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Rain Upon The Roses

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009


The dust has fallen upon the earth, and the dust was formed from my Sons tears,

 Man was formed and breath was given, man lived, and lives unto this day on earth.

The earth was perfect and there was light and there was love, all was good,

The serpent deceived the man and the serpent sent darkness into a world of light.


The sin of man increased and the darkness spread and the light became dim,

Tears fell in heaven, and sadness filled our hearts of love, the darkness spread.

Evil grew deep within and we were grieved by the many sins of man,

Rain shall fall and water shall come upon the earth, the flood shall cleanse.


The man Noah was a small light and we spared him in our mercy and love,

Water covered the earth and all men were destroyed save those upon the Ark.

The flowers died and the green plant was destroyed, rain fell upon the roses,

The waters fled and the earth was restored, I sent the light to shine on earth.


Rain fell upon the roses and they grew in the power of light, life was saved,

The rainbow is a symbol of love, a sign of a promise that shall not fail.

Lessons do not remain, and soon man turned back to the way of darkness,

Rain falls upon the roses and I see the evil spread deep across the earth.


Tears of mercy, tears of love fall on Crystal Sea, I see, and I hear, and I weep,

In the darkness of sin I have prepared light, and the light came for you.

The light of the world died for you, and his light shall not grow dim,

Rain upon the roses, tears of mercy fall down, fall down drops of love.


I shall not destroy again for the light has saved you, the light redeems,

My people, you are the roses in my eyes of love, I see you with tenderness.

The rain upon the roses is the latter rain falling upon those chosen,

The rain upon the roses cleanses and makes new, let mercy drops fall upon you.


This is a song from the Almighty God. After singing he also spoke these words: I am the Eternal Light. You are precious in my sight. Obey my words and do all that I command for I shall send the rain upon my roses, upon my beloved, my people.





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