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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010


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A Circle of Faith, Part Seven, Afraid To Love

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/30/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see the power of love and light in times of great darkness. As promised, this is the seventh message about ten women who formed a circle of faith in a time of great sorrow. It is my hope that the words given shall help you, for there are many lessons to be learned from the words given unto you. This day I share with you a prayer spoken by a precious daughter named Helga. She was the youngest member of the circle of faith and was not married when she was taken along with her nine friends. She was the niece of Rachael and she was twenty-three when she became a part of a prayer circle known as a circle of faith. Someday many shall know of these ten women and their stories. Helga was a very tender girl and her heart was filled with compassionate love. She saw the beauty in others, and she was quick to touch others to show them compassion and love. She had a true gift in her tender touch and all who came to know her loved her greatly for the light of love was very strong within her. The light of love is very important, and it must shine forth brightly from all who claim to be mine. Your days of sorrow have not yet come so now is the time to let the light of love grow strong within you. Learn the power of compassionate love, and never be afraid to be loved and never be afraid to love others. I love all men, and I desire the light of love to grow within hearts all over the earth. Now is the time to express love and to show love unto family and brethren, and now is the time to be beacons of love unto a world lost and hurting. Let these words help you to be instruments of love. Helga would brush the hair of the other women and would comfort all that she could. She would do small acts of love for others each day. Even in a time of great sadness and sorrow she would give others a smile and always had a word of hope and kindness for all. She was truly a most remarkable woman and great is her reward set forth in heaven.


‘Great and Mighty God, I come before your throne of love and mercy with words of love and worship. I feel your presence with me for it is you who gives me the strength to go on in this place of death and sorrow. I feel the power of your love and I seek to pass it on to all that I can each day. I know it is you who has given me a tender heart. Please have mercy on all of us here and upon all who are in such places and upon all who fight to free us from this darkness of evil. I bring my friends and my Aunt before you for they are of my circle of faith, and as promised, I pray for them every day. Have mercy on them my God and let them all live through this time of sorrow. Please help us to love and to not allow this darkness to extinguish the light of love that is within us. The men who beat us and punish and kill us are sons and brothers. Many are husbands and fathers and they have people that they love. How can one love certain people and not others? I have thought much about this, and I believe that I do understand how they can love family and hate us. They have a selfish love, and they are afraid to love and do not allow feelings to come within. I call it the light of love, and they only shine it upon those close unto them. The true love of heaven is not diminished and if we shine forth your love then we must love all men.


I lift up Mary before you my God. This day her daughter was shot and she mourns. I brushed her hair and tried to comfort her, but the light of love has gone out within her eyes. I see this happen very often my God, and in most the light does not return. It is as if they die within and the light of their soul goes out; they live but are not truly alive. Please let the light of love rekindle within her my God, for she has other children who will need her when this war ends. I believe the light within is the light of your love for we are made in your image and likeness. If we love others, your light will grow stronger within us. The guards who kill us have eyes that are without light. How can they truly love family when they murder helpless men and women? I pray that the Americans will free us soon and that the soldiers who come will have the light of love in their eyes. So many just stare into the distance and have no light within. So much sadness, death and sorrow have stolen the light of love from them. Others only love the ones they know for they are afraid to love. Loving others causes the pain to increase when someone you love is killed. To protect their eyes they close them unto but a few. I feel the guards have done a similar thing. Please give me the eyes of love, and let me never be afraid to love. I love you my God, and even in this place of sorrow I see your hand and feel your love. I wrote a poem this day, and even though you know my every thought, I desire to read it unto you as part of my prayer. Please help me to be a light of love.



Afraid To Love


In this place of death and sadness the sorrow is like a great fog,

It blinds our eyes and dulls our ears and causes hearts to harden.

So much death is seen, the bodies rot and the stench is all around us,

The dead rot, and the living die within a little more each passing day.


Eyes that see do not truly see, for the light of love has left them,

Cold eyes just stare for the light of love gave in unto the darkness.

It is hard not to surrender unto all this death, sorrow and sadness,

But the light of love must grow stronger or the evil ones shall win.


So many are afraid to love for loving others only increases their sorrow,

So the coldness of not caring replaces the warmth of a loving heart.

Like dead men walking they go through each day without eyes that see,

Please dear God, light their light once more, be not far from us.


You are love and you are never afraid to love, perfect love casts out fear,

Cast out our fear by the power of your love, help us to not be afraid.

Let none be afraid to love for without love we are no longer like you,

Without love and the light of love men become no more than animals.

Light the light of love deep within our hearts, let it shine forth brightly,

Help me not be afraid to love, give me the strength to go forward.

Beacons of love are to bring comfort and shine forth in days of darkness,

       Help those afraid to love and open their eyes to see the light of your love.

For in truth some here curse you and no longer love you my Lord,

The light of love that once burned for you has also been extinguished.

Without love for our God how can men expect to love each other?

Help us to not be afraid to love you my God, give us your love.


Have mercy and save us oh God, let the light of your love be seen,

Comfort the hurting and lift them up by your mighty hands of love.

Be our defender, our shield, give us eyes of love and love us Lord,

Love us, and help us to love one another, your love is our light oh Lord.


Help us to never be afraid to love, for love is the power of heavenly light,

Shine down upon us oh Lord, let your light of love shine forth.

Let it shine in us and through us, re-light the heart of love deep within,

Return the light of love unto dead eyes and let us never be afraid to love.


Great God, I pray my poem is pleasing unto you, and I pray that you answer my prayer. Rekindle the light of love deep within us and within our guards so that they will have mercy. You love them as you love us. Be our light of love my God, and please help my light to shine forth as long as I have your breath within me.’


There is great power in love that shines forth no matter how much the darkness tries to make it go out. Rekindle your hearts of love, and let the light of love be in your eyes. See all men with a heart of compassion, and be the voice of mercy and be the light of love unto all. Never be afraid to love for love is the power of heaven. The more you love, the more the light of love shall grow. Let these words take you deeper into the light of our love.”





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