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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2010


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Ken Nix

Thursday, 10/21/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and tender shepherd. These are words to help my people to understand the power of right and the power of kingship and authority. These words are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. I promised that you would receive words about the righteous judge and his family. You have received words about the judge and his wife, and now this day you shall receive words about their eldest son. You shall hear of the fate of all three sons and you shall gain understanding of the way of obedience for each son was righteous and walked in the ways of heavenly light. Their eldest son was named Daniel and he was twenty when he was sold into slavery by an evil king. He was sent unto a distant land where he worked dutifully as a slave. I share the stories of the lives of one family to help you to see the power of right. The righteous judge did what was right and he and his family were punished. Their punishment was not just but it was within the power of the king to take their home and sell them. The king had absolute authority over the people of his kingdom. A righteous king is a great blessing, but an evil king is a blight upon his people. The young man, Daniel, was upright and he accepted his fate. He knew his father had done what was right, but he also knew that his life was under the authority of the king. He walked in the ways of truth and he kept our law and our commands, so he knew that the Almighty was his ultimate judge and king. If he received a word from on high he would obey over the laws of men, for his father had taught his sons that you are to obey the laws of man as long as they were in harmony with the laws of heaven, but if a law of man was unjust you must seek the truth in the laws of light. He knew his punishment was unjust but he struggled with escape for he felt it was within the authority of the king to sell him into slavery. His sense of right caused him to be in a place of uncertainty, so he sought my Father often in prayer for a word of guidance. From the words given you have read of what matters most and have read about the path of truth. This day you read about the power of heaven for we are the higher power that must guide the lives of men.


Daniel was sold unto a wealthy farmer and shepherd and he quickly learned the ways of the earth. He was upright and our spirit was with him, so he prospered in all that he sought to do. His master saw that favor was upon the young man, so he advanced within the ranks of the slaves who served him. Daniel missed the great city of his birth and he missed his father and mother and his two younger brothers. He did not seek to escape for he remained under the authority of the king even though he was in a distant land. He married a slave girl named Simuel, and they had four daughters. The years passed and he prospered. He was a slave, but his master placed him over all the operations of the farm and flocks, and he had his own home to dwell in and he had clothes and all he desired to eat and drink. His master was cruel unto him in the early years of his slavery, but as he saw the light within Daniel, he was merciful. He allowed Daniel to observe my Sabbaths and to teach our ways unto others there who were of my people. For twenty-five years Daniel worked as a slave and ran his master’s lands. He thought about his dear father and mother and prayed for them often. He was sad to dwell upon a life where he would never see them again. He longed to go and seek them but he was unsure if escape was the right thing to do. He prayed often for guidance, and one day we sent an angel unto him to give him words to set him free. I give you the words of Michael that were spoken unto Daniel one day when he was in his master’s field. 

‘Daniel, hear the word of the Lord Most High. I am Michael and I am a messenger of the Lord. He has heard your prayers and he has borne your sorrow, and this day I come unto you with his words of deliverance. You are to obey the law of man when the law is just and based upon the laws of heaven. Your king had the authority to take your home and to sell you, but authority does not equal right. He is an evil king and his punishment is unjust. I speak the words of a higher power; I speak the words from the Absolute Power over all things. The Lord God Almighty sets you free. You are to leave this place tonight and he shall be with you. Travel south unto the great river and there a man with a boat shall meet you. He will take you and your family unto safety. Go, for the king’s ruling is overturned by a higher power; you are set free by the power of the Lord.’


Daniel shed tears of joy and came before us in prayer. He rejoiced and did as he was told. That night he and his wife and daughters fled and once at the great river the boat was waiting as promised. When he left his master he took what he felt was a just wage so he had funds to start a new life for his family. What he took was of our will. He built a home and his crops and flocks prospered and he became a man of wealth. He never went back to the place of his birth for he felt all that was had passed. He lived life with his family. His daughters married and he had many children to sit upon his knee. The years passed and the memory of his slavery began to fade. One day his grandson was asking him about his life, so he gathered all together to tell them about his life and about a higher power that had set him free. Let his words of wisdom guide you my people.


‘Gather, my children, for this day I desire to tell you about my life as a slave. My wife was a slave and my four daughters were born into slavery, but we were set free by the power of heaven. My father was a righteous judge who defied the actions of an evil king so all of my family was punished. My father was cast into prison to do hard labor and my mother and two brothers were also sold into slavery. I have not seen or heard of them in all the years. I was twenty when I was sold into slavery. I desired to return to my home, but I struggled for I am a man who believes that truth is truth and that right is always right. I struggled for I felt it was within the authority of the king to sell me into slavery for I was subject unto the king. In our nation the people sought to have a king for the people no longer wanted the Lord God to lead them. Our King David was a just king but he had authority over the men and women of his kingdom. Men had to serve as he chose and women were subject unto his rule. Does the power of position and the authority given change just because a king is not fair and righteous? I struggled with what I should do, so I served and I sought the will of the Lord, for the Lord God has authority over man and over kings. One day an angel of the Lord appeared unto me and told me that the higher power of the Lord had set me free. We fled to this place and here we have prospered. This day my wife asked me what lessons I had learned from obeying the rule of a king even when I felt it was unjust. My father was a judge and he did right by applying the correct principles of heaven in a case before him. I was just a youth and I felt I had to obey the decision of my king. I have learned many lessons, but this day I share with you three lessons that have guided me through my years.


1. Always seek the power of the Lord and obey his law above the law of man. If a law is within the greater law, we are to obey. If the law is unjust, we must seek to change the law but it must be done in accordance with the law. King David was made king but he refused to lift his hand against the Lord’s anointed and would not slay Saul. We are to turn unto a higher power and seek the Lord to make a way for us. While we wait upon the Lord, we must be content in the place where we dwell. I do not speak of laws that are in clear violation of the laws of heaven. I speak of kingship and authority. If we are under the authority of another we can only be set free by the authority of the Lord.


2. Do the work of the day. If you are a slave, do the work set before you. If you are a king, do the work set before you. While you wait upon the Lord’s deliverance, you must work and do what is right and do the job that you have been given. I prospered even as a slave for my hands did the work of each day. I prayed often and surrendered my days and I did what was needful. This I still do for my life is not my own. I serve the Lord and I serve the Lord in the place he has put me.


3. Do not rend evil for evil but trust in the greater power of the Lord God. I did no evil unto my master. He beat me as a slave but I did not seek vengeance. I was obedient while I waited upon the Lord. My obedience was blessed and I prospered in the eyes of the Lord and in the eyes of man. We can not overthrow the authority that was established by the Lord. We must wait and we must do what is right, and the hand of the Lord shall move for he hears the cry of the righteous. We will change more through his power than by seeking to use our own power.’


My people, you must obey the law of your nation, but you must seek our power to overturn the laws of injustice. I am your King and I shall return and all injustice shall be no more and all men shall follow the righteous laws of heaven. Learn the lessons of kingship and authority found in these words.”



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