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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009


Kenneth Nix

In this issue we have received several wonderful messages from the Mighty Ones of heaven. I have been instructed to write an article on the four messages, "Love by the Letter," "Prayers and Tears," "A Journey unto Peace," and "A Life of Love and Mercy." I was instructed to discuss seven lessons I found in these messages. There are more than seven lessons, but I will only focus on seven.  We will begin with "A Life of Love and Mercy" as it was the first message given to us. In our lives we all deal with hardships and trials. Some of what we face is due to our own poor judgment, and some of what we face is due to circumstances beyond our control.  With this is mind, I  give you the first lesson. 1. No matter the circumstances, we always have control of how we will respond and we always have choice. Isn't that amazing! If you face persecution or suffering due to righteousness sake, the circumstance that occurs, such as imprisonment or beatings, may be out of your control, but you always have choice. You can choose to lose faith, you can choose to give up or you can choose to persevere, you can choose to praise God no matter what. In this message of "A Life of Love and Mercy,” the person in the story is sold into slavery. This was a circumstance out of her control. But what was in her control was how she dealt with the situations given to her. Her mother gives her sound wisdom, "Be kind unto all men and women. Show mercy and tenderness unto all." Mary then had a choice to either follow her mother's advise or ignore it. She chose to follow it. This choice then led to many others all based on the first choice, which became a pattern of light, a pattern of life. We need to remember that no matter the circumstances we still have choice.

Here is the second lesson I learned from this first message. 2. No matter the circumstance, even if out of your control, it is never out of the control of the Mighty Ones of heaven. This leads to the choice of surrender. Since Mary chose a path of light by not only showing love and kindness but also by living a life of faithfulness unto God, she was blessed in the circumstances she was in. She was blessed with many that loved her. She was blessed with helping many and leading others to Christ. She was blessed in God blessing her hand with the sick. She was blessed with a husband, many children and grandchildren. She was blessed with long life. She was blessed with freedom, though the freedom received from her physical master was secondary, for she already had the freedom found in surrendering all circumstances of her life to the Mighty Ones of heaven.

The second message received was, "Love by the Letter." In this message we have the story of a man and woman, William and Martha, choosing to marry and to share a life together. In this life they are faced with many challenges and we see each making choices. This will lead to the third lesson I found that also ties in with the first message. 3. All choices carry consequences and can set patterns for your life, and how you deal with these consequences is in your control.

William chose to never accept consequences as being within his control. He blamed everyone else for his failures in life. Even in death he never sheds a tear for life wasted. His entire focus was upon himself and he wrapped himself in selfishness. Martha, on the other hand, made a bad choice in marriage. She had many hardships, she never had luxuries, she ceased to receive love from the man she married. She faced bitterness and blame from the man she loved. But she placed no blame on her husband or on others and chose to accept the consequences played out in her life. She chose selflessness and surrendered all control to God. So even in the consequences of life she found joy, love, happiness and fulfillment. She took the high road, or the road of light by choosing to love by the letter.

The fourth lesson also found in this second message is very clear throughout the message.  4. Love is a choice, but true love can only be found in the way of light. William tells Martha that he loved her, but his love was a physical love or selfish love and not the love that is of the light. Jesus phrased it this way, "William's words were not from a heart of love, for he was judgmental and only showed love where there was gain to be found." Martha on the other hand showed her love came from another source, "I based my love not upon words spoken in marriage, but by the letter of a greater law and based on a greater love. I have loved you, for God is love, and you are a child of God. I love for it is the way of heaven."

