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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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Faith is of the Light

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. These are words of love and words of guidance that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Let these words help you to better understand the power found in faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. There can be no faith without trust, and there can be no trust without faith and there can be no surrender without faith and trust. These are all connected together and do not exist without the other. All three are of the light and of the spirit. You shall come to understand these things as you grow in the power of heavenly light. Think of faith, trust and surrender as a power of three within the light. Each must have the other to be complete. Your faith must be rooted in the light so you must learn the power of trust and surrender. Believe our promises, believe in our love and perfect will, and surrender your life upon the heavenly altar. Faith is not of the flesh for faith is of the light. Without light there is no faith. Satan and his evil ones have no faith for they are of the darkness and faith can not exist without light. This is a key of great power, without light there is no faith. Faith is of the light and without light there is no faith and without faith the power of light shall not fill. There is great power in faith so you must seek the light and you must seek the power of faith that is rooted in trust and surrender. Faith is not of the flesh; faith is of the spirit and is of the light. The demons of darkness do not have faith, so therefore they do not trust and they do not surrender. They follow Satan for he has great power but they do not trust him and they do not trust one another. There is no love, no honor, no faith. Therefore, you see that all darkness will be a barrier to faith, trust and surrender for darkness is a barrier to all things of the light. Without faith you can not please me for faith is of the light, and without light you shall fail for the power over darkness is only found in the light. Only light can defeat darkness so you must live a life that is in and of the light of heaven.


When you believe, you grow in trust. Is your belief rooted in the light and the spirit? If you seek understanding of the ways of the spirit by the power of the physical, you shall fail to see. You seek to explain spiritual things physically and there are things of the spirit that can only be understood in the spirit and by the spirit. To trust us you must believe that our will for you is perfect and that our love for you is perfect. To trust you must have faith that we are light and that we are good and that there is no darkness in us. Do you not see that it is the darkness that blocks the fullness of understanding? When you are in the fullness of light you shall understand the ways of light for light gives power to light. Faith is not physical. Faith is of the spirit and of the light, so faith will not grow in the ways of the flesh. Faith grows in light for without light there is no faith. If your faith is lacking it means you are still seeing with the eyes of the flesh and your light is lacking. Light gives power to faith, for faith is of the light. This is not a message full of words but this is a message of great power; but to see the power in these words you must see and hear with the spirit, for I am light and I am spirit. Learn the power of faith rooted in trust and surrender. Seek to be deep within the light of heaven for in our light you shall grow in understanding of the ways of the light. Learn the power of the three things that you understand as faith, trust and surrender. All three are of the light and all three are the power of light.



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