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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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David Nix


“I dreamed of being in a large structure, and it was piled high, floor to ceiling with boxes. There were various sizes and shapes. There was also some furniture here and there. I had a male goat on a leash, and I was looking for a place to leave him. I put him in one of the rooms, and left him there, as I felt he would be safe there. I passed by another room and there was a man lying on a bed, he was laying on his right side with his back to me. He was dressed in white and was facing a multi-paned window with a very bright light shining on him.

I left this room and went into a dingy old kitchen. I found a sack of potatoes and I started to peel them. I heard a loud noise and the structure shook. I went into another room to hide, carrying the potatoes with me, and one was partially peeled. I decided that fear would not keep me in hiding, so I went to look out the window where the man was sleeping. There was something blocking the window. I saw that the man was gone and went and looked and the goat was also gone. In my dream I was suddenly outside. I realized there was an old train that was blocking the window. It had faded white letters on the side of it. It was then that I realized that I had not been in a house, but was in an old train depot. I was standing in front of the train, and I was observing what was going on. Two men were there, and both were wearing grayish/black uniforms and one man was wearing a beret. I then saw a woman come out of a door, and she was wearing a long blue robe over a white gown. She appeared to be about eight months pregnant. Then I saw another woman on the opposite side of the platform come out of a door. She was short and stocky and had black hair and was wearing a black dress. She was waving her arms and shouting something in a language that I could not understand. Suddenly the two men pulled out weapons and shot both of the women. The one wearing the beret went to the wounded pregnant woman and had his hands on her belly trying to push the baby out of her. Then suddenly I heard gunfire and someone behind me shot and killed the two men. It was then that I heard a voice say, ‘Try to find me.’”



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