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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King.  I am the shepherd who leads the sheep of my pasture, and I am with all who seek to live a life that is pleasing unto me.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words of light to help my people to walk the path of light each day.  The world is full of darkness and the darkness grows in power and the darkness gathers against the light of heaven.  Men shall hate you for my name’s sake and shall persecute you and shall gather against you.  I have told you that people who walk in muted light will attack you, for the light within your life is a testimony against them.  Why do men hate those who try to live a life of goodness that is pleasing unto me?  It is due to darkness, for light reveals the darkness within and without.  I never sinned and only did good all the days I walked the earth, yet I was hated for the light that was my life.  The brighter your light shines, the more the darkness will seek to extinguish your light.  Men and women who are zealous in their profession of faith make those who are weak in their faith feel inferior and this is rooted in pride.  Those of muted light desire all man to walk as they walk.  I desire my people to walk as I walked and to be as I am. 


You must walk the path of light for it is the right way and you must not let the words of scoffers take you from the path of light.  There is no darkness in me and there is no darkness in these words given unto the last generation of man.  Many shall attack these words in the days ahead for these are words of light that reveal the darkness in the path they have chosen.  Pride is the root of anger that shall grow in the hearts and minds of many.  No matter what is said unto you or about you, you must choose to walk the path of light each day.  Your every thought, word and action must be deeply rooted in the light of heaven.  Walk in the light and live each day to be pleasing unto me and my Father in heaven.  We are the ones who shall judge the dead for we hold the keys to the kingdom of life.  I give you seven principles to help you to walk the path of light each day.


1. To walk the path of light each day, your life must be rooted in the light and you must have a life built upon the foundation of our word.  Man has formed their own beliefs based upon their interpretation of our word so there are many denominations within your nation and upon the earth.  Truth is truth and shall forever be truth.  Follow truth as revealed unto you.  Our words are truth and our law is the foundation of truth.  These messages given unto the people of the latter days are truth and are words of light.  Men say I never lived or that I am not the Son of God.  Some say the Bible is all make believe and that God does not hear the prayers of men.  It matters not what men may say, you must choose to live a life of light and to let the fruits of light be seen.  Base all that you think, say and do upon the words of light that you have built your life upon.


2. A life lived within the light must be a life of prayer.  There is great power in prayer for prayer brings light and gives light.  Prayers which flow from hearts of love deeply rooted in goodness bring you deeper into the presence of our light.  Light responds to light so the more you seek to be in and of the light, the more the presence of light will be known.  Pray often and live a life deeply rooted in prayer.  Choose to be people of mercy and pray for those lost and alone and pray for those who hate you and for those who attack you for walking the path of light, for your light is a testimony that convicts those of the muted light.  Pray for heavenly mercy to send light unto all men.


3. A life lived within the light must be a life that is surrendered unto our perfect love and will.  I am the shepherd who leads those who seek me but you must hear my voice and you must answer my call.  My sheep hear my voice and they answer me and they follow me.  I am the truth and I am the way.  Men declare there is no God and that I never lived but the words of darkness do not change the truth of light.  I am the light of the world and I am the Son of the Eternal Light.  Surrender your life unto me and trust that I shall lead you upon paths of light.  I will never ask you to do anything that is against the light for I am light and my Father is light and in us there is no darkness.


4. To walk the path of light you must choose light and you must choose to believe and to obey.  Light is a choice, and belief is a choice and obedience is a choice.  Each day you decide the steps you take and you must choose light.  When you are deep within our presence your choices will only be of the light but if you walk the shadows of muted light you must choose often.  Choose light and choose to believe that light shall overcome all darkness.  Give me your life and be yielded and broken before me.  It is the life of surrender that shall be led by the light of heaven.  Choose to be tender and kind, choose to walk in the fruits of light for light is the way of heaven.


5.  To walk the path of light you must be led by the light and breath within.  You are spirit and you are breath within a clay temple and you are light within the three levels of life.  Light calls unto light and light responds to light.  Do not listen to the noise of darkness but be led by the spirit of light within you.  Seek a forehead of flint to be strong and put on the armor of light so that the arrows of darkness do not weaken you.  I walked in the light so live life as I did.  Walk in the obedience of love and be people of mercy and goodness and live each day to please me and worry not what men who do not believe may say.


6.  The path of light is not always easy but it is the path of truth.  Men will persecute you and will attack your belief and try your faith.  To stand strong you must have faith and faith must be rooted in trust and surrender.  Do not debate our word with men who seek to twist and destroy the foundation of truth given unto you.  Nothing men can say can change the truth of light.  Light gives power unto light and light responds to light.  You know in your heart the path you must walk for your light responds unto our light.  Choose to believe in our word and choose to believe in our promises.  Have faith and stand for light and truth; stand for the light and do not waver my people.


7.  To walk the path of light the flesh must be crucified and you must be broken before me.  The flesh is a barrier unto the ways of light for Satan uses the flesh to defeat you.  All men are of the light and breath of heaven so you must see the light and you must be the light.  Yield and surrender your life upon our altar and hear the voice of light within.  Our voice will never lead you unto evil.  Walk the path of light and follow the voice of your tender shepherd.  Come, follow me unto the ways of light.”







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