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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010


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Lessons of Power From The Cloud of Glory (Principles of Purity - Part Three)

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 3/23/2010

By David Nix

We have been given many messages on purity and this is the third part on principles of purity and is based upon words given in parables of power from the cloud of glory. Purity is a need in all of our lives for so much of what the Almighty desires to do in us requires purity and righteousness. Sin is a choice and purity is a choice. We must choose to be pure and we must walk in the obedience of love and we must have the faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. We are warriors of light and we are at war with the powers of darkness. Many upon the earth seek to cast a blind eye upon the darkness that grows, but if you have eyes to see, then the darkness that surrounds us is all too clear. As warriors of the light we must be pure, for without purity we shall fail and the evil ones will defeat us. We must choose purity for it is a choice that must be made. Light gives power to light so if we are in the light purity is easier for temptations lose their power in the presence of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus. Our position in the light affects the power of our prayers, but it also affects our relationship with God and his beloved Son. We can have a closer relationship with them, but we must seek to be pure, for all darkness and sin separates us from them. God desires that we choose purity which means we must remain within their will and presence always. Purity is a choice and we must choose purity.

All that we choose to think, say and do must be in and of the light. We have the freedom to choose, and we can choose to do more, we can pray more, we can fast more, we can read their word more and we can go the extra mile for we have the power to choose. The Almighty God allows us to choose and each day we can choose light or we can choose darkness. We can choose to believe or we can choose to doubt. The power to choose brings great power and also great responsibility. Men at times confuse God allowing something with his will. Even if God allows something does not mean that he desires us to choose that particular thing. God allowed men to have multiple wives but it was not his desire. He allowed Israel to have a King but that was not his desire. Choices are made and the Almighty works his divine purpose even when men choose a different path than he desires. The Almighty can make all paths lead to his purpose. He has allowed all of us choices and he has blessed us even when wrong choices were made. Imagine the peace and power when all that we think, say and do is within his perfect will and desire. I want to share seven points with you about the choice of purity.


1) We must choose light and we must choose purity. The Almighty does not force us to obey nor does he force us to choose with wisdom. The Almighty can make the crooked path straight and can make wrong choices right, but there are blessings when all choices are of the light, and wrong choices cause the loss of those blessings. Sadness comes with many choices but choices that are of his will and his desire will bring blessings.


2) Choices are to be rooted in the light of heaven. When we choose the ways that are against the light we will not prosper. We are to see with the eyes of the spirit and not the eyes of the flesh. We must think before we speak and think before we do. Is the choice set before us of the light or darkness? Will the choice bring light and give light and will it bring us peace and joy? Think before you do and let all choices be rooted in light and let all choices be pure and good.


3) All choices made are actions, and all action brings motion. Do the choices we make bring the motion of light? Choices are to be in the light so that each decision will be of the light. Think about the simplicity and power of this statement. If all of the choices we make are of the light then all of our decisions will be of the light. This can only be possible if we remain deep within the light of heaven always. Must we live a life where our choices are between light and darkness and good and evil? Make wise choices, and once we decide let the action that we take bring forth motions of light. All choices matter for all choices result in action and motion.


4) Choices must be measured and weighed. It is a foolish man who does not weigh his words and decisions. All choices bring motion which is what we often call consequences. Will the consequence bring light or darkness? Will the choice be good always or will it bring sorrow later in life? Weigh the choice now and in the future. Do you see the power of choices of light? If all choices are of the light then we do not have to worry about the consequence for the Great and Mighty God works all things to good for those who love him. We must be pure and we must choose to be of the light always so that all we think, say and do will be light.


5) As followers of Jesus we must choose light for there is power in light. Our prayers are the power of light but we must be in a position of light. We do have the power to make pleas and intercession before the Lord God and his beloved Son, but all that we ask must always be spoken from a place of brokenness and humility and with deep reverence. They do hear our petitions and pleas, but the power of our words will be increased when spoken from a place of purity and light.



6) Choices are affected by our position in the light of heaven. Wise choices result from being deep within the light. Our prayers and petitions are affected by our position is the light and so are our choices. The best decisions come when we are deepest in the light, so fasting and prayer will give power to our decisions. This reveals a natural law about choice. The light affects choice, so when deep in their presence we will make wise choices. Wrong choices are seen when we are in the muted light or in deep darkness for we do not have the wisdom found in the light of heaven.


7) Choices must be rooted in wisdom, and true wisdom is the gift of the Lord, but even with wisdom we must choose light. King Solomon was given great wisdom but he left the light of the Lord and his choices and decisions led to sorrow and his life was without joy and peace. All choices are best when we are deep within the light of heaven. We must use the true wisdom to lead us in all choices and the wisdom of light is only found in the light.


We have the power of choice and that is great power. We must choose light and we must weigh our every word and action. With surrender and brokenness choices become easier for our every desire and hope will be to obey their will and desire. All darkness is a barrier so we must choose the purity of light.






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