, it is just one room at a time. Start small and think big. Do not negate the day of small things, for our Father in heaven and his Son can accomplish much through us for their glory, one drop at a time! The message about the water can be found on pages 61-63 of, The Latter Rain.
Kimberly Nix

absolutely love this message. These are words of great power and words most needed by us all.

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words to help my people come to a place where they are yielded and at peace within the light of heaven. Fret and anxiety are signs of your unyielded spirit and life. You often still worry over the challenges of life, and many worry over family and friends. You are in my hands, and I am your tender shepherd. Why do you continue to have anxiety and fear? Your lack of trust is due to your being afraid. Fear is the great barrier to trust. Man has walked outside of the light for most of his time upon earth, and it is foreign to so many of you to be in the light, that you often leave the light for the familiar shadows of your life. As our people Israel, you seek the old and familiar ways even if they enslave you. There is great freedom and peace within the light of heaven, but the doorway to the promised land of light is across the red sea of doubt and fear. Look to see the example of the people who followed my servant Moses, they feared continually, and their fear led to disobedience, for they failed to believe. They saw mighty miracles and still failed to trust and believe.

My people today feel that mighty miracles will lead to trust, but trust is within and is found in brokenness and surrender, not in manifestation of miracles. Does a child trust parents because of miracles, or does the child trust because the parents love them and care for them? Trust is gained through promises kept. All of our promises to you are sure. You have words of love and power, and you have seen our words fulfilled in your lives. Will mighty miracles increase the power of the Mighty Ones in heaven, or do we already have all power? Failed promises are the ways of man, not the ways the ways of heaven. You fail to keep what you promise, yet you seek us to always give you all that you seek. You trust based on belief and knowing, but how do we trust our people? Parents trust children who are upright and faithful and who walk in the ways of honor and love. Do you entrust wealth and power unto those whom lack trust? It is my desire, and the desire of my Father, to give you great power and many wonderful blessings, but you must become trustworthy servants.

It begins with your placing trust in the Mighty Ones of heaven. Stop your continual wavering, and become men and women of the light. Walk in the fullness of light each day. Do not worry about tomorrow, but surrender each day upon the altar. I am the Son of God, and I am with you. Trust in my word, for faith is trusting in promises given even though they seem distant and beyond your ability to understand. In surrender you shall receive. The red sea was opened by the power of heaven, and our people crossed to freedom, but never knew the freedom that was already given. You have already been given more than you understand, but so often you seek one more sign that I am with you. Look to the cloud by day and by night, for there are already great proofs of the presence of the Father and the Son in your lives. You are in the promised place of light if you will only open your eyes to see.”


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