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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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Daughters of Faith

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

(a song from the Lord Jesus)

“Tender hands of love hold the baby just born, tears of joy fall down,

Blessing from heaven, such joy comes to wash away thy pain.

A child has come; a child is born, blessed promise of life fulfilled,

Thank you my Father, I thank you for my little girl born unto me.


Each of you came into this world as beautiful daughters of purest light,

Tears of joy were shed, and hands of love held you unto breasts of love.

My daughters of faith, you began life as the light of love, my light,

You are my daughters and I know the moment of each of your births.


I saw and I wept, for I knew before you were born my precious daughters,

I knew you were daughters of faith; I knew your destiny of my light.

I have helped you, I have shielded you, I have desired blessings,

By your choices blessings have been lost, but one blessing forever remains.


My love for you is never ending, my tears have fallen, my love was sent,

By my hand I turned wrongs into the right, I have sent my light.

Daughters of faith, shall you stand and fulfill thy destiny of light?

Will you leave this world as you came in, daughters of purest light?


So many lonely nights, so many tears shed due to your choice and will,

Come forth my daughters, be as the daughters of faith, fulfill my will.

Come thou precious ones, come unto the glory of my heavenly light,

You are still the baby of purest light; you are still the light within.


Put away all fret, never let worry cause you to stumble dear ones,

Be my daughters of faith, accept my love, fulfill my love’s desire.

Tender mercy falls upon you, life shall pass and death shall come,

But when the flesh is gone, my daughters of faith shall be purest light.”



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