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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2010


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Ken Nix

Friday, 7/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see the power of love that must gather and stand in days of darkness. The words given unto you this day are words spoken during a time of great sadness and sorrow. As promised, you shall be given words spoken by each woman who made up a circle of faith in those days of darkness. This is the sixth message given and is about a woman most dear unto me named Sara. She was a kind and tender woman who had a heart that expressed love unto all. She was a mighty beacon of light in a time of great darkness. She and her husband were successful in business but lived a simple life, for most of what they earned was shared with those who had needs. They owned a tailor shop and made apparel for men and women. Sara’s dresses were in great demand by the wealthy women of her time and the suits of her husband were a thing to be desired by the men of wealth who sought to be seen and envied. They worked with men and women of wealth but also men and women of great pride. They were kind unto their customers but did not allow pride to prevent the great love that was in their hearts.

Sara was taken the same day as her nine friends who made up their circle of faith. She was with others she knew, but it was made known that she was gifted in making clothes so she was taken to another camp where her skills would be used. She lived with the other women in the camp but the work she did allowed her to escape some of the suffering of the labor placed upon the people. She suffered great loss and knew much sorrow, but she was blessed to escape the hard labor. She worked hard and lived in days of great uncertainty for the cruel soldiers would often shoot and kill prisoners without cause. Fear was a dark cloud that stood above the camps of sorrow and death. Let the words given this day help you to grow in the power of love. You must be the light of love always and you must not allow sorrow to diminish your light, for in truth your light should shine brightest in the days of sorrow. Be the light of love, for in days of darkness the love within must rise up and must be a beacon unto all. I desire you to be the light of love my people.


‘Elizabeth, you must lie still for you are too sick to work and if you go unto the factory and the guards see you fall you may be shot. I will shield you here with me. I told the guards that I needed your help for a few days, but you must be still so you can get well.’


‘Sara, thank you for your kindness unto me, but I am so tired and I just do not care to live. I have lost everything and I would find death as a release from all the sorrow that is upon me. Why do you struggle so hard to live and to help others to live when death would bring peace from all this sorrow?’


‘Elizabeth, death is not what we should desire. This war draws to an end and we must live. There will be much to do, for our country is in ruin and the hatred within the hearts of so many must be healed. Love must rise up and show our countrymen the path unto forgiveness and reconciliation. Lay still my friend, for I must work now, but you just lay still and get well.’


‘Great Father in heaven, blessed be your name, oh God. I thank you for this day and I thank you for another day of life. I come before you this night to lift up praises and to pray for the needs of so many who suffer. I bring my friend Elizabeth before your throne of mercy and grace. She is very sick and in great need of your mercy. She has suffered greatly in these days of sorrow. Her husband was shot and killed when she was taken, and she does not know where her children have been taken. She was a woman of great wealth and once was one of my best customers. She was filled with pride and treated me as a servant. Her clothes are now rags and all pride is gone. In the sorrow of this place she has been brought low and she is now humble. Her heart is good and she has grown in love and mercy. Love has risen within her heart, for in days of great sadness love must rise up. She seeks death for she is weary and weak. I beseech you my God and ask that you have mercy and give her life and let death not come upon her. Please let her live my God. So much has changed in so many lives. The rich have been made poor and the mighty have been brought low. Elizabeth has no wealth and she is broken, so please fill her with the fullness of your love.


I also pray for mercy for myself, for I desire to live so that I might be a light of love unto others. Our nation is in ruin and from the debris and ashes love must rise up. When I was a girl there was a fire at our home, and our home and the forest around us was destroyed. From the ashes new trees grew forth and soon the forest was once more. With the help of kind neighbors our home was rebuilt. I shall never forget the day we returned unto the new home built and our barn was still in ruin. From the ashes beautiful flowers grew. I can see them clearly my God, and from the ashes flowers can bloom and love can rise up. Times of disaster and sorrow should lead us to be merciful and kind and lead us to be a helping hand unto others. I have seen so many acts of love among the men and women held captive here. I pray that the heart of love will rise up within me. I feel sadness this night as my heart turns toward my dear husband. His death left a hole in my heart, but in all this sorrow I have found so many to love. I have no one for he is gone. I pray that you allow me to live so that I might help others to see the power of love, and I desire to tell others of how the flowers can bloom and rise up from the ashes.


I pray this night for those in my first circle of faith. I call them by name and pray your mercy upon them. I pray for Sarah, Ann, Helen, Rosa, Golda, Rachael, Elizabeth, Anna and Helga my Lord. May heavenly mercy be upon them. Please let love rise up within them and let them be beacons of light and vessels of mercy unto all who are with them. Keep them safe and give them peace in this storm. I hear Elizabeth coughing and seek mercy. Please let her live my God. She has suffered so much. Her money and fine clothes are gone and she has been raped and beaten on more than one occasion by the men of darkness that guard this place. Please let the wounds within her heart heal and let love and light rise up within her. Show her mercy and do not allow her to be hurt by others my Lord. I too have been raped, and I have been beaten, and I ask for mercy to be upon me and I ask for mercy to be upon those who do such evil. Two of the men who raped me were frequent customers of my husband and they were neighbors. Please forgive them my God. I at first desired their death for their evil upon me, but in all this death and sorrow I no longer desire anyone to die. I pray that your love will rise up within them and that you will rescue and save them. Love must rise up within the hearts of the people of this nation for in order to rebuild from the ashes we must have hearts that love and hearts that forgive. For the ones of great evil who kill without cause, I do pray that they reap the harvest they have sown, but I seek mercy to be upon the misguided ones. Let this war end, and let the flowers grow and bloom from the midst of the ashes. Give me a heart of forgiveness and a heart of love.


I have faith in you my God, and I have followed the ways of my fathers, but I had a dream, and in my dream your Son came and lived a life of goodness and he died for the sins of man. Has your Son truly come? Is Jesus the one my God? In my dream I saw your Son laid in a tomb of rock and I saw angels who stood by to watch over him. Tears flowed down their cheeks and I felt the great power of their love. I felt your sadness in my soul and I felt the grief that death brings. In my heart and my mind I heard a voice, and I know not if it was your voice or the voice of an angel, but I heard the voice clearly and the words are written upon my soul. The voice said that love formed the Son of Man, and that love sent him to die for my sins, and that love slept behind the rock, and that love would call and that love must rise up. A voice called the name of Jesus and then I saw love rise up. The vision is within and I shall never forget. Love is of you my God, and if Jesus is your Son, then I praise you that love did rise up. Once I am free of this place I shall seek the truth of the things revealed. If he is your Son, then I shall worship him.


So much death and misery fills the nations of Europe and we must rise up from the ashes, but without love our hearts will not heal. Help us all to be kind and gentle and let us forgive one another. Enemies upon the field of battle will have to join hands to rebuild our nation, and unless we can forgive, the flowers will not rise up from the ashes. Please let love rise up once more.’


My people, you must let love rise up within your hearts and you must be beacons of light and love. Days of sorrow are before you and you must be vessels of hope and love unto all men. Seek to be the flowers that shall rise up from the debris and ashes. Let love rise up and let love fill you and overflow unto all. Learn the power of love, for in the days of sorrow, wealth and position mean nothing. All will need your light of love and all will need your tender hearts of mercy. Hear my words unto you and let love rise up.”



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