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Words Not Spoken

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. By the power of the cloud of glory my servant and my daughter shall receive words from another time. These are words that will help you to understand that the fruits of life are not just concepts but are principles that must be applied and must be evident for all to see. They are the fruits of light and are to be present in the life of all who seek to be in and of my light. I share with you a story from past days of sorrow when my people did not walk in our ways and the wrath of heaven came upon them. They were days when the people were starving for there was no food, and the cries of suffering would fill the air and the wails of anguish echoed into the night. In days of sorrow many will reflect upon their sin and many will come to repentance. It is the way of man to desire blessings and not sorrow. My people, you must learn the power of a life of continual worship, for in worship you shall know our presence, and it is within our presence that faith shall grow and strength for days of sorrow shall be found. David, my servant, you shall see the images of the words given. See the sorrow and feel the anguish of lives wasted, of lives spent in the shadows and not spent in the fullness of heavenly light. I do not share with you the names of the people you shall see, but know that they were loved, and that in our mercy they shall live once more and shall learn the way of light. Let their words change you, and let their words help you to see the power of words- the power of words spoken, and the power of words not spoken. I shall also give you the words of sadness that an angel of light sang in a night of sadness. Your angels love you and they are there to protect and to guide. Learn the power in the expression of love and the regret that can come with words not spoken.

‘Dear wife, the time is upon us and death shall claim us as well. So many have died, and the days of sorrow are heavy upon us. Our children are now all dead and there is no hope for us as well. Some are eating the bodies of the children in their hunger and their desire to live. I have lived a life in the darkness of sin, but as I approach death I can not bring myself to do this thing. I am filled with sadness for all the things I have said and done that were against the ways of God, and I also feel sadness for words not spoken. So many things said and so many things left unspoken.’

‘I know your sadness my husband, for I too feel great sorrow in a life of selfishness. I have not honored the Almighty God and was not obedient unto him. I was content to go with the crowd and live a life of joy. I thought that happiness was found in prosperity and in fulfilling the desires of my heart. Now I can see that my life has lacked true joy, and that my life has been wasted on the pursuit of happiness, when all along I had within these walls all that I ever needed.’

‘I am close to the end my wife, and I desire to express my love for you. So many words not spoken. In my selfish desire I did not show love and gentleness unto you and I did not express love unto our children. So many words not spoken, so many wasted moments. In my pursuit of wealth I lost the greatest treasure. I failed to be obedient unto the Almighty God, and I failed in my role as husband and father. The children are dead, but before I die I will speak unto my God and unto you dear wife. Father God in heaven, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I come before you seeking forgiveness for my sins and seeking forgiveness for words not spoken. I have not praised you near enough and when I did it was only for physical blessings. I have not prayed to you in many years, and I have not obeyed your law. I have bowed down to false gods and have followed the ways you commanded our fathers to avoid. I have been foolish, and I repent. You are the Almighty God and there are no gods before you. We are being punished for our sins and for the sins of our fathers. I wish I would have loved you, and followed you, and walked in your light and truth. So many words not spoken, so now my God let me speak the words of my heart. I am sorry for a life wasted, please forgive me. I know I deserve the death that is close unto me, but I needed to speak my words unto you. My wife, to you I also desire to speak words from my heart. I love you; these are words that I have not spoken in many years. I am sorry for failing you and my children. I allowed the darkness to seduce me and I walked the ways of man and not the ways of heaven. Please forgive me for all of the cruel and unkind words spoken from a prideful and selfish heart, and please forgive me for all the words of love, gentleness, kindness and tenderness not spoken. I love you and have loved you since the day we met. I wish, oh how I wish…’

‘Almighty God in heaven, my husband has passed and I shall soon follow. I too desire to speak the final words of my heart. He feels he failed me, but I too failed. I was full of pride and had a heart of stone. I was open in my love unto my children but rarely did I express love unto my husband. In our pursuit of the things of the world we grew apart, for it is only when you are the center that men and women will be close. If we had both desired your presence we would have been close, for in your presence there is light and love. Forgive me for every word of darkness spoken, and forgive me for all the words of light and love not spoken. Great One, I am too weak to raise hands unto you but I lift my heart unto you. I am sorry and I repent for a life wasted before you. I repent of words not spoken. I too have not praised you, and I failed to express gratefulness for your abundant mercy and for all thy blessings. Even when I did not love you, you still loved me and you provided for my needs. Have mercy my God, have mercy. Spare this city and spare your people. Do not let us all perish my God, have mercy upon thy chosen people and send us food so that some may live. Melt the stony hearts within thy people and give them hearts of love that seek the ways of heaven. Restore us once more into thy favor and be thou our deliverer. Have mercy on me and remember me in the day of life when the dead shall rise again. I worship you my God, I worship…’


‘I sing unto the Lord for he is good and his mercy is forever, Praise the Lord all who has life and breath, praise the Lord. My beloved is gone and life is over and her spirit comes home. Keep her safe my God until the day of resurrection, keep her. So many words not spoken, so many actions left undone. Have mercy Great One, have mercy. Great and Holy is the Lord, great is thy power, great is thy mercy, great is thy love. Lord Jesus, have mercy, let thy mercy fall down, fall down.’

My people, you need to learn from the words given unto you this day. Spend time with those you love and share the words of your heart. Learn the ways of light and melt your hearts of selfish pride. Do not live a life in the shadows of darkness. You are to speak no corrupt words and no words of anger. Learn the power of words of light, for light gives power to light. Speak words of love; speak words of gratefulness and thanksgiving, and learn the power of worship. Tell your children that you love them, and love them from the depth of a heart rooted in goodness. Tell your spouse, and friends and family that you love them and let the light of love be ever seen. My children, love must be expressed. All of the fruits of life are fruits of expression. Do not live a life of regret; be in and of the light always. There are words of light that are to be spoken; do not live a life where the light does not shine. Let words of light be spoken and walk in the power of heavenly light.”



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