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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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End Time Update

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

Neil Gardner


North Korea


North Korea detonated its second underground nuclear device since 2006 on Monday, May 25, 2009.  It is believed the kiloton level was at least equal to the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan during WWII.  The day after the nuclear test, N. Korea test fired five short range missiles. The commentators do not fully agree as to why N. Korea would test a bomb at this time, especially after agreeing to dismantle their nuclear program after the 2006 test.  It is reported that the Bush Administration pushed hard in 2007 to verify N. Korea’s dismantling of the program, but conflict arose with N. Korea during the process.  Diplomatic ties were reduced between the two countries during this time, and were at a weak point when the Obama Administration took power.  Some believe the nuclear test was to get the attention of the Obama Administration.  Some feel N. Korea feels ignored by the administration which pledged to sit down and talk to any of its enemies.  Additionally, the test probably has also bolstered patriotism inside N. Korea which is probably in the process of a power transfer as it is believed the current leader Kim Jong is suffering from an illness which prevents him from fulfilling his duties.  It is debated whether or not the bomb tested is small enough in physical size to be fitted to a missile, and if so, whether N. Korea has the technology to actually launch such an armed device.  Clearly N. Korea is sending a signal to the world that it is a nuclear power and it wants the world to believe it can exercise that power over its enemies Japan and America.


A recent N. Korean newspaper editorial referred to the U.S. as warmongers.  The editorial also stated of the U.S. plan to send fighter planes to Japan “lay bare the sinister and dangerous scenario of the U.S. to put the Asia-Pacific region under its military control.” reported that twelve F-22 Raptors and its 275 service personnel will be sent to Japan for a three month deployment. Seoul, S. Korea which lies only a matter of kilometers from the border with N. Korea also said it would join a group called Proliferation Security Initiative of more than 90 nations that work together to interdict ships suspected of carrying weapons of mass destruction.  N. Korea related if any of its ships were detained for this purpose, it would constitute an act of war.  Additionally, N. Korea has abandoned the truce that ended the Korean conflict 56 years ago.  While these events take place, two American journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee are in N. Korean custody accused of hostile acts and entering the country illegally.  Their trial is June 4, 2009.


N. Korea is a country which cannot feed its people.  It has major hotels that sit idle.  It has major cities which are virtually  vacant with little traffic.  Industry is stagnant yet it has placed itself in a position to go to war.  Commentators can’t seem to agree why.  Pride is the answer.  In a message from 2006 titled Pride and Humility we read the following: “Pride is evil, as it causes man to become big in his own eyes and creates a spirit of division among my people.  Do not think that you are more than you are.  Pride is evil, as it causes you to be unthankful for my tender mercy and my blessings.

Pride in saving “face” internationally and internally; pride in displaying technological know-how to a world that could really care less; and pride in not having the international attention it thinks is deserves. This is how wars are started….pride.  Pride from a nation such as N. Korea which has greatly assisted in creating its current state of hopelessness, and pride from dominant nations which see a weaker nation it can easily exploit.  As powerful and evil men sit at secret tables of negation, N. Korea’s future is being decided by people other than N. Koreans.



In a third major attack this year, a police station and a provincial office of the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) in Lahore, Pakistan on May 27th left at least 23 dead and 300 wounded.  The attack was conducted by at least four armed individuals with an explosive packed vehicle.  Two of the suspects were arrested in the area after the attack.  It is believed the bombing was in response to ongoing military operations in the Taliban controlled Swat valley in N.W. Pakistan.  The Taliban who control the Swat valley are Pakistani.  Therefore this conflict amounts to a civil war.  Great pressure has been put on the Pakistani government by the U.S. and its allies to deal effectively with Taliban fighters in its borders as they are interfering greatly with U.S. and NATO led efforts in Afghanistan.


ETU believes the failure of the current government of Pakistan to effectively neutralize the Pakistani Taliban will result in one of two things:  The fall of the government to Taliban forces, or the removal of the civilian government by Pakistani military forces (which happens on a regular basis in that country).  If the government falls to the Taliban, little excuse will be needed by the forces of darkness to invade and secure that country.  After all, who would think it proper for the world to sit idly by while an Islamic extremist group such as the Taliban secured nuclear weapons?  No one would.  Therefore ETU believes an invasion of Pakistan under such conditions would be met with little global opposition.


U.S. Border Chaos


ETU recently reported on drug related chaos at the Mexican/American border.  Our position was, in part, that the forces of darkness in our government didn’t want a secure border so the associated problems can become worse.  When they do become worse, the securing of federal powers will increase, and civil liberties will decrease.


Senator John McCain made an appearance on “Meet the Press” on March 29th of this year.  The host asked about the drug related border problems and what the U.S. should be doing about it.  McCain responded in part, “…it argues for us to work as closely as we can with the Mexicans, and that job is to secure our borders.” The host: “Does that mean U.S. troops if necessary, National Guard troops?  What?”  McCain:  “…both the governor of Texas and the governor of Arizona have asked for National Guard troops on the border.  I think we need them.”  The host:  “And what would they do?”  McCain: “I think they would help with enforcement.  We simply don’t have enough now of boots on the ground.  I think they would help with the enforcement.  And obviously that would require additional training, but we could give it to them.”


Senator McCain suggests we put our military in an enforcement capacity on the Mexican/American border.  He better than anyone knows that is illegal and contrary to the Posse Comitatus Act which generally prevents the military, including the National Guard, from being used as law enforcement which is what McCain suggested it should be used for.  According to the act, the congress would have to vote for the military to be used in such a fashion.  ETU believed McCain’s suggestion should have prompted a serious debate.  But, as usual, the media of darkness was expectedly silent.






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