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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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You Shall Rise

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

(a song from the Lord Jesus)

“Walk this day by the power of heavenly light, surrender all and walk,

Go forth, share the smile, give of heavenly blessings generously bestowed.

Hold the children, calm their fears, stroke their hair and give them love,

Hugs of light, smiles of joy, speak the tender words of thy great faith.


Welcome those who come, love each one, be a gentle light unto them,

Tell them of my love, tell them of my plan of salvation, send the light.

Days pass, the time approaches, prepare hearts, prepare for the time,

Let hands be lifted, let your life be a testimony of my tender love.


The children of the light shall go forth, travel and spread the light of love,

Comfort the lost, lift up the hurting, heal the sick and spread the light.

Baptize them in my name; give them the words of my great salvation,

Go forth; do not fear the death that threatens, for you shall rise.


Kiss the children, hold them so very close, tell them of your endless love,

Wipe thy tears and lift hands unto heaven, the day, the day is here.

Death gathers as the fog, evil falls upon you, many shall pass, be still,

Lift hands and shout songs of love, be still, be still for you shall rise.


Precious Lord, merciful Savior, help me in this place of great sorrow,

Let your light shine through me; let them all see the power of thy light.

May I be thy vessel, a daughter of thy light, a gentle flower among the stones,

I have no strength, in thee I trust, oh how I love thee my Savior.


Be still my daughter, be at peace, victory is won and you, my child, shall rise,

Open thy eyes unto everlasting, feel the embrace of those you love so dear.

Rise up, rise up, come precious daughters, come, come unto me,

You shall rise, and you shall gather and sing, rejoice, for you shall rise.”




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