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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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Our Love Is Ever Upon You

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

(A Song From The Lord Jesus)


“Mercy flows unto the people of the earth, mercy flows,

Goodness and love as the Eternal Light doth forever shine.

Shine down upon the earth, flow down unto our begotten ones,

Mercy flows, mercy flows for our love is ever upon you.


Man was created in our image and is of our very likeness,

Man is beloved and man is held in hands of tender mercy.

Do you not see the light of mercy that is ever upon you?

The hand of mercy guides and the hand of love protects you.


Cold and distant is the thought of many, an uncaring God,

How foolish are the sons of men, how far they have fallen.

I and my Father are ever with you, our mercy doth flow,

Mercy flows, and the hands of love are ever upon you.


Bow and worship, bring your offering of love and praise,

Speak from hearts of joy and proclaim our mighty words.

The mercy of heaven is upon you, we are ever with you,

Shout unto the Lord thy God, shout and sing people of the earth.


Mercy flows and our love is a constant light upon you,

Pray for eyes that see, and see our hand of love and peace.

We are in the sunset; we are in the early morning dew,

Our love and our mercy are clearly seen; open your eyes to see.


Mercy flows, mercy flows for our love is ever upon you,

Tears fall upon glassy sea, tears fall as the darkness grows.

Repent my children, call upon heavenly light, seek our mercy,

Forgiveness is the gift of mercy, call unto us for mercy flows.


We are a guiding light in the darkest night, we are light,

Reach out your hand and call my name, I shall come.

I shall come and shall take your hand for our mercy flows,

Mercy flows, mercy flows for our love is ever upon you.


Peace in the night, joy in the heart of love for mercy flows,

Find true joy; know the peace of our heavenly presence.

We are mercy, we are goodness, we are eternal hope and light,

Mercy flows, mercy flows for our love is ever upon you.”



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