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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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Valle Crucis

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009


 Kenneth Nix

We had a wonderful trip to Valle Crucis. In stead of a ministerial conference, we had a  training session. It was the first and there will be more. This session included Travis and Pammy Nix, Joshua Nix, Matthew Nix, Kristin Nix, Jennifer Wilson, Raymond and Diane Jacques, Norman and Jill Wine, Marcia Smeenk and Anne Wehrmeyer, along with the ministers and their wives. All arrived on Friday afternoon driving through snow to get there. Praise God, no one had any problems getting there and all arrived safely. The snow was beautiful, and we are including some pictures taken during the trip on the back page of the newsletter. (This is one the printed newsletter not the one on our webpage)

One of the charms of Valle Crucis is the beautiful mountain scenery and it was really enhanced by the snow. The home we stayed in is called the Mission House. It was built in the early 1900's and has a total of 9 bedrooms and 3 full baths. It will sleep up to 27 people. We had a total of 23 adults and 2 small babies. We had to set up shower schedules for our large group which included some of us being up by 4:30 A.M. to take our showers. This was due to the fact that we needed to be in our morning groups to start our daily sacrifice of reading and prayer. These groups of 6 to 8 people changed each day so we all had opportunities to pray together and to share this time together. Breakfast was served at the dining hall at 8:00 A.M. each morning. Most walked the snow covered road, as seen in one of the pictures, for every meal. I drove the church van for the mothers with babies to the dining hall for each meal. There was ice on the road that I drove and ice on the road that everyone walked. None of us had prepared for snow. We knew there would be cold weather so we wore warm clothing but no one planned on snow and ice so our shoes varied from cowboy boots to tennis shoes to dress shoes. Yet, despite the slick shoes and ice, not a single person fell when walking the road or the parking lots, so we praised God for this!

After breakfast on the Sabbath we gathered in the main meeting room at the Mission House to sing praises! Then we got into separate groups of 4 to do various tasks that God assigned us. We  then all gathered back together to present our assignments to the entire group. There were no wall flowers allowed, everyone participated and all benefited from it. After the morning session we broke for lunch at 12:00. The food served was excellent. The pattern is set at the place that you wait for the bell to ring before you can eat. In one of the pictures it shows Anne becoming impatient and proceeding to ring the bell to eat!(Just kidding).

After lunch we then launched into two afternoon sessions of various assignments with presentations before breaking for dinner at 6:00. Once again these breakout sessions were with everyone in your group sharing and discussing, and all contributed. These training sessions were beautiful and perfect as set up by the Almighty God. We wouldn't have had the same result if messages had simply been delivered by the ministry. Instead we found that all of us had things to add. I was truly impressed with all of the young people. After dinner was a time of games and fellowship. With all of the fellowship, food, learning and laughter it was like a mini Feast of Tabernacles.

On Sunday it was pretty much the same routine, except after the morning session we broke to pack up our belongings and to load our vehicles. We then went to have one more lunch together before going our separate ways. 

One additional blessing received while in Valle Crucis was that  several people received cloud messages while there— Joshua, Travis, Pammy and Raymond.

As I finish this article it is with excitement that Dave has let me know that the Almighty God has given instructions for additional training sessions in Valle Crucis. So I do ask that no one share the lessons with anyone because there will be a second group going that will be sharing the same type of lessons. Then the first group is to go again and the then the second group will go again. There will be a total of three trips to Valle Crucis, N.C. in 2009. There is also to be a training session in the Dallas, TX. area in 2009. The specific dates have not been determined yet and will be shared once arrangement have been finalized. Needless to say the year 2009 is going to be exciting and full!




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