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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, Son of the Great Eternal Light. I am your Savior and your King. This is a message to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain for all to read. My light is of the Eternal Light as is the light of all who live. Your essence is the spirit within and you are a spirit captive within a temple of clay, yet, you are not as captive as you believe. There is great power in heavenly light for all power in heaven and earth has been given unto me, and my Father is the Great I AM and he has all power. You often fail for you do not believe in the power within you and you do not believe in the power of the Mighty Ones of heaven. You believe in our existence, but you fail to believe that we are with you and that we will defend you and help you. The key to understanding lies within belief. You must believe in our love, our mercy, and our perfect will, and you must believe that we hear and that we answer. In prayer you enter our presence. The man who knows that we hear shall believe. I am the Lord Jesus, and I know your every thought, I hear every word spoken and see every action. I know your desires, and I know your strengths and weaknesses. It is in knowing that your prayers are heard that will help you to believe.

My spirit is within you, and the spirit of the Father is within you, so you have the power of heavenly light within. The power within is greater than the power without. There is no stronghold of darkness that is greater than the power of heavenly light. You often fail for you seek to battle darkness alone and by your own strength. Your path of failure should have taught you that you need our help to win victory. The demons of darkness do have power, and if you are not strong in the light, they easily defeat you. The Eternal Light is the power of light and he is within you. Through your daily sacrifice, and through much prayer, praise, and fasting you shall grow in the power of light. Prayer is required to overcome the darkness. When evil comes upon you, when you are tempted, you must call on the power within, and you must know that we hear and that we help you. In knowing that we hear every word and know every thought will give you strength. Our knowing your thoughts is not a thing of weakness but of power, for we guide the thoughts of the righteous man. We guide the thoughts of the man yielded and surrendered before us.

You must walk in purity and holiness for there is boldness in purity. Purity adds to the strength of your shield and sharpens your sword. When you are impure you give strength to the darkness and give the evil ones the weapons to defeat you. Purity is a mighty weapon of light for it takes away the weapons of your enemy. The workers of evil use the flesh to tempt you, for darkness offers no spiritual reward, only sensual reward. In purity and in holiness you feel the strength of light and have boldness. The attacks of evil do not penetrate the armor of light when you are pure and walk the paths of righteousness. Purity begins with your thoughts, for in your thoughts is where the battle begins. The evil ones whisper unto you and attempt to defeat you in your mind. They speak words of rebellion, words of doubt, and words which feed pride and justify wrong attitudes and actions. In the battleground of the mind, most are defeated. When temptation comes you are to call upon the power of light within you. Make captive every thought and weigh every word and every action. Surrender your life and give me absolute dominion, for I know the path of purity and holiness. It is the crucified man that is dead unto sin. I was crucified, not because of sin; my death was a death of purity. I am the Lamb of God and you can become strong in the light when you die the death of purity. You crucify the flesh and subdue the flesh by purity. When you seek righteousness and seek every thought, word, and action to be pure you become as the light of heaven and the light within puts the flesh to death. The temple of clay must be broken so that the spirit within can have dominion. Learn the power of purity.

Make a covenant with your eyes, your ears, your hands and body, and your heart. Do not look upon evil, and do not be envious of the power of those who walk in darkness. Do not listen to evil and corrupt words, and do not listen to flattering words that feed the pride within. Do not allow your temple to be a vessel of dishonor, but crucify the flesh, and have dominion over the flesh, and be pure. Give me your heart, and covenant with me to shield and protect your heart. Let it be a heart of goodness and a heart of love. You are the light within, and in surrender, your light shall unite with our light, and the light that you are shall crucify the flesh and you shall be pure. Men can walk in the power of light and live without sin. A life of purity is possible for you, but you must let the light within become strong. You seek to battle darkness by your will and unless you have subdued the flesh you will fail. They whisper and puff up and defeat you. It is not sensual pleasure or the ways of evil that defeat most men, it is pride, for pride is the root of sin. Call upon me, cry out to me to help you, give me your life and lay all upon my altar. I knock upon your door and I desire to sup with you. Open the door of your heart and give me dominion. Allow me to guide your every thought, word, and action. Subdue your flesh by the power of purity, for purity is light, and the light will subdue the darkness and fill your temple with heavenly light. Make captive the ways of evil and crucify the flesh by the power of purity.




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