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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2009


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The Peace of Holiness

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 7/29/2009

"I am the Almighty God in heaven and I am with all who seek the path of holiness for I hear the prayers of the righteous. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people to reach a place of faith that has eluded you. I am the Almighty God above all things, and I am within for I am the light of all living. You have been given many words in the past three years and our words have changed your hearts, but you must reach a place of absolute surrender and brokenness. It is the broken vessel that shall be filled. I set forth perfect laws of light that are absolute and if you walk in the light and do the things of light my law will help you. Light gives power unto light, so the actions of light will bring the motion of light as has been set forth. I am light and there is no darkness within me. I am pure and I am Holy, and it is my desire that the people of the light become pure and holy. There is boldness in purity, and there is joy and peace in holiness. My ears are open unto the prayers of the righteous and my hand guides the life of those who seek to become holy.


You have been given words about muted light and have been shown that presence gives place. To walk as holy and anointed ones you must put away all sin and you must put away all darkness. When you allow muted light to be within your homes and your life you give place unto the darkness. The evil ones watch, and they wait, and they seek to devour the weak and the foolish. You do not see the battles between light and darkness and you do not understand how you are involved. My people, by your thoughts, words and actions you either give power to the light or you feed the darkness. To give power to light you must be in and of the light and this can only be done if you walk the path of holiness. My beloved Son has set the example for you; all that he did was of the light. The evil ones come closer unto you with every thought, every word and every action that is not pure and of the light. Purity gives you boldness for in purity you will not be a prisoner unto the darkness and you will not walk in muted light. Most who claim to follow me and my Son spend much time in the shadows of darkness, and muted light is darkness. Your position in the light affects the power of your light and the power of your prayers. My spirit is within you, but my light can not fill the vessel that walks in the shadows of darkness.


Holiness brings power for holiness is the way of heavenly light. We have given you many words about the power of light and you know that all of your thoughts, words and actions are to be pure. To walk the path of righteousness requires trust and sacrifice for the evil ones seek to destroy you. It is not the easy path but it is the pathway unto everlasting glory. Men seek the easy path for Satan whispers and men foolishly listen. The path my Son walked upon earth was the path of holiness but it was the path of sacrifice and surrender. You must trust and you must obey. There will be times when my will may not be clear unto you for you see with eyes of the flesh, but you must trust in my perfect love and perfect will. I desire holiness and brokenness so that you might be filled with the power of heavenly light. If you are chained unto darkness how shall you set other captives free? In purity there is freedom, and in purity there is power. My Son walked in the flesh but he trusted in my love and my perfect will. You must trust and believe. I am your shield and your deliverer but you must trust and you must surrender. Men rely upon their own power to solve the problems of life and most never seek my help or my will. I desire to be your champion and my Son desires to be your shepherd and King.

We are within and we are without, we see, and we hear, and we know. Men seek earthly comfort when they should seek heavenly treasure. Life is but a moment, but your destiny is more than a moment. If you are faithful, if you are true and walk in holiness you shall be given everlasting life. Are the pleasures of the flesh greater than everlasting life? You must bring every thought, word and action into subjection to walk in the purity of holiness. The flesh must be subdued and crucified and this can only be done when you give dominion unto my Son. In yielding and surrendering your life upon our altar you shall know freedom and joy beyond what you have yet known. A life lived in our will is a life of peace for even in the storm you will trust and will know peace. Peace has grown in your lives, but the fullness of peace can only be known in our presence, and our presence can only be fully known by the broken and righteous man. Yield in your prayers, yield and surrender, and give your all upon our altar. Learn the peace of absolute surrender and know the joy of walking each day within the will of heaven. Let light fill your life and let your every thought, word and action be holy and pure. Live the life I desire, be mine, be pure, and be holy and know the peace of heaven.



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