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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 8/30/2010

By Kenneth Nix


I was instructed to write an article about the daily message, “Simplicity.” I will first include this powerful message from our Lord Jesus.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and tender shepherd. These are words for my people to help them to understand the power of a simple life. There is peace, joy and power in simplicity. Your world is greatly advanced and your technology has brought many distractions unto you. People of the past did not have as much to take their mind from me and my Father. Men in days past walked more and they were out in the world we made and had a greater sense of our presence. People worked harder and went to bed early for there was no television to distract them. My people, you need to find the simplicity of life. I am not opposed to technology for all that man knows and has learned are things already known of us. I desire you to live a more simple life. Spend more time on your porches talking to one another, or find a park and sit and read our word. Walk more and spend time in the beauty of quietness. Eat simple meals and eat together when present with others. Say prayers often, and praise us often and live the simple life of worship. If you remove your distractions, you will find that there are more hours in the day than you have understood.


Be with those of like mind and spirit, play games and laugh, but also spend time in quiet conversation. Seek the simplicity of life. This does not imply that technology is evil. Cooking today is much simpler and easier than in days past. Many things that used to require hours now only take minutes. The important thing for you is to look to see how those minutes are used. Spend time before me and seek a more simple life. Let your journey lead you unto the desert place where you will spend time alone with me. See the beauty of holiness all around you. Seek the simplicity of a life lived in my presence, and live each day in the fullness of my will.”


 I particularly liked this message. It is one that makes me think of  gratefulness. For it is in the simple things that we find gratefulness and great blessings. We have been given previous messages in regards to this. I think of the message, “Simple Blessings” which is in the March 2009 issue of the newsletter. In that message a young man desired to be a British soldier and experience the adventure and glory of war for he was bored with the life in had in the small town in which he lived. Yet he discovered that there was no glory in war. He found himself missing the simple things of life and never forgot to be grateful for them.


On my recent spiritual journey, I awoke one morning in a motel room in which the ability to control the thermostat was impossible. My wife and I either found ourselves sweating like crazy or freezing. When I awoke, I was freezing. I stumbled into the bathroom and hopped into a large shower stall (unusual for most motel rooms). I turned on the hot water and proceeded to praise God with gusto! The shower was wonderful and I just couldn't keep it to myself, though I'm sure my wife wished I would have since it was around 5:30 A.M.


How many in this nation praise God for a hot shower? How many praise God for food in the cupboard or for electricity? We have so many luxuries that are taken for granted that many people in other nations do not have. In the message, “Simple Blessings” let me share with you some of the blessings the young soldier missed.  These past months have shown me what blessings I had but ones I took for granted. The warmth of a fire, the early morning sun shining upon my bed, the sound of my sister's laughter, my mother singing in the kitchen and the smell of fresh baked bread. I long to sit on the porch with my tea and listen to my dog breathing as he sleeps.


I have had other messages come to mind as well and desire to share parts of them with you. They show a gratefulness for simple things and a longing for them once they are gone. Do we have to lose the blessing of simple things before we will appreciate them be grateful for them and seek them? 


The problem with technology and busy time is that it blinds us to blessings. It takes us from the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven.


As stated, I desire to share portions of a few more messages with you. The next message that came to mind was also in the newsletter. It was in Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009 entitled, “Stand For The Light.” In this message a man by the name of John was a prisoner of war during World War II and was in the hands of the Japanese. When John was near death he shared some words for the other soldiers held captive, “Do not give in to darkness, and walk each day in goodness. Kiss your wives and hug your children. Sit on your porches and listen to the sounds of peace and freedom.


The things he mentions can be easily ignored by many in today’s world.  The relationship between husband and wife is attacked and bombarded. The television, internet, telephone, and video games are all taking their toll. There is less talking, less sharing, less giving. Parents lose touch with their children, the children flounder in darkness lacking the strength of guidance from parents and parents lose touch with each other.


Jesus in the message, “Simplicity” talks of spending time on your front porches. Many people love the old TV show, “The Andy Griffith Show” for it shows a simpler time. But they act as if those times can never be. They come home, close their garage doors, turn on the TV and do not appear again until the next day. Many homes today have no front porches. Many neighbors do not know each other. Technology keeps on taking from you while it touts that it is actually giving to you. You have surround sound, blue ray, and many other attractions. You can have your home set up like a movie theater where your TV sits. You can have it so loud there is never any need to talk. You sit in front of the TV or stay on the internet for several hours and then wonder where the time has gone.


What do you picture in your mind with the words, “Sit on your porches and listen to the sounds of freedom.”?  I know one of the sounds of freedom is what I don’t hear. I don’t hear tanks, I don’t hear screams in the night, I don’t hear gunfire. At night I hear the crickets and frogs. I hear the Whippoorwills. During the day, I hear a lawn mower in the distance, perhaps a dog bark or the voice of a child. I hear the hummingbirds as they come in to feed. I hear the bumblebees. Simple things, simple blessings. While sitting on the front porch you also begin to hear God. You feel their presence and know they are leading your thoughts as you meditate on their words.


In the message, “Simplicity,” Jesus tells us to play games and laugh. Card games and board games allow a lot of give and take and allows plenty of laughter (as long as you don’t become too competitive). Being with those of like mind and spirit will strengthen the light within you and brings peace to the heart.


I also thought of parable 42; in this parable Jesus tells us,  Laugh my people. Eat watermelon, play horseshoes and games. Tell stories of your youth, share memories of the good times of life. I laughed when this parable was given. My servant heard my laugh. Laughter is a sound of joy and is a sound of heaven.”  Simple blessings, simple things that bring laughter and joy.


I also thought of a message from Jesus about the apostle Peter. In this message Peter knows he is close to the time of his death. I love what he shares. This message is found in the newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 11, and the article is entitled, “The Peace That Fills.”

 The house is quiet and all is still and peaceful. I love the quiet of the night in a home filled with love and the sounds of children as they breathe and sleep the sleep of peace. My loved ones are around me and I am content to be in their presence, and I feel peace being in your presence my God and my King.

In another part of the message he states, “It is often the way of man not to recognize the special blessings given unto us each day. I knew you were a special gift but I did not see the fullness of your life until it was over. After you rose from the grave I understood. I wish I would have cherished every moment with you more. In my mind I relive our times together, I see your face and your smile. I remember how you looked with the wind blowing your hair the night I walked to you upon the water. What blessings I have to have been one who walked beside you. I remember your laugh and I even remember your smell, and I remember the power of your touch. I cry tears my Lord, they are not tears of sadness, mine are tears of longing, for I miss you Jesus and I long to see you once more.Also one final portion of this message is, “I held my new grandson this day and I wept as he touched my cheeks with tiny hands of love, for I know I shall not see him grow to be a man.

Do you see a man that had gratefulness? Do you see what simple things he appreciated? Do you see the simple things he appreciated of Jesus?


Peter makes the comment that it is often the way of man not to recognize the special blessings given unto us each day. I have listened to the elderly speak of their mates that have passed. I hear them speak of missing their smell, their voice, their presence. Children grow far too fast; are you missing the simple blessing of them?  Are you allowing days to be lost to you? Are you allowing time to slip away.  There can be time in our lives for TV. There can be time in our lives for the internet. But order your days and be sure that you’re not giving up simple blessings and becoming blind to all the beautiful things around you that our loving heavenly Father and our loving Savior have given to us.





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