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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009

Pammy Nix

It’s amazing how a tiny child, so new to life can teach even the oldest and wisest of men. We can learn much from a child’s innocence, purity, and even in their lack of speech. What one may call an inability or weakness, Christ may call his miraculous power.

Our precious little Maddie is approaching four months now and I have been in complete wonder of her life. Everyday brings indescribable joy and laughter. As a small infant, one could see how she was in complete dependence and trust for her caretakers, as we should also depend on and trust God and Christ. But as she grows and becomes more alert and aware of the ones around her, she continues to teach me the ways of love. Every time I see her asleep, or eating, or even in the arms of a loved one, I smile. But it is when she smiles that my heart leaps! Yes, she does coo and make the sweetest little noises, but when she smiles, it’s the best form of communication to the world around her. She may be unable to articulate words at the moment but when I see the light in her eyes and I see that beautiful smile she communicates in a wonderful way and I can clearly hear,  I love you Daddy, I love you Mommy, I love you Lomaniculius (Madilynn’s guardian angel). No pride, no judgment, just a sign of pure joy and love. It is no wonder that all of us seek the smile or laughter of a child, for it is a clear message of love and joy and the light of heaven is seen.

I have thought of Mary and how it must have  been for her the first time she saw Jesus smile and  I think of how she must have felt. The joy and laughter that must have filled her heart as it has mine! And I know that Christ is showing me that little Maddie’s actions are to become mine. In fact we have all been told that we need to come to be as a child.

Say “I love you” with a smile. There is no doubt within me that when Christ walked the earth his countenance was and remains love. When he fed the hungry, healed and clothed the lepers, and forgave the repentant man, he showed kindness with “eyes of love” and most likely with a warm and welcoming smile. Think about it, it would be very difficult to show love and kindness without some sort of smile on your face.

A smile can be the purest form of love. So whether you’re helping the homeless, talking to the elderly, going to the lost and alone or just passing by so many of God’s children, share love with a smile. Let’s learn from the youngest and sweetest of teachers, our children, and say “I love you” with a smile!



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