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Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010


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A Circle of Faith, Part II

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 3/23/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to grow in the power of a faith that will not waver. As was promised, you shall receive a message from the cloud of glory about each woman who made up the circle of faith as was given unto you previously. Once you have received words from each one, I shall then give unto my servant words that shall tell you of their fate and words to give you strength. You must all grow in faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. You need faith as you face the challenges of life each day, but in the days ahead your faith shall be tested for days of great tribulation shall come unto all the earth. In the days when all hope seems lost, you must find your hope in me. The key to having hope and faith in the dark days ahead is to give me your all today. Find your hope in me in these days of joy so that you shall not waver in days of sorrow.


The world you live in is full of darkness and the darkness grows in power and moves like fog across the land. In order to stand as a light of hope in the days ahead you must be rooted in the hope of heaven and you must have a faith that does not waver. You allow your faith to be affected by life’s situations for you see with the eyes of the flesh. The Holocaust of the Jewish people stands as a time of despair and sorrow but it is not the worst time that man has seen or shall see. Days of darkness shall come upon all the earth and sorrow shall be multiplied. Now is the time to build a foundation of hope and now is the time to be a part of a circle of faith. You must pray for one another and you must lift up your brethren and your family, friends, neighbors and countrymen and you must seek mercy for all men upon the earth. Your prayers have great power but you must believe in the power of our love and mercy. This day I give you words spoken by a woman named Ann. She was taken along with her sister to a place of death and sorrow. I do not give you the name of the place for I do not desire her to be known unto you at this time. Let her life and her words increase the faith that grows stronger within you. She was a light of love unto all that she was able to speak to and touch each day. She was faithful and prayed for her friends and family and for all around her. The circle of faith gave her strength, for she prayed for each person often and knew that they too prayed for her. The rigors of labor were hard upon her, and the night of the prayer I shall give unto you was a time when she was near unto death and her words reflect her great faith and her strength that grew in days of sorrow.


‘Great and Mighty God in heaven, I bow before you this night and I pray that my words will move your heart of love this night. I am so very thankful for life, for so many have died. I have tried to be strong but my health is fading and I too draw closer unto death. Please give me the strength to face life and let me live, for death would be so much easier my God. In death I would have peace and all my pain would flee, but I desire life for I need to survive to continue to help my sister Elizabeth and all who are here, and I need breath so that I can pray for my friends who make up our circle of faith.’


‘Ann, hear my words unto you. Ann, I am afraid and I fear for my life and yours. I am sorry dear sister, were you in prayer just now? Forgive me for my interruption but I had a dream and awoke with a fear that you were near unto death. I love you so very much Ann and I desire you to live beyond this time of such sorrow. Continue your prayer and I will hold your hand and speak my words unto the Lord God as well. I love you dear sister.’


‘I love you too my dear Elizabeth. Oh Great God in heaven, I lift up my sister Elizabeth before you. She too is sick and the days of labor are hard upon her and the cold nights have given her a cough that sounds of impending death. Have mercy upon her and give her life. Let her live so that she can serve you and so that she can return to her family and home. Let her be there when the circle of faith joins hands once more. I hear the coughs of the sick, my God, and I pray for mercy. Men and women die here every day and I pray for mercy. The soldiers here are mostly cruel but there are some who still have a light of goodness still burning deeply inside them. Let the light within them grow and let them help us by giving us food and blankets. There is an abundance of food for them but little for us. It has been two years since I have seen my friends from home and two years since I have held my husband Josef in my arms. My two little girls are alive. I feel this deep within my soul and I pray that you will shield them and protect them my God. Be the defender of my sweet daughters. I speak their names for it gives me peace. I speak their names often for I do not want their memory to fade, for it is their faces that help me to go on. I pray they are together to give comfort to each other. I pray for my precious Rosa and Helena and pray that you shall deliver them.


This day we were given some rest when some of the machinery failed in the factory. The men who cause the machines to fail are very brave for if they are caught they will be killed. Life has no value to the soldiers here. They kill us as easily as one would kill a mosquito. My hope is in you Lord for you are my rock and my high tower. I am so thankful that my mother made me read the Psalms of your King David, for his words are my prayers and my strength. I praise you Almighty God even though I do not always know your will. There is so much death here but I do not question your love nor do I question your ways for you are the potter and I am the clay. The history of our people is one of joy and sorrow. We have known great joy in times past and we have known great sorrow. The sons of Israel were slaves for over 400 years, so generation after generation knew the sorrow of slave labor that I now feel. This war will end. The soldiers speak of the strength of the Americans and how that they will prevail. I pray that you will give courage to the American soldiers and give them victory upon the field of battle and that they will rescue us from this sorrow. Give me strength and make me well. I pray that I have made a difference in the lives of all here. I have tried to be kind unto all and to be a light of hope and love.


I pray now for all who make up the circle of faith that Sarah had us form when we were taken. It was her idea and I am thankful, for this circle of faith gives me strength and hope. I desire to be there when we join hands once more, but if that is not your will then I pray that the others will be there and that someone will go for me. I pray the same way each day for I shall not fail to bring every name before you often. Give strength and light unto my friends and sister. Give them life, my God, give them life. I bring before you the names of the ones who are of the circle of faith; hear my plea this day and help Sarah, Helen, Elizabeth, Rachael, Helga, Rosa, Golda, Anna and Sara. They are all precious in your sight and I seek mercy for them all. I do not know where the eight of them are, but I pray they are alive. I shall not cease to pray for them as if they are alive for I will not believe that all shall perish. I love you my Father in heaven, and I seek a peaceful sleep this night and a day of warmth tomorrow. I worship you and I give my life unto you and pray that my day was pleasing unto you.’


Hear me, my people, there is great power in prayer and there is power in a faith that will not waver. It is my desire that your prayers be filled with words of intercession and love. Be a voice that cries out for the sorrow of others and be a light of love unto all men. Ann and Elizabeth were healed and recovered from their sickness. You shall learn of Ann when all has been given and you shall receive more words about Elizabeth. Be strong my people and let the circle of faith grow strong and never waver in your hope and love.”





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