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Ken Nix

Monday, 2/2/2009

“I am the Almighty God in heaven and I have words to be declared unto my people and unto all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Time passes and man continues to go deeper into the ways of darkness. These words are words of light, words of love, and words of hope. I am the Almighty God and I am the Eternal Light. Hear my words, and let these words change your hearts of stone into hearts of love. My light is within all men so all men have the capacity to feel love and to show love. This night I shall share a parable of love with you. Let these words melt your heart, and be one who seeks the ways of love and light. This is a lesson about the power of light and the power of love.

The boy walked in the early morning, the rain fell softly upon him and his clothing was wet. He was thankful that it was warm so he did not feel a chill. He was twelve years old and he was all alone. His father and mother had been taken captive by their enemy and he was in pursuit. He was just a boy, but he knew that he must follow, for they needed him to rescue them. He had been in the pasture with his father’s sheep, and when he saw the fire from their home he had ran as fast as he could, but arrived too late. He was at home in the field and forest so he knew how to follow the signs left by the evil men who had his parents. He was thankful that his two sisters were visiting his grandfather in Jerusalem.  He was of the tribe of Issachar and he had seen war before. The Philistines were a people who could not be trusted to keep the peace and they raided into the lands of the chosen people often. He carried a spear, and food, and water. Most of the enemy was riding horses, but some walked, and he recognized his parent’s steps, so he knew they could only go as fast as they walked. He prayed unto me to help him and my hand was with him. He prayed that the men on horseback would leave the others so that he would be able to take his parents and flee. His prayer was answered. He walked all night, and ahead he could see the smoke of the fires, and he smelled the stench of a people unclean. He approached quietly and saw a band of about fifty of his kinsmen was being held. The horses were no where to be seen so he praised the Almighty for his help.  I spoke unto Zamia and told him to be bold and unafraid for I would deliver him. He fell on his knees and spoke these words.

Great Eternal, I heard your voice within my mind and I feel your presence within. I know that you are with me. My father is held and so is my mother and many of our neighbors. There are twenty armed men who guard them. Great God, I am strong, but alone I can not kill twenty men, but with your help twenty men are nothing. Give me a sign, or a word, my God in heaven and let me know what I should do. I love my parents and can not bear the thought of them being slaves unto the Philistines. Have mercy upon them Great One. I am willing to die for them, for they have loved me each day of my life. Do I attack, or do I follow? Please guide me my God, for I need you to guide me and help me this day. I am willing to die but I ask you to please deliver my parents so that they can live and be with my sisters. Have mercy thou Great God of love and power.’

The men all sat and were eating under the shelter they had erected. My people sat in the rain and were hungry. I spoke unto Zamia and told him to look beneath the stone where he knelt to pray. Under the stone he found several nuggets of gold. I told him to take the gold and walk into the camp and offer the gold for my people. His thoughts were that they would simply take the gold and make him captive as well. I told him to challenge the leader to battle and if he won the captives would go free and the rest could have the gold, and if he were defeated they had lost nothing and gained the gold. He was afraid, but he trusted in my word and in my mercy. Zamia walked into the camp and told the men he had come to free his people. He told them that he was there by my will, and that I was the Eternal God, and that I would deliver him and my people from their hands.

You are but a boy, we shall simply take the gold you offer us and then kill you, or better yet, make you a slave as well. What do you say to that boy, how will your God save you from us this day?’

‘I challenge you to fight me to the death. If I win, all here that are bound shall be set free. If you win you have much gold and all these people to be your slaves. Are you afraid to fight me? You know that our God is mighty and has defeated your people often.’

‘I will fight you boy, but no one is going to be set free. I shall kill you just to show you and these people that your God is no god unto the Philistine people.’

The man raced toward Zamia with his sword and Zamia ducked his blow and thrust his spear through the man’s heart. He then picked up the dead man’s sword and raced to his father and freed him. His father took the sword and freed the other men. Zamia, with his knife, killed three other men. In the confusion the enemy faltered and all were slain. Zamia returned home with his parents. They took the spoil and gave unto each of  them there, and took the gold for themselves as my blessing. All there got on their knees and praised me for my love and mercy. I am the Almighty God, and I am a God who delivers all in need. My mercy is not always seen in the physical realm, but my mercy is without end. Death comes unto the innocent, and I do not always save the temple of clay, but I hold the life of all men, and in my perfect mercy life will be restored. There is great power in love, for love from a heart of goodness makes the weak strong. Learn the power of love and seek to have hearts that trust in our power, our love, and our perfect will.

Zamia lived many years and was faithful; for he never forgot the day I delivered him and his family. He told the story often about how I spoke unto him and how I gave him gold and made him mighty in battle. My hand has been in each of your lives and you have been spared and delivered. Do you not see my hand of love and mercy? Become men and women who love others above self, and love me with all that you are. The power to rescue is mine and my power is with you. Have hearts of love, and be people of great mercy. I am your deliverer and my power is with you. Believe in my love and my mercy and become people who are willing to give up all for those you love and for me and my Son.”




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