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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus and I am your most tender Savior and most Mighty King.  I am thy defender and I am thy deliverer.  These are words of love that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people prepare for the days of sorrow that shall come.  This is the fourth message given about the women of a circle of faith that was formed in a time of great darkness and a time of deep sorrow.  What is known as the Holocaust was a time of great suffering and the tears that were shed have not dried and the sorrow and misery felt by my people still echoes within my heart of love.  My Father and I do not forget the lives of all men.  We still hold every word and every tear in our being.  We shall never forget for we see the ways of the righteous and the ways of evil.  The images upon my heart are full of sadness for there has been so much suffering but there is also joy for there have also been days of gladness.  I also have peace and joy for I know that my kingdom shall come and the righteous shall meet me in the clouds and the army of heaven shall defeat the darkness.  There shall be a time of renewal and life will be as it was meant to be.  Many have suffered in past days, many suffer this day and many shall suffer in the days ahead.  I am love and my Father is love, but we allow men to choose and most have chosen the ways of the darkness or walk in the muted light.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall be given words about Golda who was greatly beloved.  She was of the ten who made up the circle of faith that I share with you.  Let her words help you to feel the depth of her sorrow and let her words help you to see the power of images of the heart.  David, you are beloved and I bless you with being the conduit of all these many words, but I also give you images that tell you the story without words.  You have seen many wondrous things but you have also seen much sadness.  This day the images given shall touch your heart and shall move you closer unto our presence.  It is good that servants of the light are moved to tears when they see the sadness of the world around them.


Golda was separated from her husband and from three of her children but her youngest daughter was sent to a work camp with her.  Her name was Leah and she was seven years old when the war began.  I show my servant what my words describe.  On a wet and cold day the Commandant of the camp decided to cross the grounds.  His new boots shine like glass and the ground is muddy from days of rain.  He commands that the guards make the Jews lie in the mud so that he can walk across their backs to keep his boots clean.  They lie face down in the mud two by two.  As he walks, the child Leah sees her mommy in the mud so she runs toward her.  Golda tries to tell her to stop for the German soldier approaches.  When Leah sees him she stops but she slips in the mud and causes mud to strike the pants of the evil man.  He looks at her in disgust and pulls his pistol and shoots Leah in the head.  Golda is on the ground in front of him and she leaps up and runs to her beloved child.  The soldier tells her to get back on the ground but in her grief she does not hear his voice.  Golda looks at him as he pulls out his pistol once more and fires three shots into Golda and walks upon his way.  Golda holds her child and weeps.  She is unharmed for by the mercy of heaven all bullets missed the mark.  As Golda sits in the mud that day she began to pray and this day I give you her words spoken.  Hear the words and let them move you my people.


‘Almighty God, please have mercy upon us.  Please deliver us oh God from this place and free us from these terrible men.  Oh my God my baby is dead.  My precious child is gone.  My grief is more than I can bear.  Why dear Lord?  Why was she killed and why was my life spared?  I was just a few feet from the commander when he fired.  He fired three times for I heard the shots but felt no pain.  I see no blood and know that all shots missed me.  Why did you spare my life but not the life of my baby?  She is so sweet and so dear unto me.  Her face is at peace in death but I shall miss her smile of light.  Oh how I love to see her smile.  Help me dear God; help me to cope with all the misery that is a constant flood upon us.  I do not know where my husband is and my two sons and other daughter may be dead.  I pray that they are all still alive.  Please have mercy upon them my God.  How can I rise from this mud, how can I continue to live in all this sorrow?  Please help me, please have mercy upon me.  Thank you my Father in heaven for through my tears I see images of my heart.  I see Leah when she was born.  I hold her close unto me and I remember.  She was so tiny and so very sweet.  I see the images of my heart Lord, I see.  I see her when she first crawled and her smile when she had four teeth.  I see her first steps and I hear the sound of her laughter.  I remember the first time she said the word ‘Mommy,’ and I remember the first time she told me that she loved me.  I love her so much my God, please help me to go on.  Let the images of my heart help me in my sadness.  Let me see the light in this world of darkness.


Let memories of happy times come unto me in the night and give me peace by day.  Images of my heart that are written upon my soul. Days of joy when we were all together as a family.  I see my daughters in their new dresses and my sons squirming in their new clothes.  I see my dear husband.  I miss his smile, I miss his touch, and I miss the strength I knew when he was near unto me.  Mercy, please have mercy on me.  I know that people die here each day and that there is sorrow in every heart.  You spared my life for a reason and I pray it is so that I might survive this place.  I desire to find my family and to hug them for days and to tell them each minute of my love.  If not my children, then I shall love others.  Many will be without mothers and fathers and my heart of love has grown in so much sadness.  My baby grows cold in my arms my God.  I weep and my tears fall upon her sweet face.  She will cry no more tears and her pain is over.  She would have been a wonderful wife and mother.  I pray that she will be given life once more in your resurrection and that she will live in a world of peace and joy.  My heart aches but I must go on for I have others who need me.  My baby shall be placed in a common grave with the others who die this day.  Remember her my God and remember all who perish here and raise them up again someday.


Let the images of my heart carry me through this dark time.  Let me remember the days of joy.  I remember clean sheets and soft pillows, so many things I took for granted that I pray will be restored.  I pray that all blessings given will bring forth praise from my heart.  I pray for my friends in our circle of faith.  All have children and I pray that their children are safe and still alive.  Please let them all live.  I do not desire to be selfish but I do want to live my God.  This day you showed mercy to me.  I would that you had taken my life and spared my child but I accept your will.  I do not understand why so much sorrow has come unto us but I know that you are God.  Let this war end.  I pray that you will hold my baby’s spirit in your arms and that you keep her safe with you.  My life shall be empty without her but I ask that the love within me and the images of my heart will help me to live through these days of darkness.  Before they take my child I desire to hold her andsing her a song that has helped us in these dark days.


The Light of My Heart


You are the light of my heart, you are the love that gives me hope,

Tender kisses placed upon cheeks of softness, you are my love, my light.

You are the light of my heart dear one, mommy loves you so much,

Love for you keeps me going, love for you gives me strength my child.


The light of my heart brings me joy when she smiles at me each day,

Your soft hand in mine, the feel of your tears upon my cheeks.

Come close my child, mommy loves you and I will not let you go,

You are the light of my heart; you are my love, my special one.


Tears in the night, sadness in a place of death and sorrow,

Be at peace little one, mommy is here, mommy is here sweet one.

Mommy loves you so much; you are my child, the light of my heart,

Please my God, help me, help me, please be the light of my heart.


My servant weeps as he sees Golda hold her precious child and he feels great sorrow.  I weep too my people for I loved Leah and I loved Golda.  I am not cold and uncaring.  I have images in my heart too and I see the day when Leah ran in the fields and chased butterflies.  I remember all who have lived and died.  I know the spot where Leah’s light waits.  She will be in the resurrection of the innocent and she shall know joy once more.  The images of your heart shall help you to survive days of trial and sorrow.  Kiss the ones you love, tell them how precious they are unto you and kiss their cheeks and create images of the heart.  Pray for mercy thou people of the light for the darkness grows and moves like fog.  Evil is coming and you must stand as warriors of light.  See the mother who sits in the cold mud and sings unto her baby now gone.  See and remember and pray for mercy.  Pray my people for my ears are open unto you.”



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