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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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Trumpets of Light

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

“I am the Almighty God in heaven and these are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. My people were given instruction about the power of our presence and how presence gives place. You must understand that the shadows of darkness have taken root in your lives and in your homes. The ways of the righteous have changed as the years have passed and what men do today and call it good are the ways of darkness. With your advances you have lost the true path of righteousness. Men and women who say they believe in me and my Son, those who claim his name and precious blood, are full of darkness and evil is within their hearts. Those who call themselves “Christians” kill their unborn children and have destroyed the beauty of marriage. Men who do evil with men are revered as priests and ministers and women who lie with women are allowed to be teachers of our holy word. How far you have fallen from the ways of righteousness. Darkness fills your nation, your homes and your lives. Even those who feel they are walking in the truth do err in their doctrine and in what they allow in their lives. The shadows of darkness permeate the lives of most upon the earth. Darkness is darkness and if you give place to darkness you will have the darkness close unto you. The presence of evil, things of the darkness, gives place to the darkness. When you allow evil within your homes and within your heart, you allow the darkness access into your homes and into your lives. Evil is evil, and people who claim the precious blood of my Son are not to walk the paths of evil.

The ways of light are the ways of purity. To be pure you must be in and of the light and you must not allow the shadows of darkness to be in your life. Hear my words this day. If you claim to be one who follows me and my Son, why do you support darkness and why do you allow darkness to be within your homes and your lives? Light gives power to light and darkness feeds the darkness. Do you think you can be halfway in the light and halfway in the darkness and still be of my light? There is no darkness in me and there is no darkness in my Son. Any darkness is darkness. Do you truly believe that I inhabit the praises of people who gather before me and listen to a man preach who is guilty of abominations before me? You have churches where men openly work iniquity with other men and it is accepted and encouraged. These same men lift their hands unto me and preach from my word. Do you think they are blessed and endorsed by the light of heaven?  I inhabit the praises of my people, and the key is found in the words, “my people.” My people hear my voice and my people obey my commands and walk in my ways. People of the light, you must be in and of the light and you must leave the shadows of darkness. Servants of light must be pure and of the light, and those who claim to be people of the light must be pure. If you profess the ways of light yet allow darkness in your life, you are as a trumpet which makes an uncertain sound.


In purity there is boldness, in light there is power and strength. People of the earth have become foolish and blind. Men believe that the precious blood of my Son eliminated obedience and that men can walk the way of their choosing, and they call darkness good and light evil. Men and women who stand for truth and walk the path of righteousness are ridiculed and persecuted. People of the light, you must stand up for what is true and for what is right and you must become as trumpets that warn. I do not change and my Son does not change. Light is light and darkness is darkness and calling darkness light does not make it light. Evil is evil and sin is sin. My law, my light, my purity shall not change. The ways of evil will always be evil. Homosexuality is an abomination and shall always be an evil abomination before me. Adultery is evil and is a sin and shall always be a sin. Abortion is murder and shall always be murder. Men can write their own laws, and call evil good and state it is lawful, but the law of man does not change my law. I am the Eternal Light and I change not.


You must become a pure and holy people and you must put all darkness from you. Walk the righteous paths and let the fruits of light be ever seen. Do you think that I do not see the evil that you allow? Give no place, make no allowances for evil. Lift up the lost ones and the ones who are hurting. Do not accept their evil ways but seek to rescue them from darkness. Silence is acceptance when you have opportunity to speak words of truth. Become trumpets of light and be pure. Your words are to sound forth pure and with strength. You can not defeat darkness if you too are a prisoner unto darkness. It matters not what men say or do as long as you walk in the ways of light. Darkness seeks to destroy the light, so do not be discouraged when you are hated for righteousness sake. Lift hands in praise when your light causes the darkness to seek to defeat you. Become clear voices of the ways of light, and the loudest voice is often your life and the way you walk. Actions often do speak louder than words. Let all that you think, say and do be of the light, and live your life based on my desires and not based upon the opinions and desires of men. Become trumpets of light and sound forth the glorious truths given unto you.”



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