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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009

"I am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words to be included in the Words of the Latter Rain. These are words of love and words of instruction. Men go about their lives and remain in ignorance of the times in which they live. The naysayers and scoffers say that my Son is not going to return soon, and others still look for his first coming, not believing in the sign already given. My Son is your Messiah and he walked the earth and suffered and died for the sins of man. He shall return as King of kings and Lord of lords. The way of man is to walk in the obedience of love but man goes against the light within, and chooses the paths of darkness. My love and my mercy are without end so in the troubled times of man I reserve unto myself a faithful remnant. We are moving in the hearts and lives of men all over the earth and preparing them to become vessels ready to receive heavenly light. Choice is not a flaw, for I have no flaws, I give men the freedom to choose so each is responsible for the choices of life. Satan uses pride as his greatest weapon, and men become puffed up in their wisdom and knowledge. Concepts of light become ridiculed as being simplistic and outdated. Obedience, sacrifice, righteousness, purity, love, mercy, tenderness, and goodness are all passed over as no longer needed. Men look to grace instead of the obedience of love. My grace and my mercy sent you my beloved Son to die for your sins, but his death did not remove love, for his death is the greatest act of love ever known to man.

Love is seen in obedience unto every word given unto man. You are to love me with your heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Love is found in seeking to be as my Son, in seeking my presence, and in trying to walk in purity and righteousness. I find pleasure in the life of the righteous, but I am displeased when men walk the paths of evil and sin. You who have children, are you pleased when they walk in goodness and purity instead of the darkness of sin? Do you think we do not also desire the same of you? I hear the prayers of the righteous, and I am close unto the man who is of a broken and contrite heart. I am love and my Son is love. Our love is seen in our word and in our law. Do you provide guidance and standards for your children because you want to hinder them or because you love them and desire blessings upon them? My love is seen in my perfect law. There are laws in all three realms that are perfect, for I am perfect. My natural law provides man with an environment of beauty and a world perfect in harmony. My physical laws govern the living creatures upon earth. None of my law is harsh or evil, all is rooted in love. My Sonís sacrifice was a sacrifice of love. If you love, you must sacrifice, for love is a sacrifice. In his deception the evil one has led man to believe that freedom of choice means all choices made are acceptable to me. There is light and there is darkness. No choice of the darkness is ever acceptable to me. There is right and there is wrong. Right is always of the light and wrong is always against the light. Hear my words unto you. We desire to pour blessings of love upon you, and to guide your lives, and to lead you to life everlasting. Everlasting life is the destiny of man and my design and desire for man.

Love is seen in obedience and sacrifice. You must desire righteousness, for obedience is a choice. Light is a choice and darkness is a choice. The natural way of man is to be in and of the light, for all children are born in light, they are all pure and without sin. It is by your choices that you sin and allow darkness to come within. Love is seen in obedience. To honor your father and mother requires obedience and love. To honor me and my Son with every thought, word, and action requires obedience and love. To place others before you and to be selfless in all things requires obedience and love. Love is seen in obedience. My Sonís death was an action of obedience and love. Why would the greatest single act of obedience and love remove the need to have obedience and love? Love is seen in obedience and in sacrifice. My love is perfect, and my love is seen in my law and my ways. Do you show love unto me by doing your desire or my desire? It is my desire to bless you and to bring you unto everlasting life. The path to everlasting life was made possible for all men by obedience and love and by sacrifice and desire. My Son is Holy for I am Holy. He lived as a man and did not sin, in his purity he was the perfect lamb. If a lamb without blemish was required upon the altar why do you offer me lives full of sin and darkness? Do I still not desire the obedience of love? Oh foolish men who seek to do away with my love. My love shall never be removed, for my love is eternal as I am eternal. The obedience of love shall never pass for love shall never cease. I am the Almighty God and I am love. It is my desire for man to love me and to show their love in sacrifice and in obedience. Love is eternal so you are to love me and my Son with all that you are and to love all as you love yourself.Ē



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