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Volume 3, Issue 2, January 2010


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Marcia's Musings

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

Wait For The Train

By Marcia Smeenk


As we travel along lifeís highways, our paths sometimes cross othersí paths, and sometimes they run parallel to them.  Oft times we do not see which direction we should take, however, we must learn never to depart from seeking our destination, our goal.  We may be traveling down a road and approach a railroad crossing as the gate descends before us, and we must wait for the train.  Often we have to wait a long time as car after car pass in front of us.   We may wish we were on that train, but it is not our turn to ride today.  Sometimes as we are driving down the road we see a train moving along parallel to us.  The train may even go the same speed for a while, but then the paths diverge.  It was not our train.  We must wait.  We do not worry about someone elseís train we see pass by.  Our train is different.  It has all that we need or require.  Not everyone can fit into one train.  Some are high speed trains.  Not all can tolerate the fast starts and stops.  The gentle train may be your train.  It moves along at a constant speed and makes gentle starts and stops. Your train is especially designed for you and your individual journey.  We must wait.

Then one day, we finally find ourselves at the station with our ticket in hand waiting for our train.  Our ticket is priceless.  We may have worked many a year to purchase this ticket, years of hard work and sacrifice. Our friends and neighbors never understood what motivated us to give so much for this one ticket.  Our families also saw our diligence.  Most thought us foolish for investing so much time and energy and finances into this one ticket.  But some family members saw the value and have joined us.  Then the day came for the journey.  We arrived at the station early and we waited.  The train has been delayed we heard.  But that is no problem for we know it will arrive so we gladly wait.  Then we hear the sound on the tracks,  we hear the whistle, and see the train as it rounds the bend and stops.  We stand in line for many are now there with us.  We present our ticket and board the train.  This journey has finally begun. 


We look out the window and see cars waiting at a gate to cross the tracks and we remember when we were once there.  Our trainís whistle sounds.  We wave and send light.  We know their time will come. We see a highway with cars traveling parallel to us and we wave and send more light.  Their time will come.  Then we pull into another station and more board the train. The light of our train becomes brighter as night approaches.  As we pass through cities, many see the bright lights of the train.  More lights board and the train becomes brighter.  We no longer stop as our train has reached capacity, but there will be other trains coming along behind us.  The light from the train glows and shines into the darkness as it moves onward toward its destination. It becomes known as the train of light as it leaves traces of light on all.  Many absorb the light and it is combined with their own. 

The train is grand, the train is awesome, but the train is on a long journey.  While on your journey, strengthen the bonds with your train mates, show love and kindness to new riders as they board.  There is much joy and celebration as your train continues on towards its final station. There are many trains under one conductor.  He sees all, hears all and is quite capable of moving all trains simultaneously along the tracks of the world.  Envision the central station which lies ahead.  Its platform is made of purest gold.  Picture the accumulating light as train after train arrives.  See all stand on the Crystal Sea with hands raised praising the Mighty Ones of heaven.


Your diligence and sacrifice today will result in the purchase of this priceless ticket needed to board when the train stops.



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