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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2009


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Words Whispered

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 7/29/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These words are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain for these are words to help my people to understand the power of a word whispered. A word timely spoken can bring peace, strength and joy, but words that seek to cause doubt and confusion can also be most powerful. Just a few words spoken can plant seeds within your heart and mind, and if allowed to grow will grow into mistrust and bitterness. The adversary is called the whisperer and he and his workers of evil love the power of a word whispered into a mind of doubt or a mind of pride. You are to speak pure words and are not to take part in idle words of gossip, and you are not to speak words that will cause others to doubt or to see others with suspicion or envy based upon a word whispered. By the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall go unto the cloud to receive words spoken long ago. Time has not lessened the power of words whispered. Do not be a talebearer, and do not speak words to hurt others, and do not listen to words whispered that seek to cause doubt or division among you. Let the examples given help you, and let the words of Barnabas teach you the danger of words whispered and how giving heed to foolish words can cause you to stumble and can destroy families and friendships. Men shall give account of their words, so let your words be few and let your words be words of love that lift up and strengthen. There is power in the spoken word and there is great danger in words whispered.


‘Mikael, hello my friend, may I have a word?  It is most opportune that I see you this night for I just saw your brother Benjamin speaking with a merchant from Egypt, and I overheard them speak of an alliance. I fear that your brother will soon leave you so you had better protect the customers who trade with you.’


‘Nakoia, you speak foolishly. My brother is an honorable man and we prosper together as one. Our business does well and I know that my brother is loyal and true and that he would never seek to steal away those who we serve. If he were looking to expand it was for the both of us.’


Simple words spoken upon a street corner at night, but words whispered can cause doubt and can make you to see patterns that do not exist. Mikael let the words whispered cause him to look upon his brother with suspicion. He became obsessed and sought to gain control of the business equally shared. His brother was innocent, but after less than one year Benjamin did start a business of his own, for his brother was suspicious and no longer trusted him. The words that are whispered can destroy businesses, alliances, families and churches. Hear more from the cloud of glory.

‘Handsome stranger, come closer. You are so big and strong. I would love to feel your embrace and the warmth of your hands upon me. Come lie with me. My home is just down this street and I promise to bring you great pleasure at a very affordable price.’

‘No, I have no interest in what you wish to sell unto me. I have a wife and fine children, and I am a follower of Jesus and choose to walk the path of the righteous. Why do you do this thing? Have you heard about Jesus? He is the Son of God and by his death all thy sins can be washed away. Come, let us sit and I shall tell you about the power of light and the power of repentance.’

‘Rachael, how are you this day? Guess who I saw last night in town talking to a woman who is a prostitute? You will never guess, and I was so troubled for I thought he was such a good man. It was Zamian and I saw him talk to her and then they walked away together and sat at the well and he talked to her for a long time. I know Mary would be destroyed in spirit if she knew so it is best that this remain between us.’

‘Hello Mary, it is good to see you this day. You look so joyful. I pray that all is well at home with your children. Mary, you know I do not like to be the bearer of news, but I feel that I must tell you what was spoken unto me a few days ago. It seems that Zamian was seen talking to a woman who sells herself unto men. She is very beautiful and has convinced many to lie with her. Zamian was seen speaking to her and was seen walking with her to her home. I am saddened to give you such news.’

‘Rachael, that is a story of lies, I know my husband and he is a good and honorable man. He told me about the woman and how he told her about Jesus. He believes she will leave her ways of sin and be baptized. My Zamian is a man of God and I trust him.’

Mary knew that her husband was a good man, but the words whispered caused her to have seeds of doubt grow within. The prostitute did repent and was baptized, and became a woman of great faith, but Mary did not want her to be around her family, and her and her husband had strain in their marriage due to envy and jealousy which came from words whispered. Many marriages have ended over misunderstandings and over jealousy not rooted in any truth but allowed to grow in the doubt caused by words whispered. You must not listen to the prattle of fools, and you must look to the fruits and not be lead by words whispered. Do not allow idle gossip to cause you to treat someone cruelly, and do not allow words without truth to cause you to hurt others. Learn the danger of words whispered.


In our word you read of how Saul was made king of Israel. He listened to words whispered and became envious of David. Our servant David was loyal unto Saul but Saul let his jealousy grow into hatred. Envy, and words whispered and murmurings can lead to hatred, which are all rooted in pride. Judas, who betrayed me, listened to words whispered. He allowed others to stroke his pride and he fell victim to the flattering words of others. By listening to words whispered he saw things that he felt were evidence of my weakness, but he did not see with eyes of truth, for he saw with eyes of pride. Beware of the danger in words whispered. I now give you the words of my servant Barnabas. He was a dear friend and companion unto our servant Paul. They laughed, and had a ministry of power, and traveled together and built a strong bond. That  bond was broken when Barnabas listened to words whispered and began to see actions that he misinterpreted. He allowed jealousy to lead to hurtful feelings which led to his falsely accusing Paul, and drove a wedge between them. Let the words of Barnabas help you to learn the danger of words whispered.”


“Greetings my friends, I am Barnabas and I am a servant of the Lord Jesus of Nazareth. He was and is the Son of God who came unto the earth to live as man. I come to you this night with words of great importance, for my words flow from a heart of love. I have been with you many days and the Lord has been mighty among us, many have been healed and many have been baptized. Many of you know that I took many journeys with Paul of Tarsus. He is a mighty servant of the Lord and he is a beloved friend. Much has been whispered amongst the brethren about the fact that we no longer journey together. There was a dispute that arose between us, and we mutually agreed that the Lord would best be served if we went on separate paths. Silas is now his companion and I have traveled with John Mark. I have also made journeys alone. This night I desire to speak to you about the dangers of words whispered which cause doubt and dissension. Gossip is an evil that can destroy the harmony of friendships, but words whispered are often more than gossip, they are often tools used by the evil ones to subvert and destroy. Words spoken in passing can become seeds of envy and seeds of doubt.


I defended Paul, and supported him when others would not, for the spirit of God moved me to do so. He has proven that the power of God is with him. Many speculate about our great dissension. It was agreed between us that we would go upon separate paths. Paul and I both can be quite stubborn, but the reason the dissension arose was due to words whispered. I allowed the words of others to cause envy to grow within my heart. In the beginning we were referred to as Barnabas and Saul or Barnabas and Paul, but that changed to Paul and Barnabas. This meant nothing to me until I began to listen to words whispered. Words spoken in conversations which plant seeds of pride can grow into envy and jealousy. Because I allowed  envy to grow in my heart I began to challenge Paul more in matters where I did not agree with his position, which caused debate between us. Words whispered can cause dispute where no dispute existed. I have seen families destroyed by words whispered that were void of all truth. Men seem to desire to share secrets among themselves and these words whispered are often the tools of darkness. Simple words spoken in passing about how someone speaks, or how someone seems to prefer another’s presence over yours or how someone heard this or someone saw that. Words whispered can plant seeds within the hearts of brothers.


My friends, do not allow gossip and whispered words to cause dissension to rise up among you. Do not be talebearers and do not give ear unto words that plant seeds of envy and doubt. I love Paul and he loves me. I have expressed to him my regrets, and he has also expressed his words, and we are united in love for the Lord God and the Lord Jesus and in our love for the people who walk in the light. Do not allow words whispered to drive a wedge between you and a brother, do not allow foolish words to lead you to see things that do not exist. Whispered words can make you see actions that are innocent but you will assign guilt due to the seeds planted within your mind. Be pure, be holy and speak words of light and words of love. Do not allow words whispered to make you see evil where there is only light. Guard your minds and shield yourself from the danger of words whispered.”



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