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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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A Circle of Faith, Part Ten, The Burden of Sorrow

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain.  As was promised, this day you shall receive words about the final woman who made up a circle of faith formed in days of great darkness and sorrow.  Nine messages have been given, and the words given have touched the hearts of my people.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words about a woman named Helen.  Her words of doubt were given in the first message, and in the fifth message you read of the death of her daughter.  As was given unto you, the final message will be given in the weeks ahead that shall reveal the fate of these beloved women.  Days of sorrow shall come once more unto the earth and shall come unto my beloved ones all over the earth.  More circles of faith shall be formed for there is power in daily prayer for those you love and for those in need.  When the burden of sorrow is heavy upon you, the power of prayer shall help you to stand and to overcome.  Helen was full of sorrow when her home was lost and her family scattered.  She was taken to a place of sorrow with her daughter and her dear friend Anna.  Her daughter Miriam was shot when she attempted to escape.  Word was brought unto Helen of her daughter’s death and her burden of sorrow was great.  She, too, would have attempted to escape but she was sick and too weak to travel.  As the war neared an end the evil ones who controlled the hearts of the German nation became desperate to kill as many of the people they hated as possible.  Those who were sick were moved to death camps and thousands were brutally killed.  My heart aches with the memory of my people’s sorrow.  The last message told you about Elizabeth who was taken to the place of darkness called Auschwitz.  My daughter Helen got well, but her sickness had made her weak, so she was placed on a train bound for Auschwitz.  In her heart she knew she was being transported unto a place of sorrow beyond anything she had ever known.  The people were packed so tightly in the rail cars that some could not breathe.  As she stood among those who suffered that day, she began to pray unto my Father.  The burden of sorrow was heavy upon her, but the words I share with you this day reveal unto you a faith that grew in the very worst of times.  Do not let the burden of sorrow defeat you, rise up and let faith in our presence grow deep within you.  Let these words help you my beloved ones.


‘Great and Mighty God, I come before your throne, and I seek your mercy to be upon us.  We are so tightly placed within this car that some cannot breathe.  Death may wait upon us when we reach our destination, but at this moment I seek mercy to be upon us. Send us a cool breeze so that we may have the breath of life remain.  I have been near unto death often in my years of sorrow, but you have spared my life.  I have fought against death and I have welcomed death.  When the burden of sorrow is too great upon us, there is mercy in death.  I have seen so many die, and I have seen many who welcomed death.  When I was told of the death of my precious daughter, I too desired death for the burden of my sorrow was too great to bear, but you gave me comfort and quieted my heart.  You have helped me, and I pray that your mercy will be upon me once more.  I struggle to breathe, but my struggle reveals unto me that I want to live.  I had a husband and four children before this terrible war, and perhaps some of them still live.  I feel that this train moves toward a place of great sorrow, and I seek mercy to be upon us.  Give me breath, oh God, and give me life.  Help me to survive for this war will end soon.  Send us your wind to comfort us and to sustain us.


The burden of sorrow has been borne by millions of people my God, and I pray that this burden be no more.  Rescue us and save us my God. Let this train not reach the place of its purpose.  You are the Great God in heaven, holy art thou, and all power is yours.  Have mercy and send us the wind of deliverance.  I have faced death, and I have sought death, but as I struggle for breath, I realize how much I desire life.  Save me, oh God and save all upon this train.  My sorrow has been great, but I desire life so that my love can comfort those who suffer.  The burden of sorrow changes the hearts of man.  Some allow their sorrow to defeat them, but in some the light of hope and love rises up.  I bring my friends before you and I pray mercy to be upon all who are of my circle of faith.  I pray that my husband and other children are still alive and that you will ease their burden of sorrow.  Send us the wind of thy deliverance and have mercy upon us my God.  I hold those pressed up against me, and I pray mercy to be upon each one.  Let my breath be given unto them, and let your love and mercy be seen this day.  I desire breath and I desire life my Lord.  Lift our burden of sorrow this day and prevent this train from reaching the place of death.  You are the power of heaven, and every breath is your gift and is held within your hands.  You are the keeper of life, and you are the God of mercy, and I pray your mercy to be upon us.  Lift our burden and send us the breath of heaven to deliver us this day.’


There is power in life for there are no prayers and no praises spoken from the grave.  Cherish life and seek to hold on to life for in life there is the power of prayer.  Was the breath of deliverance sent unto Helen and my people that day?  I shall tell you of Helen and my other daughters when the final words are given.  Seek life, seek mercy and seek the burden of sorrow to be forever removed from the earth.  I shall return and tears of sorrow shall be no more.”



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