What a powerful lesson! Now you can see why Jesus can tell us in scripture that we are to love our enemies. Too many times man loves based on how it benefits them. You love when the love is returned. You love when you benefit.  This benefit focuses on the flesh — the physical benefits of happiness, pleasure, warmth, closeness, being needed, being appreciated, being thanked, etc… But to love in the way of heaven is the kind of love that has its source in God. It is the love described in I Corinthians 13. It is the agape love. It is love where the focus is on the      spiritual. Your love is based on the word of God and the actions of God and our precious Savior as stated in this message. There is no seeking of a physical reward. You can desire it, but it should not be the basis of your choice in loving. Martha desired to be told by William that he loved her, but she states that he never told her after the second year of marriage yet she told him every day of her life!  Jesus stated that she would sometimes cry at night in her bed but would then ask for forgiveness for her self-pity. Martha sought to please her Father in heaven and her Savior. Since this was her focus, Jesus tells us that she will stand on the Crystal Sea and that her reward will be great in his Kingdom of Light. Once again, there is nothing wrong in desiring love and affection to be shown, but it cannot be the physical seeking that dictates our choice of love. We must love by the letter.

The next message is one that shares more about our wonderful Savior, "Prayers and Tears." The fifth lesson comes from this message. 5. Choose to work within the limits placed upon you by the Mighty Ones of heaven.  This may seem like a strange lesson to you. But as you can see, all the lessons Jesus  led me to deal with choice. Too often,  we, as a group, look at what has not been given more than at what has been given. We are the most blessed group of people upon the face of the earth. We have been given much. But we can find ourselves looking for more signs, more confirmation, more of the latter rain. We look for the gift of healing, we look for growth in numbers, we look for the other gifts of the spirit. We spend so much time "looking" that we fail to "see." We fail to see what we do have. We fail to see the power already given. We fail to realize our potential. We have been told by Jesus that we have been given our staff and robe, that we are to go forth. In the first story shared in this message, we have a story of Jesus before he had the gift of healing. It was not time for him to become known to the world. But you didn't find him looking and waiting on the future, you find him doing the work of God within the limits placed upon him, for God's will, God's perfect timing is found in surrender. Jesus chose to show mercy. In the message it states, "When Jesus was seventeen he was very much aware of who he was and what his destiny was to be. He did not heal the sick for it was not yet time, but he showed mercy and love unto all. He would work long hours with Joseph and then at night he would visit neighbors and do acts of kindness for them."

We have been given great power in all that we have been taught. As you are right now, you have the power to make a difference in others’ lives, you have the power to show mercy, love and tenderness at the grocery store, at the mall, at the nursing homes, at your places of work, and while driving in your car. You  have the power to change others and to bring them to Christ. Don't find yourself looking and waiting —  start seeing and doing.

I have chosen lesson six from this message as well. 6. Choose love by action over love by word.

I love to hear my wife tell me that she loves me. But if she didn't show love, the words would mean nothing. In the first story of Jesus he showed love by much action. He would sit and listen to an elderly neighbor. It states he would cry with him and laugh with him. He cut wood for him, he took him food. He prayed for this man, he fasted for him. He prayed for his neighbors while they slept peacefully in their homes. In the second message he shows love by action when he caresses his mother's hair and when he cries over her. She states, "No words were spoken, but his actions spoke unto me more than a thousand words." I treasure every word spoken unto me by my Lord Jesus, but the greatest act of love that will stand for eternity is our Savior's sacrifice. His action of love is so powerful that it is what gives weight to his words of love. Our actions must speak louder than our words. There is so much love we can show right now within actions if we will take our staff and robe and surrender to God's leading and will.

The final message is "A Journey unto Peace." From these powerful words I have been led to the seventh lesson. 7. Choose to trust in and surrender to the Mighty Ones of heaven, choose to believe that their will is perfect for man.

Thomas recognized that the Almighty God existed and he believed in his presence. However, he also had a preconceived notion of how God was to act on his behalf. He states, "Instead of praising him, I came to believe that hardship had earned me the right to expect blessings, that God was indebted to me and should balance the scales of life and give me joy."

Do you feel God owes you something? Brethren we do not earn salvation, nor do we earn his love. You have to believe that God is love. You have to believe he is good and perfect in all of his ways. You must trust that his purpose is for you  to be in his family. You must surrender, trust and praise. As we are learning, joy and peace are found in the Mighty Ones of heaven, not in circumstances. All the messages show us the goodness, the love and the mercy of the Mighty Ones of heaven. You can see the power in their words. The power of choice is yours.



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