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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2010


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Ken Nix

Friday, 7/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see the power of praise. You have been given many words about praise and about the great power of praise. You know that we inhabit the praises of our people so praise draws you closer unto us and brings us into your presence. Praise makes the darkness flee and brings light and sends light. You have been told this and so much more, but you still fail to understand the great power of praise. You have grown in your worship and in your praise which has brought our presence unto you. This day I desire to share words with you to help you to see that praise is to be shared as a testimony unto others. The majority of your praise is focused upon me and my Father and is seen in your songs of praise and your spoken words of praise. We are to ever be the focus of all praise, and praise is to bring glory and honor unto us, but praise is also to be a testimony unto our glory, power, love and mercy. Praise is to be spoken or lifted in song to declare the goodness and power of heaven. You are to praise us when you see our hand move in your life, but you are also to declare our praise unto others. Your life and your words are to reveal the praise that is within. We desire your praises, and we desire you to lift hands and declare your love and gratefulness for all that we give unto you, and to extol our love and mercy, but you must also share the praises of your heart with others. Do others hear you declare praise unto our name? Do others hear you give us the glory for all of the mighty things that we do for you?


You are to live a life of continual worship, and your words must reflect the praises of your heart. The testimony of praise is the power of heavenly light. When you declare our love, mercy, goodness and power, you send light and you receive light. I know the hearts of men and all is known by the Great I AM. We see that many scoff against those who share a testimony of praise, but the power of praise comes only when praise is sent forth. Praise can not be silent, praise must be declared. Praise can be in song, in the spoken word or in the written word, but praise must be declared. The declaration of praise is the action that brings forth the established motion. Do not be timid around those not of the light. Do you live to please men or do you live to please me and my Father? In your world the darkness has tried to diminish the testimony of praise and seeks to remove all praise from your lips. When men cease to praise us, darkness will overcome you. In your nation you clearly see what a life without worship and praise will lead to. Our word is no longer taught in your schools, children no longer pray and most no longer praise. Listen to the words of your children; do you hear the testimony of praise upon their lips? Children need to be taught that all blessings find their source in heavenly light and that all they receive and enjoy is by the mercy and love of heaven. Teach thy children to worship and to praise. Why must words of praise only be spoken by adults? Let the testimony of praise be upon the lips of thy youth.

Do you hesitate to praise us because you do not want to offend another? Your nation uses the term, “political correctness” which is simply a word to express a theory rooted in the darkness. Men teach that you should be silent in your belief and in your praise for it may offend another who does not believe. You are to seek to be at peace with all men, but the testimony of praise is not to be silenced by the philosophy of darkness. All breath and life is held within the hands of my Father and he is to be praised. Do not let the foolishness of others lead you to be silent in your praise, for praise must be declared. Speak truth always, and speak truth even when the ears around you do not desire to hear truth. You are not to be offensive unto others, but you must not be silent in your testimony of praise.


The power of praise is the power of declaration. Declare your praises unto us in word and in song. Write the words of your heart, and write your praises in your journal of trust and in your correspondence to others. Do not be silent my people. You have been greatly blessed and you must declare forth the praise that dwells within your heart. You are spirit within flesh and you are of the breath of heaven. Your spirit yearns to praise us for your spirit is of us. See with the eyes of the spirit and see the power of praise. I am pleased with your praises unto me and my Father is pleased. We delight in your songs of praise and in your words of praise unto us each day, but you must also declare forth our praise unto others. You share praises with others of the light which is good, for this gives light unto them and brings light unto you, but you must also share praises with those not of the light. Be one who listens more than you speak, and use the eyes of the spirit and the ears of the spirit and share the testimony of praise with others when the moment comes. Follow your heart and your spirit for you will know.


Our word instructs that you are not to cast your pearls before swine, but do not use these words to justify being silent in your testimony of praise. You are to speak forth truth no matter who is listening and no matter what reaction your praise shall bring. You be the man or woman I desire you to be and do not fret over the words and reactions of those who walk in muted light and darkness. Your testimony of praise gives light and brings light so you must live a life of praise. Be a people who praise us in sunshine or sorrow, and be a people who are a living testimony of praise.”



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