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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

By David Nix

In recent months we have received more messages explaining to us about the power of their presence. We have been told often that light gives power to light and that the power of light is greater within their presence. To better understand light we must understand the power of the presence of light. Within this issue there are two messages about light. The first one deals with the power of light and the other deals with the power of walking in the light. Read them carefully for the Lord Jesus is beginning to reveal many things unto us at a greater depth than what has been given previously. It has been amazing to experience how the depth of what is revealed has grown over these last few years. To understand more about light and how light gives power we shall begin with the power of light’s presence.


The first key to knowing the power of the presence of light is to learn the power of surrender. We must remain within the presence of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus, and this can not be done without complete surrender and obedience. We must remove everything that takes us from the presence and power of their light. It is not always sin or darkness that removes us from feeling their presence. We all at times allow distractions to remove us from feeling their presence. Does it really matter if daily distractions cause us to not feel their presence? If the distraction does not involve sin why does it matter? The problem with most distractions is they cause us to lose focus, and when we lose focus and fail to feel their presence it means we will be less likely to hear their voice. There are times when we fail to hear their voice within and this can lead to disobedience. The spirit of the Almighty God and Jesus our Savior dwell within temples of clay. By the power of their spirit they guide us and place thoughts within our minds, and there are times when we fail to hear and obey. They desire their light to fill us and for us to remain deep within their presence. When we fail to focus we may not hear. I know that all of us at times will have our mind wander during prayer or during reading their word. Why is focus important? Does focus affect belief and does focus affect the gifts of the spirit and the power of their presence?  I believe that if we learn to focus upon the power of light within and use the spirit instead of the flesh that we will grow in the power of the gifts and fruits of the spirit.


Two things that will help us focus upon their presence are praise and worship. There is great power in praise and worship for this helps our focus to be upon them. Do not allow distractions to take your thoughts from the Mighty Ones of heaven, for when the thoughts are allowed to wander sin can prevail. We do not have the luxury of time away from them for there is no power outside their presence. The power of darkness destroys and does not lift as does light. Praise and worship the Lord for this keeps your spirit within the light of heaven. In praise and worship, your heart, your spirit, your breath and your light will be in their presence, and it is within their presence that the power of light will fill you. Close unto them, deep within their presence there is joy and there is peace and there is power. The power of worship and praise is the power of their presence. We at times fail for we do not remain focused upon them. We must bring every thought, word and action into submission, and this can not be done unless we remain in their presence. We have been given words of great power, but the power is not in words, the power is in their presence and in action. We must do the actions of light that will bring forth the motions of light. We must not allow distractions to remove us from their presence. To walk in the fullness of power we must remain in the fullness of their presence. There is great power in the presence of heavenly light for light gives power to light.  At times we lose focus and allow our mind and thoughts to wander to other things. There is power when we remain in their presence for they are pure light. We gain power when we fellowship with others of the light but the light in others is not as powerful as the light of heaven. It is my desire that the words I share with you will help you to understand how to remain in the power of the light for in their presence there is great power. We need to use the power of continual praise and worship, for in worship and praise the power of light grows, for praise and worship brings their presence.


We must let their desire and will become our greatest hope and need. We must reach the place where we need their presence, to where we must be in and of the light always. The gifts of the spirit are gifts of power and they are gifts of light. None will manifest without light. To move in the power of light we must be in the light. This seems simplistic but is a power that we have failed to understand. Light gives power to light so we must remain in the presence of heavenly light. We can not allow distractions of life to remove us from their presence. We all know that we are stronger when we are close to them and weak when we leave their presence. We fail to understand the fullness of the power of light. Do not see with the flesh, but see and feel with the spirit. God is spirit, Jesus is spirit and their spirit, their presence of light is within us. They will fill us when we remain in their presence, when we are broken and yielded before them. Their presence is more than going before them in prayer. It is important to bow and pray and to enter their presence with thanksgiving and worship. This is how we approach their throne and their heavenly presence, but there is also their presence within. Men think about God and Jesus as being distant but they are within. The key is to stay in their presence. We do not have to be in prayer to be in their presence for they are within and we are always in their presence. We must understand that we are light, we are breath and we are the spirit within and that their spirit is within us so their light always remains with our light. There is great power in light’s presence for they are light. During each day we are to remain in their light.  We simply can not allow distractions to remove us from their light.


The gifts of the spirit are wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, discerning of spirit, prophecy, tongues and the interpretation of tongues. Each is a gift of light and each requires their presence. Words of wisdom and knowledge come with their light being strong within. Each is a gift of power. We desire to see miracles and healing but this will only come when their presence fills us. We are to let our thoughts remain upon them, and let our words be weighed and do not speak words that are not of the light. Every thought and every word matters. We must abide always in the light of heaven, for we lose power when we leave their light. There is great power in their presence. They are within so there is power, and when we worship, when we praise, we add to the power for their light within responds to their heavenly light. We must remain in the light to know the power of light. These are some things that you can do to help you remain in their presence and to feel the power of their presence more.


1. Think about their presence each time you praise and worship. Think about them in heaven and within.


2. Focus when you pray. Do not allow your thoughts to wander to fleshly things. Try to find a quiet place free from distractions.


3. When praying for others see and feel the light. Think and focus on the presence of light more than the person, the flesh.


4. Come before them often in prayer for that increases the power of light within for their light gives power to your light and also increases their light within.


5. Speak words of praise often and do not allow words of corruptness to be thought or spoken. Praise and worship brings the light of their presence.

6. Speak their names for they hear your voice. Speak their names often and let your words be words that reflect a heart of worship.

When we leave their presence we lose power. They are within us but they dwell in our midst. Their light will not fill a temple that is prideful or of darkness. Having them within is not the same as having them fill us. Be filled with light, and be filled with power. There is power in the presence of light. Let them break you so that you will be filled. When the flesh is broken the oil of light comes out and overflows. Guard every thought and weigh every word spoken. There is great power in the presence of light for we are light and they are light and their light and power is within and without.





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