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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These words are to be within the Words of the Latter Rain, for these are words to help all who shall read them in the days ahead. People who read these words see the power, the beauty, and the wisdom, but some do not allow our words to lead them to change. In their wisdom and pride they fail to see that these words of light will change every heart that seeks the power of light. There are many who scoff and ridicule but deep within they know these are words of light. In all of the messages given unto our servant there is no darkness, only light, power, and love. To believe will require change and many men do not seek change for they are content to serve me and worship me the way they desire and not the way I desire. I desire obedience unto all that has been commanded. Man knows the law was given but man seeks to justify their actions by stating that our law does not apply to them. They state by their actions that they are above our law of love. No man is above the Eternal God and no man is above obedience unto his every command, for he holds all life within his hands.

There is revival coming unto the earth for we are preparing hearts to receive the heavenly light and the latter rain from heaven. To walk in obedience requires love and sacrifice. There is great power in love, but love must be rooted in hearts of goodness. I am love and my Father is love. We desire the lives of men to be filled with light and love, but most choose the ways of darkness, and there is no true love in darkness. Satan offers counterfeit ways to the ways of heavenly light, but he can not counterfeit the rewards of obedience unto the light. In darkness there is no true peace, joy, or happiness. The darkness only offers physical rewards for there are no spiritual rewards in darkness. If your life lacks happiness, joy, and peace you need to examine your path for the path of light brings heavenly rewards. It is my desire to shower you with love and blessings but you must choose the obedience of love. Your choices do affect the blessings received. Men think that they can ignore the ways of the Father and the ways of obedience and still live full lives of joy. There is no true joy outside the light of heaven. The earth is covered with sadness and sorrow, death and misery come unto families and nations without exception. There are individuals who are of the light, and there are segments of families in the light, but to find a family where all walk in the light is very rare. This is not our will, for our will is for all men to walk in the light of heaven. You are to examine your heart and your life. Are you full of joy, peace, and happiness? The ways of righteousness brings peace, joy, and happiness. Those of the light have trials and sorrow but in their trials and sorrow they have peace, for they know that our will for their lives is perfect, and that we correct and mold those we love.

Do you measure our love by material blessings or do you measure our love by our presence? Our presence in your life is more valuable than any wealth known to man, to know that we are with you, to know that we hear your every prayer, and that we guide your life and open doors before you is worth more than silver or gold. To know the ways of heaven is beyond all wealth of the earth. We are revealing ourselves in these words given unto our chosen servant. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know this to be true, but those blinded by doctrinal pride and by hearts of rebellion do not see. It is rebellion to decide that your way is better than the ways of heaven. When man determines to follow his own laws above our law then he has rebelled against the Mighty Ones of heaven. Man has incorporated darkness into their worship of me and my Father and there is no darkness in us, and those who worship us must do so in the light of truth and love. If you love me you are to keep my commandments. To know the ways of heaven you must follow our ways and obey our laws.

Man seeks to know me by walking in the shadows of darkness. I can not be found in darkness, for am light and there is no darkness within me. We are found in obedience and sacrifice. To know light you must seek light and you must walk in the light. There is no darkness in heavenly light. Men walk in the shadows so that they remain near the light. Darkness is darkness and the shadow of the darkness is darkness. There is no partial light and no partial obedience. You must love my Father and I with all of your heart, mind, and being, and you must love your neighbor as yourself. That is the standard of light, the standard of holiness that is asked of you. To know the ways of heaven you must walk in the ways of heaven. Repent before me, and seek forgiveness, and walk in the ways of heavenly light.



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