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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 10/3/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words for my daughters who gather and are words that will be shared with all my people in the next issue of the Words of the Latter Rain for these are words to help my people to grow in the power of compassionate love. You must have hearts filled with compassionate love if you desire the fullness of my presence to fill you. Follow the principles given and let love fill your hearts and overflow.


1. Compassionate love is a love that will not grow in hearts of pride and selfishness for compassion is an action that requires hearts of tenderness. You must be moved by the hurt of others and that hurt must be felt by you and their hurt must lead you unto action. Thoughts of compassion are to lead to actions of compassion. Open your eyes to see the hurt of those around you.


2. Compassionate love is a love that reaches out to others. You are to lift up others in your prayers but you are to also reach out hands of mercy. Compassionate love requires touch. How do you comfort and give love without touch? To comfort requires compassion, for touch without compassion and tenderness does not give the power of love and light. Touch alone has no power but the touch of tenderness, love and mercy has great power.


3. Compassionate love is a love that sees with the eyes of the spirit. You must see with the eyes of your heart and you must be moved. Look for the traces of tears and look for the pain all around you. Compassion must rise up within when you see the sorrow of others. Do not allow your pain to dim your eyes of compassion and do not allow darkness to cause the light of love to go out. You must reach out hands of love unto all and do not allow sorrow to make you blind to the needs of others.


4. Compassionate love is a love that must rise up in times of sadness and sorrow. Great sadness can cripple and can destroy those whose faith wavers in the storm. The light of love must be strong within you for we are love and we are within. We do dwell in the midst of love and where love is the presence of heaven shall also be. The Great I AM is love and his great love dwells within temples of clay. When you see sadness and sorrow your compassion must be moved and you must become beacons of light and love.


5. Compassionate love is a love that must be rooted in the light and breath of heaven. Love and tenderness are emotions and all emotions are rooted in the spirit. The breath of the Great I AM is within all men and my breath is within all men. The breath is what you call your soul, and compassion must go beyond spirit and unto the breath. The power of breath is the power of presence and compassionate love is stronger with presence. Prayers of compassion can be spoken and light can be sent across space and time but breath requires presence. The greatest power of compassionate love is found in presence.


6. Compassionate love is a love that requires a heart of service and sacrifice. You must give up your time and you must sacrifice to meet the needs of others. Compassionate love is a love that involves touch and tender acts of kindness. Compassion will rise up in the true heart of the servant. Seek a servant’s heart and seek love that serves to rise up within you. Let your touch and your tender acts of kindness bring the light of love unto those who are in sadness and sorrow. It is compassionate love that can penetrate the darkness when someone is in the depth of trial and lost in sadness and sorrow.


7. Compassionate love is a love that requires hope and belief. You must be filled with hope, for those in need of compassionate love need the reassurance of enduring love and hope. You must see the rainbow beyond the storm, and you must believe in our perfect will and perfect love. Do not allow sadness and sorrow to make you question our love, for if your love for us dims the light of love within you will also dim. Give words of hope and comfort and be a constant light of love unto those around you. There is much sadness all around you. See with the eyes of love, and let love rise up and reach out your hands of love and give hope and comfort unto others, and let your unwavering faith and belief give courage unto the weary and the lost.”



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