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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2010


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Ken Nix

Friday, 7/23/2010

By  David Nix

Light gives power to light. This statement has been given unto us in so many messages, but we still do not understand the power found in these words. In the series on the power of light I have discussed the power of lights’ presence and how that to know the power of light we must draw ever closer to their holy presence, and we must remain deep within their presence. In the second part, I discussed that there is sound in light and that we must be pure and within their presence to hear the sound of light and the voice of the spirit. We believe and we know that there is power in the presence of the Lord and that we must remain in the light. The problem seems to be in remaining always in the light and using the power given. The Lord God and his beloved Son are always with us but we still struggle with remaining within their presence always. We must be in and of the light always, for as given, the power within can not fill us outside of the presence of light. In the first lesson about the principles of light I shared six things that we can do to help us to remain in their presence and to feel the power of their presence more. Another thing that we must do to know the power of their presence and the power of light is to be surrendered and to trust them and to believe in their perfect love and perfect will.

So much has been given to us, but we must trust and surrender in order to even begin to understand the power of light and the power of their presence. Why do we still struggle with remaining in the presence of their perfect light? I believe that we fail to trust and walk in absolute surrender for we lack obedience. The lack of obedience is based on a lack of trust. If we truly believe and trust in the Lord God and the Lord Jesus to keep all of their promises, then would we not trust that all that they ask of us is perfect and good? If we trust, we will obey for we will know that their will and desire for us is perfect. In order for us to grow, we must remain within the light of their presence. Once we learn the power of trust, once we walk in obedience, purity and holiness, the Almighty will fill us with the light and power of his presence. As I write this, many of the people who will read this are currently on a twenty-one day journey to break the chains that bind us and to rid our lives of the patterns of sin that have held us captive. The reason that we struggle with the same weaknesses repeatedly is because we lack obedience, and we lack obedience for we lack belief, and we lack belief for we do not trust in their perfect love and perfect will. To break the chains that bind us we must trust in the Lord Jesus for he is our Savior and King. We must trust in his power and in his love for us. Without Jesus we can not know the fullness of heavenly light. We must have the presence of the Almighty God and the presence of our Savior and King to fill us.

We still have struggles with patterns of sin and with weaknesses that have been difficult for us to remove. I believe that we struggle because we have not truly surrendered our flesh, spirit and breath unto the Lord. In surrender there is peace, and once we learn to trust we will know great joy. We must remove all fear and walk in their ways and believe in all of their promises. We walk through this life with days of strength and days of weakness. The walk of most Christians is one of struggle against weaknesses and patterns of sin. At times the light is very strong within us but then we allow darkness to come in and our light becomes muted. Trust and surrender will lead to belief and obedience which will lead us to go deeper into the light of their presence. We will not know the power of the presence of light without trust and surrender. What prevents our trust more than any other thing? It is seeing with the eyes of the flesh and thinking physically. The Lord God and the Lord Jesus are spirit and to walk in the power of light we must become spiritual. The power of heaven is spirit, not flesh. We have received many words about action and motion. We are light, breath and spirit within a clay temple so we must become the spiritual being that we truly are. We must use spirit and flesh to bring the motion we seek. For example, the physical action of singing praise is not flesh, it is spirit. We must use the flesh to do the things of the spirit. Fasting is spiritual, so we use the flesh to do the things of the spirit. The action of bowing in prayer and lifting hands in worship is using the flesh to do the things of the spirit. We must see our body as a vessel for the spirit and make it a vessel of holiness. We fail to trust for we fail to be the spirit within. We lack trust for we are not in and of the spirit. The power of light is when our spirit is in subjection unto their spirit.

We fail to understand the power of light for we seek to understand by using our flesh and not our spirit. Your spirit needs the flesh for it depends upon the flesh to house it, and in this life we must be in the flesh. Our Savior walked the earth as a man but he was spirit within a clay temple. He had his flesh in complete obedience unto his spirit for he knew and understood that he was spirit within clay. We understand this concept, but we fail in the application for we still use the flesh to try to understand. Is the power of prayer the power of your words or the power of your spirit? There are words that bring power but we must see and think as spirit. We seek to see the light with eyes of the flesh; the light is spirit. Use your eyes to do the things of the spirit. We fail to trust for we fail to become the spirit that we are. We must surrender, trust and believe. If we do not believe how can their spirit fill? Trust is the key, for trust will lead to surrender and obedience. Walk each day in spirit; learn to realize that your body is but a temporary temple-an instrument of the spirit.

We must learn to think spiritually. Think often about action and motion. See the things you do each day and think about your actions. Ask yourself if the physical action will bring spiritual motion. There are needs of flesh that are flesh, but are the majority of your actions doing the things of the spirit? Do your physical actions result in spiritual motion or are they just things of the flesh? Reflect upon your day and weigh your actions. Were they of the spirit or of the flesh? You live your life in the flesh but you must learn to live your life in spirit. Let most of what you do each day be actions of flesh that are doing the things of the spirit. Doing spiritual things will help you trust for trust is an emotion and the emotions are of the spirit. Faith, belief, trust, surrender, obedience, purity and holiness are spiritual, not physical. Your fleshly body has no emotions. All emotions are of the spirit. We have been trying to trust, surrender, believe and obey by using the mind of flesh. The spirit is light, and light gives power to light, so we must do spiritual actions to bring spiritual motion. Learn the ways of trust by doing actions of spirit which bring motions of spirit. Do not see prayer as physical for it is spiritual. See all that you do and let what you do be of the spirit.

Are our days focused upon flesh or spirit? Do we spend more time thinking about physical food than we do about feeding the spirit? If we feed the spirit more than the flesh, we would be closer to their fullness. Use the flesh to do the will of the spirit. Surrender your spirit and your flesh and walk in the power of light. Remember that all emotions are of the spirit, so when we feel emotion we need to think spiritually. What does the emotion tell us that we need?  We feel hunger, but that is the flesh telling our flesh to eat. Your hunger is not of the spirit. Hunger is not an emotion; it is purely a physical feeling. Eating good food brings physical pleasure, and the comfort and contentment of the flesh does affect our spirit but not as much as we think. We must learn to think spiritually. Pay attention to what you feel. Is the feeling telling you of a spiritual need? Pay more attention to your feelings and emotions than to the desires of flesh. We will trust once we surrender but surrender requires trust. The key is found in being spiritual. Let your physical actions bring spiritual light. We lack trust because our actions bring physical motion, not spiritual motion. You are the spirit within so do the things of the spirit. Trust and surrender will help us to learn to walk in the power of the spiritual realm and to walk in the fullness of their heavenly light.









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