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Volume 1, Issue 8, December 2008


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Prayer that Unites

Ken Nix

Monday, 1/12/2009


Kenneth Nix


The message has been delivered. There has been a time of fellowship and the sharing of a potluck meal. The congregation has stood and praised the Mighty Ones in heaven once again in song and with lifted hands on a blessed Sabbath day. The congregation now separates into groups of ten or less. They hold hands with the brother or sister on each side of them. They kneel and bow their heads and then one at a time prayers are lifted to heaven. This occurs Sabbath after Sabbath at the end of services. It all started from a message given to us from our Lord Jesus on Sunday, September 10, 2006. I am including this message in this article but it can also be found on page 170 in "The Latter Rain, Messages of hope unto a world God had not forgotten".

Declare these words unto my chosen people, unto the ones who gather and unto the lost ones that will be found of me. I am the Lord Jesus, and I desire men and women of my flock to live at peace and to allow no strife to be within your gatherings, or in your conversations. I am your shepherd. Be as a leaf upon the river and let me guide matters in your life. These are the ways to conduct your service before me. I am in your midst. Follow the pattern of worship as given and also do the following, for I desire a deeper understanding, and a deeper love to be within my people.

Adhere to the principles of worship, for they are the pattern to have services that will be desirous and good in our sight.

Pray for the sick among you every week. Do not let the flock depart prior to having prayer for those in need and for each other.

Sing songs of praise. The service should be filled with the joyful sound of music. Gather thirty minutes before you begin to teach and sing thy praises and pray. Sing and pray before you begin to read and study my word.

Take turns reading from my word. Let different members of the flock read scriptures that were placed in their heart the week before my Sabbath day. Limit this to three to four readings.

Have my servants give messages to my people and to their flock. The messages can be delivered or can be interactive. This should be forty-five to sixty minutes.

If you have provision, enjoy food with your brethren and discuss the words given and the readings and the prayers.

You can then have additional study, more singing, more prayer, more reading of my word, or just fellowship. But before you depart, I desire that you all kneel and hold hands and pray before the Father, and ask him to be with you. Do it as a group if small, or divide into groups of ten if large, and pray together as you hold hands. Let the spirit of the Father bind your hearts together……"

This we do as a church every Sabbath, but it is good to be reminded as to why we do certain things. The words from our Lord Jesus are clear, we do this so that the spirit of the Father will bind our hearts together. In Acts 2:42 - 46, we read, "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread and in prayers. And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart."

Being of one accord and being of singleness of heart is God's desire for us and even though this was a characteristic of the New Testament Church as it began it can be said that it is a rare commodity within churches today. When our own church began following the structure of services as given by our Lord Jesus it was difficult. Many had difficulty in praying out loud in front of others. There was difficulty in knowing what to pray. We were then taught to pray for the one beside us, to lift them in pray, for us to share needs with one another. This is still how many of us pray but God has also shown that he will speak in our minds as to what to pray for and for whom to pray for.

This is all a learning process. We were taught at the Feast of Booths in 2006 the power of prayer as a group. We had received messages from the Mighty Ones in heaven on a daily basis but were missing the last two messages. Our church broke into groups in different rooms and spent much time in prayer. God responded to our prayers and provided the last two messages for the Feast. This lesson is mentioned in Parable 14 and the parable states, "This parable is known of my people.  For they know the power of prayer and how prayer together can defeat the powers of darkness.  Do not forget the lesson learned, for it will serve you well in the days ahead."

In group prayer we have continued to be molded by God. We have received guidance and correction over the months. Shortly after the Feast of Booths the congregations in Woodruff and in Fredericksburg were led to do a prayer vigil. I remember that the Woodruff congregation gathered at my home. We drank coffee, sang praises and fellowshipped and we divided in groups and would go together into the master bedroom in these small groups to pray. The Mighty Ones in heaven did respond! We as a church also felt the power of being united in prayer. It is a night that I look fondly upon. We have learned that a pattern needs to be followed, that it is easier to pray clockwise or counterclockwise instead of just as the spirit moves you. Each individual has one prayer apiece which keeps anyone from coming in and dominating the prayer session. We have been shown that God responds to the heartfelt prayer and not the eloquent one. We have been shown that pride is a continual tool that Satan will use and can come forward even in group prayer. It is amazing that something so simple can become complicated by man. But we have learned much and continue to be taught.

In the message received on July 25, 2008 entitled, "Prayers for Mercy" we were taught much concerning our prayers. In the introduction the Almighty God states, "The world waits for the people of the light to cry out for the light and mercy of heaven. We hear your prayers, and we answer, and our hands move when we see the heart of compassion and mercy. We are merciful, and we heal, and we deliver. Your prayers are your greatest power, and these words will help you to pray with effectual power when you come before us seeking the light of love and mercy."

Prayer is our greatest power and we were also shown in this message that this powerful gift is effected by our faith, by our depth of sorrow and depth of love. It is effected by our position before God, by our walking in the light. Prayer is more powerful when it is done by individuals whose hearts are rooted in goodness. We were also told once again of the power of united prayer, "Prayers for mercy are affected by the power of united light. There is power in corporate fasting and in corporate prayer. Our spirit is present when our people gather, even if in a small group. Pray united, pray for the same people, and pray fervently. You do not earn my deliverance and salvation, but the obedience of love affects the light and the power of prayer. Make your individual light strong so that your united light will break chains and destroy the strongholds of darkness. In praise and prayer that are united there is mighty light sent forth unto the thrones of mercy."

In a message given August 20, 2008, we were taught the power of surrendered prayer. In point one the Almighty God states, "Prayer must come from hearts and lives surrendered if you are to know the fullness of the power of prayer. Surrender your prayer life. You seek to maintain control. You decide what to pray for instead of praying as led."

 We continue to be taught and molded in the use of this very powerful gift. We have our daily sacrifice which includes three prayers. We have started praying these prayers at the same time during the day when possible. We now have united fasts directed by God when we have prayers focused on the same purpose.

At Valle Crucis we were given a spiritual prayer partner to pray for all through the year.

What a powerful gift God has given us. When we are united in prayer in singleness of heart, powerful beams of light reach up unto the throne of God.




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